***Isn’t the light here spectacular?***

The kimono. Oh, Margot! The kimono. Oh, Margot!


And it goes so harmoniously with the shade of blonde (don’t you feel an instant rush to turn blonde? No? Hm…), the wave the hair makes, with pink, the sun kissed skin, the lip balm, the slip black dress underneath, the lace-up sandals, the black bag and, la pièce de résistance, le kimono.

Why have I just enumerated all of the previous when you can easily see them yourself?

Yoga. So, let’s say I am at a yoga class. I get to ***oooh*** Savasana (one of the relaxation poses) and I relax and do the breathe in breathe out routine with my eyes closed. But then I hear a voice. Not my-wandering-around-in-circles-in-this-crazy-little-head-of-mine voice. It’s the teacher’s: “Relax your head, head is so relaxed right now. Relax your eyes, eyes are so relaxed right now. Relax your hands, hands are so relaxed right now.” and so on and so forth for each and every part of the body (and soul).

Hello, I was already doing all of the previous. Sense the repetition? It is intentional, hello!

The kimono is a big summer trend this summer and it is the genius version of the robe. You can go almost naked inside of it, because, hey, it covers so much of you anyway, but hey, in fact I am free as a bird inside. The choice of words here is just natural, let’s say. The shortest dress, skirt or shorts will do. The half butt shorts kinda shorts, you know? Or bikinis.

Margot Robbie here goes for the pretty safe combo and, sometimes, safe feels best. Sometimes.

You can go wild, whatever “wild” means to you, you little beast!