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When Everything Is Everything and It Is Yet So Simple


The morning before was so, so hard to figure out what the f it is that I want. The night before the morning before, though, everything seemed so clear and simple: bathing suits and t-shirts. I am talking clothes here, in life I know that all I want is everything. 

Everything is everything, as Lauryn Hill says.

How not to want everything? We only have one life and I just love life so much, don’t you? Says myself even after crying the hell out of my lungs sometimes. I guess you cannot really enjoy the greatest joy unless at least a little bit of sourness. Sadness. Or a lot. Sometimes going through it to the deepest makes you see true happiness at its highest.

These last phrases were not planned, but they happened. I suck at planning, but realise that I like following one – once in a while – when there is one. When going on a trip. Although it is the coolest when nothing is planned and ***everything*** happens and boom! Happiness. And I am not talking here getaways only.

Trips though, coming back to trips. At the time of writing this, actually, I was coming home from the trip. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye when leaving the holiday destination and at other times it’s even harder when leaving for it. Just like this time. Suddenly I knew nothing about t-shirts or the place I hid my swimsuits over winter.

Except for a two-piece black one and boom, only then I knew. I wanted not necessarily just black with me, but some really simple stuff. It felt liberating. Simple is the best, after all. All simple, natural, not planned. I am talking everything here. Have I seen too many movies?

It felt like breathing. Says myself who likes va-va-voom just as much.

Like no make-up.

Aaanyway, I’m telling you: a couple of t-shirts (but really good ones), of jeans (but true jeans), a pair of sandals (but cool sandals who like to have fun), of sneakers (but the ones you adore), a dress or two you have for years (to gather more memories into), a jumper (you can’t seem to be able to live without anymore) and at least one bathing suit (because naked is not as possible as one might wish for) is all you need for a #vitaminesea weekend.

Because this is all I wore on trip in spite of the many other clothes I somehow managed to stuff into so many bags that I so am not a fan of, jees. Yet again, a carry-on would have done it. But then the drama before the trip? And then the staring at the sun, the sky, the kitesurfers, the overthinking in my head and the daydreaming wouldn’t have been the same. Or would it have? This human species is something else…

They say life is so easy, we just make it oh-so complicated. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, maybe we do, maybe we don’t. Either way, it is so fucking interesting and I cannot wait for the rest of it. Still, maybe a little bit of planning never hurt nobody.

Just like partying. And crying – haha, kidding. Or not. You see? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t… JK. Or not

Swinging In Vama Veche

The excitement of waking up early in the morning to leave for the seaside. The packing of it all (literally) for the beach. The first sight of the sea in that first ray of the day.

It is Friday afternoon, after a full day of work, and I don’t know what to grab faster to put in my bag and leave. For Vama Veche.

After a short nap (myself, not driving, enjoying a Salitos instead) on the highway we arrive at our destination. We try to mingle – by car –  through the people walking both on the road and on the sidewalk. Not cool trying to get in by car in Vama… Hipsters would never do that. Maybe this is the reason for not having roads here… Too mainstream.

Amphora Hotel is less than we expected it to be (except for the receptionist who is very smily, war and friendly), but anyway, who is there to stay in? We change in something warmer and we are ready to paaaartey. And party we did. In two different UGGs. They were supposed to be my main fashion warm item of the weekend. And they were. One of my mom’s. One of mine. (Imagine the hurry of packing!)

UGG different boots and sizes

When wishing on swaying your body to a good music, while being dressed as for a campfire on a beach, you could count on Amphora. Or, better yet, swaying in a real swing right below the sea at night, with Snow Patrol in the background? You got it!

You feel like dancing on tables (on all kinds of music) and feel the breeze in your hair, on your skin and in your bones (it is pretty cold out there), then you should pass through Expirat.

The morning came pretty soon and we are back on the beach. Just laying. The main thing with the beach here is that no one really gives a damn. Everyone is just chilling. No muss, no fuss. No Mamaia – let’s say – fuss. You just enjoy the beach, the sun, the sand, the quiet, the love and the water not so much, since it is pretty filthy. Right on time for the wind to be there and to chill you.

hello from vama veche

From time to time a new place pops up in Vama. It is Sandalandala’s time to shine now. It is a vast place for camping in a pretty elegant and clean way. On the grass, under the moon. Weather you have your own tent (20 Lei) or you rent one (200 Lei), showers and toilets included, you can enjoy the whole “Vama experience” the new hipsters’ way. The design is nice – Ipanema slippers everywhere -, the food is OK – you should definitely try the Focaccia with Nutella after some smoking or drinking or both -, the music is good – chillout -, the milkshakes are done by a nice barman – the banana one tastes smooth.

Sunday finds us on the beach. This time around with some really beautiful mixed music coming from Amphora (yet again).

Just perfect to read a book. My choice for the weekend? Women, by Charles Bukowski. This was a present for my mom some time ago. I knew at the time this is an international best seller and that was it. Just later I found out, while watching Californication, that this book stands for inspiration for the show. Too late, my mom had already read it. I don’t know for whom it was a bigger of a surprise. For me or for my mom. Since the book is full of explicit sex scenes, dirty language and alcoholism. All in a very talented way of writing. Pfew.

You can absolutely not leave Vama Veche without having eaten pancakes from Clatite… Something. The simple one with Nutella rules. Ok, the one with Nutella and jam is fabulous. The one with cheese and dill is fresh. The fried one with Nutella and Rum in a melon is interesting. Or is it just me and my addiction to pancakes…? To Paris…? Maybe!

pancakes in melon

The sunrise in Vama +

…are a must! A! And the kiss…

Vama Veche ain’t no Coachella, nor Saint Tropez. It has something on its own… Something you have to discover yourself. Good or bad.