The shoes we'll dance all winter in.

November 24, 2016

When cold weather kicked in one Saturday afternoon not so long ago and I knew I had to kiss the slippers goodbye, I still could fool it with a sweater instead of a jacket + white sneakers from summer and felt like doing this forbidden – but assumed – act of dressing up. And you thought it’s all about undressing, uhm?
But white sneakers instead of what? Well, this was the question precisely. Now what? Well, now we know what! Block-heel ankle boots. White block-heels ankle boots.
And remember when I had this hunch of cropped flared pants really kicking in, just like the cold weather? Interesting timing, though, pants! It is anything but super appropriate for you to not cover our feet completely, but I will tell you I am digging you, guys, right now and tell you why.
The trend with puffer jackets has been escalating for some time now. I love a good puffer jacket because – ta-da! – hey, when cold outside, I would throw the biggest ever on me and not only to feel warm, but because I like the shape and feeling of being on a planet of my own when underneath it. Where I’m allowed to do and be whatever it is I want to do and be.
Yeah. Wear a pajama, ha!
Fashion is on our side now more than ever.
So, the cropped trousers coming in now are here to spice up the puffy look. With some socks (or none) and with boots that are apparently about to hit the dance floor if we are to think that the world is the dance floor. I think so.
That’s why, pants.
Still not that convinced about the boots yet, but I said something myself about a dance floor a couple of words earlier and when it is something about a dance floor…
I am totally in. For the thrill.
They’re white and create almost the same effect as white sneakers do. Though I don’t know whether it’s an effect or a twist. Hm.
However, the sneakers will always have a special place in our hearts. They’d passed the forbidden line. They are forever. What? Tell me you don’t feel the same. Yeah, you sometimes leave them by the door, you wash them and put them in your closet, but you will always want to see them. Wear them when nothing else fits. They’re the life line, as Justin would say.
“I won’t let go.” I’m with you, Justin.

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