Was the only look I could see today.


Because today only all of the above and beyond below happened. All day long. A day in a place called Prasonisi in Rodos Island, Greece, where no one ever, ever cares about outfits.

Here, here, here.

It all started early in the morning on the road to the beach, when all of my phone’s battery was gone. And I just enjoyed everything. No phones, no nothing. Just a camera. And that was that.

And now this is this.

Nothing is without a reason. Wink, wink.


Basically, wear your favourite bathing (stripped) suit, layer it with your favourite dress (his tee, anything-you-love-thing), no shoes, no nothing. Your beachy hair and just don’t care. For a day.


PS: Man, it feels great not to have your phone (for a whole day!) somewhere like here.