Luggage affair

“I could almost not go somewhere because of the luggage I have to pack”. Said no one ever. Well, someone actually did tell this. My mom. And I am all over her and dad’s clothes packing up the perfect baggage for holidays. Outfits and all. And my mom’s so happy.

Well, here I am fronting my own trip. Snowboard trip. Clothes and all.

i can see u
And it is so easy. 1 oversized wool turtleneck. 1 chubby cable knit. 1 chunky ribbing sweat. 2 very colourful hoodies. Tons of t-shirts (5). 1 shirt (just in case). 1 classic bf, blue jeans. 1 straight, cropped (it ain’t -10 degrees and snowing for nothing), dark grey jeans. 1 slim black jeans. 1 UGG (on top of the list). 1 black boots. And this is what comes out of it.





















That is unless you have The Row’s twinsets. Then you should carry that.

Busted. This was for the way back home. Easy like Sunday morning.
If only there would’ve been a camera a week ago in my bedroom. Would’ve cached anything, but me saying: “Oh, man, this luggage, man! I don’t wanna leave!”. Oh no, no, no. I love you, luggage. I would actually live with you. In you.

Written by Cristina Pavelescu

Fall into fall 2014

What’s in for fashion this season, Cristina? Girls from the job, my girlfriends and also my mom’s friends ask me this question. Well, here are the chicest of the chic in the fall/winter 2014/2015 collection. It’s all about warming up to fleecy shearlings and cozy knits, modern takes of 60′s silhouettes and sheer fabrics here and there.

My 2 personal favourites?

One is cuddling shearlings.  Cuddling sums it up.

Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh

The second is head-to-toe wool. Think sweater with wooly leggings, jumper dress with a deep V-neck or an enormous scarf, super-sized knit tunic with large knit trousers. You can go safe in earthly shades (from camel to grey and even the unexpected, yet chic combination of these two), or you can put a little show with colourful, 3D patterns in conceptual, architectural designs. Find the shape that suits you better, but don’t forget to make it maxi, knitted, comfy, fuzzy and (yay!) warm.

The Row

The Row



Burberry made cape cool again. To the level of having your initials on it. But even if we don’t have letters on our capes, we can all still be superman or batman now. It is versatile, it is girlie, it is flirty and it makes waves all over the place. Literally.  I haven’t loved and worn them for as long as I can remember for nothing.


The Row

The Row

Speaking of suits. Trousers suits… You can count on tailoring now. This time around, though, it’s not just about mens’ inspired fashion. The lines are still strict, yet the fluid femininity brought by the loose cuts, the intense hues and the 80’s touch make them softer and appropriate for both a bord meeting and a cocktail bar date.

The Row

The Row

It is something sexy about a waist of a woman and the 60’s silhouette celebrates just that. And a little bit of legs, ha!. Whenever wearing this, you have to feel this. You have to stand straight, wave your hair and have

on your mind.

Prints and colours are very in. But then again, when are they ever out? It’s like with black. It’s always there. So there!


Paul Smith

Paul Smith

It’s all just a matter of choices…

Written by Cristina Pavelescu