Matching Organic Clothes or Funny Dogs


It is very rarely that I match clothes. I usually don’t because I myself am not a very put together kind of human on whom – supposedly – everything just falls into pieces and makes it into these perfect matching outfits.

My thoughts – apparently – don’t always connect either and at times I just wish I had a puppy.

As opposed to a full head-to-toe ensemble of the same colour or print. That just might show how much of a lunatic you are and that, my friend, might be very cool. You have to be a bit crazy to be able to carry this much matching. All pink, florals, stripes. If you feel sane, though, then you have just qualified for the matching by the book looks and you, most probably, have a puppy.

With me it’s either almost not at all or the whole thing all at once.

You know the joke?

The joke is on us, I’m telling you. It’s the world we live in that makes us wish for a puppy, but also the world we chose to live in and actually own a puppy and hold on to our thoughts. I don’t watch stuff that makes me angry, I don’t pay attention to annoying drivers when I drive and listen to the music I randomly bump into on the radio and sing like there is no tomorrow and anyway why help create even more drama when there’s enough already?

Everything Pharell said in a Vogue interview some time ago. Simple, nice and clean.

Why seeing people just because of being scared of being alone and talking about not-so-special kind of nothing? Doing nothing on my own sometimes feels more real than accompanied by the wrong kind of people. With the right people though, oh…

Anyway, this was about something else in the beginning. But don’t you see how the somethings connect in the end? Now you want a puppy? Our minds play by themselves or with us and we know we like to play. No matter the world. With or without the puppy.

Before wearing this I was almost sure of wearing head-to-toe black. Black does not count. Black is like running around naked to me. Which so cool. To me. But then all black and a black hat? I wouldn’t have made it onto the streets. You know when you wake up and you need a nap, but you also don’t ever nap? I can’t nap. I had to get out fast, so I needed something to wake me up.

The coffee didn’t do much and the hat had to stay, I was totally feeling it. It kinda circles my world and at times I want my world circled. It’s just like with sunglasses, I saw it in Big Daddy back when I was a kid. There, the kid was saying that whenever he wear shades he hides from the world outside or lives in his own world or something like that.

Somethings, again.

I think it’s similar with the hat, but the hat, though, you have to feel it! It’s not as easy as with the shades. Sunglasses and hat? Batman’s cape is on the house, friend!

Then I put on comfy, floral pants. Flowers and a straw hat? A black straw hat. Uhm, ok. Natural fabrics, organic things like straws and flowers and cotton. Only natural to want the shirt made of hemp, no? Only nature on myself. The slippers were there to make me feel like almost barefoot because barefoot is, well, a thing to me.

Just as focusing and distracting at the same time are.

Even the bag is 100 %cotton. I am telling you, on a cloudy day, an outfit made out of natural stuff, stuff that match in good fabrics and especially stuff you love to wear will make most of your clouds disappear. Just like with the world around the hat on your head.

A world in which a puppy comes to your door.

Time To Get Hot & Heavy About Coats & Jackets.


Long, short, puffy, belted, wooly, ruffled, tweedy, bouclé-tweedy, shearling-trimmed, double-breasted, single-breasted, padded, maxi, mini, prints, no prints. Everything is in when talking about outwear as long as you find the one that hugs you best.

Or the one that hangs on you best – thanks to Acne Studios – who do bring the news in the newsflash this fall and turn the jacket into the cherry on top. Literally. As we dress up and precisely before getting out, we throw the jacket on top just like we would with a cherry on a cake. Careful with the layers, the slippery chocolate mousse under the meringue, the vanilla flowing from the core. The mise en place!

So I refused to wear a coat or jacket for almost the whole fall so far, but since the wind the other days nearly took me to Wizard’s realm (it actually did hello!), I started to take wearing one into consideration. So I got them all out and had a look at. I don’t need a new one – pfew! – though you know how it is… You always have your eyes on one. For when it boils down to the that ridiculous price you are dreaming about.

Anyway, are you wearing a jacket? If so, don’t you sometimes find it way more complicated to throw it on yourself than to just lay a cherry on top of the cake? You finally know what to wear, what shoes to put on and then cold shows up and – boom! – you’re screwed, you have to stay at home.

Jk, of course. Go out and don’t wear one. Live a little.

Jk. There’s so many ways to find your inspiration from. I prefer playing with my (or anyone’s in the proximate vicinity) clothes and discover outfits to feel good and have fun in. Instagram. Street style. Or the designer fashion online. Not only you can find energising styling, but also the coat to drool over and stalk daily after safely putting on wishlist.

This is what I’ve learned about this fall/winter from rolling my eyes on net-a-porter + farfetch = the most fun combos, topshop and zara.

– we all say that white sneakers are out for the moment, but they are just so fucking perfect with everything (as seen on the aforementioned websites) that sometimes the freedom of getting out the door by just putting them on is well, you know it, f r e e d o m.

– cropped flared jeans are everywhere, which is great! The shoes won’t get dirty from the “flare” that tends to collect everything in the streets, the socks get to see the light and a radiator won’t be needed every time when trying to dry the wet long flared pants.

– obviously, dark colours rule as in they rule the dance floor since they are so many, yet we know which really do the dancing in a much smaller number. Wink.

– a trick when wearing a dark coloured coat is to have white – yup! – pants.

– a well cut and pretty loose pair of white pants are so cool in any weather.

