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New York Fashion Week FW2016

The shows. Both on the catwalks and on the streets.

I wonder what’s the heaviest nowadays. As in on a scale. What the models flaunted on the catwalks or what Lena Perminova (or alike) wore on the streets. You know what shoes to buy for the upcoming summeeeer! Mira Duma wore them. So you open the very cleverly made title of the magazine’s post that, obviously, won’t show you the shoes right there and then. Click and then you’ll know. So you click. And boom, you know. Now you know!

No judging, this is what Internet is all about. Clicking. Seeing. Dreaming. Wanting. Working for it.

I don’t know why I intentionally cut that.

About that “wanting”. Let me show you something. You will want. And work for. I feel you, ma’ friend. It’s about the shows and their drama. Or ours. In the good way, of course.

As humans are still going to get cold, when it will be cold out in about 8 months or so, they can check what the designers from New York Fashion Week suggest for them to wear in the (my) selection below. You can do it, too, if you are a human. Hello, human!

And for the fashion week cover up there must be the shows, the outfits of the designers (which is becoming a hit) and the street style, so ta-da. Let me explain.

The cool-girl mishmash stylings of Clare Waight Keller at See by Chloé mishmashed or just mished or just mashed with my mind, too. What? And I loved it.

ozinparis-10-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-02-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-16-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-12-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-04-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear

Rosie Assoulin I would just wear anytime. All the time. Wouldn’t you? Yes, the entire Instagram community and us.

ozinparis-23-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-02-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-16-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-36-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-34-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-25-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear

The easiness of Creatures of Comfort may both give you the right kind of comfort and can make the right kind of creature out of you. Yu-hu.

ozinparis-creatures of confort ozinparis-creatures of confort 2

Proenza Schouler just launched this bag trend (or were just being protective of burglars lol) and did a heck out of a feminine layering.

ozinparis-proenza schouler 1 ozinparis-proenza schouler 2

Carolina Herrera‘s. Now these may look like very rich night gowns, but these are not. Still very rich, only day gowns. That is if a day gown is a ball gown to you.

ozinparis-carolina herrera 3 ozinparis-carolina herrera 1ozinparis-carolina herrera 2

Suno. Because beautiful, clean, twisted and so-oh feminine.

ozinparis_MON0158 ozinparis_MON0681 ozinparis_MON0090

Rodarte shooowed us sooome cuffs! And chokers.

ozinparis-rodarte 1 ozinparis-_ARC0388 ozinparis-rodarte 3

The Row had me at this picture.


But these were pretty cool, too. Very.

ozinparis-the row 1 ozinparis-the row2 ozinparis-the row 3

Victoria Beckham is very interesting to stalk. Especially at the end of her show where she wore a sweater and no bra.


Ralph Lauren who somehow outshines even the models of his shows.


Pictures via Vogue Runway.

Oh and Zimmermann‘s backstage Instagram picture had to be in your account if the dress is still not. I have the picture on mine. You may have the dress. What a deal!


NYFW Street style, everyone! Via

04-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 03-street-style-phil-oh-day-8-fw16 02-street-style-phil-oh-day-2 nyfw-street-day-5-part-2-7 25-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 12-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 08-street-style-phil-oh-day-8-fw1603-street-style-phil-oh-fw16


Top NY fall/winter 2016 trends are: velvet, ruffles, high necks, luxurious details, rich cuffs, extra large everything, extra long sleeves, dusty pink, shades of tan, shiny fabrics, checks, turtlenecks under anything, dresses over pants, checks, pantsuits. It all tends to be extra. Extra this, extra that. You choose your extra. Be extra. Extra what you want. What do you want?

All from the above or just Diane von Furstenberg‘s words at the end of her NY show: “This season’s collection is full of love power. It’s about great clothes, fun clothes, layering, but it’s, more then ever, clothes that are the girls’ best friends.”


by Cristina Pavelescu

Fly Away. Lenny Says So.

Love to be on planes! I am looking around and I see people sleeping (not that comfy, but still sleeping at 8 pm), eating (without rushing or watching tv), reading (and no peeking on to telephones), talking to each other (not caring about postures, they just go deep into the conversation chairs) or staring through the windows at the beautiful sky, just take a moment and think.

At whatever. We all detach from our busy minds lives and without wanting to (I do, don’t know about you) are stranded in this piece of iron. Thousands of metres above. Literally.

Whereas it is something scary for some of us… My brother has to drink a shot of whiskey in order to help him forget about the Physics and start to be present in our conversation. I guess he should do that on the ground, too. It is something really fun for others. You can actually see a whistling smiley over here.

This is the time for me. For us. For a few hours it is just myself or us. No phone, no internet, no people, no I-should-be-doing-something-now-instead-of-having-this-much-fun, no worries about jobs, about anything. You are cut from your world for a short time and put into this up-in-the-air box along with red wine and good music in your headphones.

They say that planes are the most secure mean of transportation, so just go with the flow. Though I am sure you can think right now of, at least, one turbulence you’ve been through. Well, guess what! It is the most rare cause of plane crashes. Next time you are in one, just remember of this. Read it when you have the time. Or just trust me. You shouldn’t be afraid. Why should you? It’s not like you could actually do something about it, so you’d better just enjoy it. As a roller-coaster ride. Oh! Roller-coaster rides… Rides… Ride it with my surfboard. Surfboard.

It feels like a new beginning each time I land. Anywhere.

And then there are the hugs at landings. Either it’s you the one who is flying someone dear that you need to pick up, the tight hug at the aiport is so genuine that it becomes part of the whole flying experience. Listen.

To make it all complete, they even created a buzz called “airport style“. And articles entitled: “Steal airport style from your favourite celebs” or “See celebs’ best airport style post Oscars”. Just google it. Victoria Beckham seems to be the queen of that. The clothes, the attitude, the stroll and, of course, the big glasses. I do believe, though, she has some sweats and flip-flops in those Hermès’.


victoria beckham airport



Next time you fly, try to do something you don’t have time for usually. Just think, go back to memories that make you smile, watch a movie, read a book, sleep. All of this without any phooooones! I hope they never make it possible to have network coverage on planes though I already heard something about it. Don’t even want to say it out loud.

Looking forward to the next story. Just landed.

Theoretically ⬇️.