If I Could Offer You Only One Tip For The Future, Sunscreen Would Be It


Some things just have a way to randomly come into our lives and stay and say “hi” once in a while as a reminder of what we believe in, of what truly makes us happy, of the individuals we want to be, of picking up the phone and say something hilarious to someone we love or of  simply “wearing sunscreen”.

As Baz Luhrmann would say.

It was the Summer of 2000 when my parents, brother and I were on a road trip through Southern Europe. It was one of the most fun and genuine holidays ever, we were travelling by a map actually made of paper and were actually looking at the surroundings with our eyes not through our phones, but talking and listening to music just like we do today.


It was in Andorra la Vella, the capital of Andorra, where I remember sitting in the back of the car with my mom, but always pushing with my shoulders between the front seats – almost always occupied by my dad and brother – while sitting on my pits and looking through the front window frame. Very comfy. It was right then and there that I first heard Baz Luhrmann’s Sunscreen.

The subconscious must have listened very carefully to the lyrics for they till today take me straight back to the 2000, the road trip, the family, the light, the ease, the dreams from when being a kid, the tease I used to – I still do it 😈 – annoy my brother with, the ideals, the excitement of life literally. I had no idea of Luhrmann, Shazam didn’t exist, so I just let my mind wander. No frames, no nothing.

I had seen his Romeo & Juliet, though, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, without knowing it’s his. When my brother told me who Baz is some time later, I loved making the connection. Shakespeare’s tragedy is one of my all time favourite adaptations. However, the lyrics are not his, they were taken from a famous essay, written in 1997 by Mary Schmich, a columnist with the Chicago Tribune.

It is amazing how some memories are still so vivid in my mind, piece by piece, word by word, and others seem like from a completely different life, regardless of time or space.

It’s also amazing how at 15, some of us were so sure that by 21 we would have become what we had already figured out of wanting to become by 21. Well…

Life is anything but a certainty. It’s pretty fun.

So, when bumping into the news on H&M’s latest collaboration – dropping stores November 2nd – with the London based must-have designer loved by celebrities and fashion insiders alike, Erdem, I could not but awe at the even more exciting news that the visionary filmmaker Baz Luhrmann will bring the collection to life through his unique storytelling.

For me, fashion is always about more than just clothing, it is a form of expression – a standalone art form. I am excited to be collaborating with Erdem and H&M to reveal the story of this unique collection, says Baz Luhrmann.

I wonder if this happened thanks to wearing sunscreen. I can not say that I can not sleep until I see the short fashion film, but I can say that I was happy to go for a brief moment back into the 2000 thanks to Luhrmann again and to look through the eyes of the then kid in the car at the individual today.

A glimpse.

There is a point in doing one thing everyday that scares us. It might not happen everyday, but things like walking on a wire at 16 m high (even when protected) make me feel like Batman, make me want to find Batman and borrow his suit for a day like there is no tomorrow.

Seeing a bug, though, always freaks me out to the extent of barely finding the courage to put a glass over it, then leave a note on the spot and hope for someone to come and read it and then take the bug out of it. No point here. Just scare.

However, the sunscreen must keep the bugs away.


Erdem Spring 2017 Ready-to-wear:

Photos via voguerunway.com

The Moss In The No Moss, No Foss, Kate Moss!



January the 16th. A special day in our calendars to mark the birth of someone who ever since appearing in media, has not ever owned any social media account and who just sits in a coffee shop at a table, enjoying her coffee without any phone or laptop (and is taken for a crazy person, according to a tweet a while ago, there!) and is, nevertheless, one of the most wanted individuals in the fashion world. In spite of the new comer Gigi Hadid and her millions of “followers”. Nothing wrong with that.

It is true that in the early ’90s, when Moss appeared in the Calvin Klein commercial, Facebook and Instagram didn’t exist. But even when they did, there was still no sight of Kate on it. One of the most used hashtags probably – #katemoss – and still nothing! The only certified account (all of the rest are fake) was made last year in September – @katemossagency – for her agency. I followed, have been stalking ever since, but there’re only 64 posts there.

Kate Moss does covers, not Insta.

She did 37 Vogue UK covers, the first one in 1993 and the latest in 2016, each time in her own style. A style she managed to genuinely flaunt and transform into a British trademark.

The dyed-blonde-always-chicly-undone is a hint of the partying nights. Moreover, it is a hint of her character, humour, love of life (ignore the cigarette from picture below), looseness, good mood, honesty.