– wide-leg pants in winter keep the flirty air from summertime.

– a monochromatic look under a coat looks not only put together, but also centred. Moreover, it elongates the figure.

Styling is very much like fine dining cuisine.
















































FW16 Fashion Ad Campaigns That Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy Or Drama (Thanks To Kanye And Kim)

The winter is so not around the corner and it is, obviously, so far away anyway. Yay! But. But! Having my Facebook account used for my daily fashion feed I could not not overlook the Balmain fall winter 2016 campaign shares of my apparently pretty fashionable friends.

Who I knew were pretty, but didn’t quite expect to be that fashionable.

But. But!

Then I watched the video and I got it. It was Kanye West’s video Wolves that was used as the fashion ad of the brand’s fw16 campaign. Or was is the other way around?

It is very interesting how, lately, all these worlds collide and you never know what is going to be next. The next collaboration, fashion trend or Taylor Swift relationship. You never know what is going to be next regardless, but, nowadays, it seems like Kim could, any time now, sing along with Kanye and become a band called “Kimye“. They sort of have already. For this. So there.

The cast (Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, Sia, Vic Mensa, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jourdan Dunn, Sasha Luss, Joan Smalls etc.) is all wearing really expensive Balmain clothes and crying. Why so sad though? Steven-Klein-directed-it-and-Olivier-Rousteing-(French and romantic)-creative-directed why. That’s why.

This, initially, started as an article about the upcoming fashion campaigns (see title) and how we have so much until winter yay bla bla (see intro) and it got to already two paragraphs of only the Balmain ad. Well, this is precisely what the whole combination wants us to do. To become curious, to see, to share and write. And, ultimately, buy the clothes? Flushed face emoji.

We’d already forgotten about the clothes. It is about high fashion (tho’), Kanye West’s latest video, Kim Kardashian, famous supermodels, drama, tears, black and white footage all, glamorously, put together by the notoriously praised photographer Steven Klein.

How come North and Saint West didn’t make it in? Because you know what they say in theatre: don’t ever bring babies or animals on stage.

The video is said to be shot right after the Met Gala, so while everyone was enjoying Instagram and food at the party, Olivier Rousteing (and the whole marketing department) was working on having us all talking (three months past the event) of, yet another, media boom. They did, in fact, brought animals on stage, in the end. You with me? You’d better. Because other wise, you will end up with the wolves, ma’ friend.

The following fall 2016 ad campaigns are the ones that have been in my drafts for a while now, the ones who actually made me want to write about this huge trend right now. Trend amongst trends, yes. The video presentations of the imminent collections of the biggest fashion houses.

Because this is the world we’re living in, it is running at full speed and we can not but ketchup. Just like the baby tomato in Mia’s papa tomato, mama tomato and baby tomato joke in Pulp Fiction.

And we can not but like the world, the life and the joke.

​See the standout ad campaigns of Fall 2016:

Giorgio Armani 


Alexander McQueen


Stella McCartney 

Salvatore Ferragamo

Dolce & Gabbana



A-ha, honey!

What Do YOU Like?


It is very important, I have come to comprehend, that you like things. In general, not just clothes, since this is about fashion, but fashion in a different way. In a YOU way. So when you really enjoy something you eat, you enjoy something you eat. You would cry out of pleasure.

You wouldn’t? I would. I did. Not like the crying Snapchat filter, but like this emoji: ?!

Once, it happened while eating a nectarine. The other time it was a raspberry tart. And we won’t even get into the real food. I am sure something has just popped out in your head right now.

A movie. When you are watching a movie and you get completely lost in it. You liiike that.

When you are in a club and your favourite song comes along. Maaan!

When you look at your fingernails and you have some weird shade of pink on them (or whatever colour you can’t stand on your nails), don’t you feel the rush of going and removing it? I feel like a completely different person until I do. Weirdo. I know.

Or guys, when you wear a tie and you are so not the type (and you don’t ought to, lucky you) and, at some point, you just feel like it is not letting you breathe anymore and you do that thing when you pull that knot, do the grimace and release your neck. And body. And mind, I would say. No?

“But maybe I just like everything”, you might say and I completely get that. I say it pretty much myself. Still, I am sure you have a certain type of alcohol you like and one that you don’t. Or tea. Just the right order, I know.

Or a look that you are just melting down over. A-ha, gotcha!

So it is about the goosebumps. In the smallest details or in the big pictures. Our whole lives (loves) revolve around the things we like (love).  That is if we care about having a good and evolving relationship with ourselves. The best and the most important one.

Why not do this with clothes? All you gave to do is just pay attention and feel.

As you already know, I love clothes. But I love clothes for the way they can make me feel and am sure can make you, too. At first, I just wanted to say “clothes that can easily transform from one thing to another. And not necessarily just from morning to dancing. But any piece of clothing that can be transformed.” But then “the way they can make me feel” happened.

The fashion nowadays is so “transformable”, you literally can’t go through life and not wear a piece at least 2 different ways. It’s so easy. Moreover, it’s about the clothes that actually are the continuation of you, the wings that help you fly. I am not kidding. Not flying, either (in the pictures), but I am sure that after all there words you get my point.

It is so simple, but we so-oh-oh enjoy the drama. We like to be queens and kings.

“Like”, see? This is where we got started.


Ralph Lauren jacket, Mango top, Zara trousers, Converse shoes







Marni by H&M scarf, Mango top, Zara trousers, Zara shoes