The Gym Coordination

August 02, 2015


Should we hit the gym today?, he asked. Oh, gym. F*uck. And then the drill spins around in my head like crazy. Yes, today is a gym day!, I said to myself. Why?, you may ask yourself. Because it’s the doing my hair day. Now guys be like Dafaq? and girls be like I hear you, girl!.

So, it’s basically a pity not to go to the gym the day you do your hair. Unless you have the perfect hair and you can just wash it everyday with no styling whatsoever. What’s your name and how do you do it? Or you have the time and patience not just to wash it daily, but also to style it daily. Uh, that would mean gym daily. It’s the rule.


Imagine that! Your hair and your body perfect everyday.

Neah, who wants perfect? I do. No, really? Really! I am a foodie and a lover of the second-day hair. The laid-back-had-a-wonderful-night hair. And this is transforming into a hairy situation, when it all began with the gym situation. You see? This is how important hair is to us, girls. We have to coordinate the hair day with the gym day. Come ooon! Who just goes to sweat after blowout? And coconut embellishment. News anchors!

And I’m talking gym sweating. Not “hmhm” sweating. This one just makes the hair look better. Awesome!

The gym is not really my thing. I do it because I have to do it. And because I love food. And because, lately, I get to watch Ally McBeal while on the treadmill. Yes, just like laying on the couch and watching tv. Not.


Talking about coordination.

They say a coffee an hour prior to your routine will do magic. And it will. It’ll boost your energy. Your mood. Your inner sense. And pleasure! Pleasure? Yes! Yes, yes!

Now you know.

Going to gym is low key and time for yourself to be with yourself. But doesn’t clothing feel the same? Don’t you feel better when you’re wearing something you like? Not better. Awesome? Just put your favourite workout outfit on, if you have one. “Oh, c’mon, does it really have to be about outfits here, too?”. Of course not. It’s about joy.


Bring your bf or wear him. Or just a colour that brightens your eyes up. Or just black. Head-to-toe black. Leave me alone kinda black. It’s me, my music, my world for a whole hour. Hell yeah! Music is crucial. Don’t you hate that workout music? Jees. Whatever sets you on and gets your butt moving. Your dreams. Your crush. Your memories on your ipod, for God’s sake!

Don’t you feel like working out now? No? I hear you. Hit the club and dance tonight! Same thing. Best thing.

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Pictures via asos.com.

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Hm, doable.

January 07, 2015
Fans of the crop top, take note: Today’s workout with model Karlie Kloss uses a combination of stomach-toning planks, twists, and stability exercises designed by trainer and model fit guru Justin Gelband to zero in on the upper and lower abs and obliques. Getting in touch with your core values has never looked better.

Or sounded. Suggestion from oz: while doing all of the below, listen to this, don’t watch the video and think of your crush. Ha!


This “four point” position begins on your hands and knees and uses a water bottle as a weighted prop. Keeping your back straight, extend your left leg behind you and then pick up the water bottle with your left arm and hold it forward at the same time. Slowly pull the leg and arm in toward your core simultaneously in a crunch that targets the obliques before returning to the extended position. Start with 5 reps and build to 15 for all exercises in this series, before switching to the opposite side.



Assume a plank position with your butt slightly raised to protect the back and knees. Move your knee toward the stomach in a straight line, initiating the movement from the lower abdomen and thigh before returning to original position. Make sure that your knee doesn’t go past the waist.



This exercise is similar to the one above, except you will change the angle of your torso slightly as you move, pulling your thigh toward your mid-belly section to create a slight twist that works the sides of the abdomen and obliques. Work slowly and maintain resistance to be effective.



Begin from the same plank pose above. Then perform a controlled series of side-to-side rotations by pulling one arm up into a tight, bent reverse L-shape position. Place the arm down between twists with limited force—just enough to activate the chest—and keep the movements small. Then switch sides to continue working the upper abdomen.



Images via vogue.com.

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