This is what Moss fabulously gets beyond her famous cheekbones, the full of confidence, but always warm stare, emblematic hair, sylphid allure, pure energy.

A sort of candour that is not even “intended”, it is real from inside out. Out to her 170 cm, a height so atypical for her launch back in the ’80s, when Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell were referred to as “supermodels”.

Kate Moss is the definition of effortless. She does not struggle to feel effortless, for sure. If she does, though, and wanders naked in front of the mirror for long minutes just to be able to get of the house looking casually and at peace, I would feel better myself. But I don’t think she does, anyway.

Or does she?

Howsoever, she must be easing her life by owning some key pieces in her wardrobe she feels good in and then mixes all the time. Only to feel good in them. This is it.


One can see that she loves fashion. The deep way. She does not only gets it so well, but is also aware of what clothes might do to one and seems to believe in clothes’ power to become one’s confident to share feelings and memories with. Moss has this thing for high-end vintage gowns rather then for the freshly out from the fashion weeks’ catwalks.

And wears them with a nonchalance that rivals with the “weight” most of the fashion world usually forces itself to impose and wins every time while toasting with vodka drinks with “the tough ones”.

Without even realising it.

Because she just lives and loves it.

To live!


The Fabulous And The Ever Inspiring Lauren Hutton!


You just can not skip the video from above. It is our tipping point in getting to know a woman alike very few on the planet.

In fact!

Do they make them anymore? A divine force makes them for sure, they are amongst us and they, most probably, are our moms and girlfriends or women we secretly admire.

Beautiful women who not only are beautiful, but own this je ne sais quoi which one can not put one’s finger on, but it is what makes them even more je ne sais and turn the quoi into everything one imagines a fabulous woman should be (not just look) like. They don’t call it “je ne sais quoi” for nothing, anyway. It’s everything.

You can not touch it, but you, most certainly, can feel it. Sense it. Scent it, hello!

I mean, of course there is Beyoncé, there is Lena Perminova and Julia Sarr-Jamois. Each of them fabulous in each of the categories they belong to, duh.

But. But! There is a type of woman, like my mom, for instance, is, who has this thing I feel surrounded by when in their presence. It’s like the stars filter on Snapchat. I just put my face into the filter and – boom! – stars come out of my head. I can not touch the stars, but I can see them above my head when I do the thing with the app on my phone.

Model and actress, a record of 41 Vogue covers, starred in films like American Gigolo alongside Richard Gere and Little Fauss and Big Halsy alongside Robert Redford, is still a model at IMG Models, is that kind of woman, ladies and gentlemen, the icon…

Lauren Hutton!

Prior to a motorcycle journey to celebrate The Art of the Motorcycle exhibit in 2000, alongside Dennis Hopper, Laurence Fishburne and Jeremy Irons, Hutton informed the Las Vegas Review-Journal: I love the feeling of being a naked egg atop that throbbing steel. You feel vulnerable — but so alive.

Born in November 17, 1943.

Now you know.

In South Carolina. Went to University of South Florida, moved with a boyfriend dj to New York, worked as a waitress at the Playboy Club, got her bachelor of arts degree and became one of the most successful models in the USA, using her job both to make money (in 1973, she landed the landmark contract with Revlon and earned her status as the first $1 million-a-year girl) and to see the world.

Whenever I came back from Africa or the Antarctic, head swelling with the beauty of it all, I found I was loving life again. You look different because of everything that has gone on inside of you…, said Hutton on her thus far travelling and exploration in life.

***I feel you, Lauren.***

The All Movie Guide stated that the gap in her teeth gave her on-camera persona a down-home sensibility that other, more ethereal models lacked. Now I don’t know if you have to necessarily have the gap, but you most definitely shouldn’t be afraid of your sensibility. But rather embrace it. Just be kind and it will, eventually, turn into your power.

Lauren Hutton is not only powerful, but real, alive and honest.

The most beautiful thing about this beauty of these kind of beautiful women is that one doesn’t feel the pressure of their beauty. They either don’t know or forget about the magic they create around them and smile. Their eyes smile. A magic which is, in fact, the real deal. A magic that makes you feel beautiful, you whoever you are.

You with me?

The more I see her pictures and read her interviews, the more I can hear the stars tinkling around my head.

Can’t you?











P.S.: this is a super inspiring interview of Lauren Hutton, by Jenna Lyons.

Who Run The World? Pineapples.


