I just thought to myself at a 7 a.m. after seeing the picture above attached to the news on vogue.com and now on ozinparis.com. According to it, the First Lady of Argentina (Juliana Awada) and the Queen of Spain (Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano) show how stylish diplomacy is done.

We’re getting to that also. I haven’t heard of anything truer lately.

For now, we’re gonna stick to the perfection of the picture. Early in the morning, post some stretching in bed, some meditating and reading the messages overnight on my phone (artist friends), I couldn’t abstain myself and not go through my Facebook’s news feed.

Like you know it’s done.

I didn’t see this coming, though. A picture so perfect that it looks like from these newly found by N.A.S.A. planets . The news was saying that “the star system with SEVEN Earth-like planets – three of which could support alien life just 39 light years away“. It could be, though, even more beautiful (and we thought it’s impossible!) considering the ladies in pink have just visited them above (a.k.a. The Royal Palace in Madrid) and there:

– the light is perfect;

– the air is foggy enough to bring some romance to the landscape;

– the temperature is just right to wear clothes that don’t just look impeccable, but also fit perfectly on the diaphanous silhouettes which are accompanied by smiles à la Audrey Hepburn back on Earth;

– the hair is done by itself from sunrise;

– the ankles are perfect;

– proportions also;

– the buildings have columns and are imposing enough to make you feel safe, but amazed at the sight of the majesty at the same time;

– diplomacy is “as if from another planet”;

– ladies-in-politics’ style is appreciated more than street style;

– the streets are empty enough and clean just so that you could not only walk like Audrey does in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but also walk just for the sake of walking. It does make sense, right? Just like Audrey used to walk – carrying a croissant – every morning to the window of the jewellery shop. A lot of sense.

It is very possible that I’d gone with the thoughts too far, but we are talking about another planets here, hello! And spring is just around the corner. Spring’s here!

It must be spring on the planet above also.

There’s gravity there, too!

Or maybe it’s just the ladies in pink who have superpowers? And a batmobile!

It’s possible…

Is it possible that there are also perfect croissants on this perfect planet? The ladies started to crave after hearing about Audrey.