And we need to celebrate this. Or better yet, become pineapples! What? Oh come on, we know the drill, we know our imagination, we know we like to talk metaphorically here. It’s us! Come on, go to your room/bathroom or magically do it on the spot. Let’s do it together, in fact.

I already closed my eyes, have you closed yours?

If you still haven’t (hey!) it is for the better (only this time), because you get to see why we are so keen on becoming pineapples (luckily). Unless you hadn’t thought of it already, in which case comment below, write on Facebook or Instagram page or e-mail me, we have to be friends!


Now that we are both pineapples and we kinda rule the fashion scene, we get to coffee and chill and just talk and see how we got here. It all started very naturally. One pineapple here, one pineapple in our fridges (I can not believe that you don’t have any in your fridge right now), one pineapple there and, without any sort of fancy explanations, everyone wanted one. In our stomachs, on our t-shirts or desktops, in our bags casually flaunting its leaves. Because hey, it’s cool! and it is!

Why?, you would ask.

Because it is this weirdo, in the end, I would say. It had the guts to be different. Who knew? When it’s been here all along, with its unconventional shape, waxy leaves coming erectly just from the top of it, a shell that is not only rough, but so couture and all shaped and, as if these all weren’t enough, the inside of it tastes so unique and sweet. Jees, someone must have had a lot of fun making it.

And myself eating, you would say, since in a 100 gram serving, raw pineapples are an excellent source of manganese (44% DV) and vitamin C (58% DV) and it comes from Costa Rica, Philippines, Brazil, Thailand and India. This is too serious for you to say, but you probably read Wikipedia.

I, for instance, know that it’s good to eat it after meals. It burns fat.

And I also know that Candela Novembre has pineapples all over her Instagram, Leandra Medine wore some on MR‘s Topshop collab, sincerelyjules just wanted to have it on the floor, beside her, Vogue Paris put one on the bag (told you so).

You: I mean, think of “Pineapple Express“, which was named after a real cannabis strain.

I: Sweet. Dude. Sweet.

You: That’s another movie, girl!

And I would then kick you in the head with the freshest and coolest magazine in town, Celsius magazine. You wouldn’t get hurt, tho’, you have your crown on, remember? I covered the fashion and I had a lot of fun working for it.

It has a pineapple on the cover. You see the connection here, don’t you? Pineapple, magazine, fun, fashion, tasteful, healthy, cool, unique.

And you would say: Dude! Sweet!

But I have just read that grilled slices of pineapples can be used in a hamburger. Ladies and gentlemen, gtg!

By now you must have put your slippers on and are ready to go grocery shopping. Just stand tall, wear your crown and be sweet, because you are already stylish duh you have your slippers on.

Well, that is in case you forgot about our magic from above and have transformed back into a human being.

Of course you haven’t. Who does that?





ozinparis-celsius-magazine-statement-gucci ozinparis-celsius-magazine-peach-echo-isabel-marant






Hm, doable.

Fans of the crop top, take note: Today’s workout with model Karlie Kloss uses a combination of stomach-toning planks, twists, and stability exercises designed by trainer and model fit guru Justin Gelband to zero in on the upper and lower abs and obliques. Getting in touch with your core values has never looked better.

Or sounded. Suggestion from oz: while doing all of the below, listen to this, don’t watch the video and think of your crush. Ha!


This “four point” position begins on your hands and knees and uses a water bottle as a weighted prop. Keeping your back straight, extend your left leg behind you and then pick up the water bottle with your left arm and hold it forward at the same time. Slowly pull the leg and arm in toward your core simultaneously in a crunch that targets the obliques before returning to the extended position. Start with 5 reps and build to 15 for all exercises in this series, before switching to the opposite side.



Assume a plank position with your butt slightly raised to protect the back and knees. Move your knee toward the stomach in a straight line, initiating the movement from the lower abdomen and thigh before returning to original position. Make sure that your knee doesn’t go past the waist.



This exercise is similar to the one above, except you will change the angle of your torso slightly as you move, pulling your thigh toward your mid-belly section to create a slight twist that works the sides of the abdomen and obliques. Work slowly and maintain resistance to be effective.



Begin from the same plank pose above. Then perform a controlled series of side-to-side rotations by pulling one arm up into a tight, bent reverse L-shape position. Place the arm down between twists with limited force—just enough to activate the chest—and keep the movements small. Then switch sides to continue working the upper abdomen.



Images via vogue.com.