Head To Toe Print. Comin’?

This just might be the trip you’ve always wanted to adventure yourself on. It is for me. Inhale, hold your breath, observe the surroundings, close your eyes.


We are now diving into the most mind blowing print, mind-head-neck-shoulders-arms-chest-waist-hips-butt-feet-toes-blowing print that takes our bodies on a trip and does things to it as very few can do. A print that makes our bodies lose it while being perfectly safe and sinking into the very calm, turquoise waters. Makes our bodies go with the flow while having full permission from the mind.

Can you hear the stillness? Underwater.

We then slowly surface, pull our heads out, open our eyes, but keep on walking through water. Slowly. Everything is very slowly floating.

And we’re out.

Into the world. Ruling it or smth. What else to do in this Balenciaga outfit (I would move into anytime)? Because it is about the bright head-to-toe floral Balenciaga outfit from the Spring Summer 2017 runway. The moment I saw it on Instagram while #fw, I dived. Not died. Dived.

It not only elongates the body and makes anyone look crazy – jk – but also creates a close friendship with Alessandro Michele. I am a fan of Balenciaga’s deisgns and Demna Gvasalia’s designs here, but with Alessandro is something else. It’s a story. It’s passion. For fashion. Enthusiasm.

Demna must have went on the trip underwater himself, got inspired by Gucci’s maximalism and not only dived, but also met Michele.

In the deep.


The Indian model (the first ever to walk a runway for the house), Radhika Nair, was there to take them out and show us all how it’s done.


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When you really, really like something

What do you do? Can you do this?





It seems like this tee under whatever has kidnapped me and has made me do some things I never thought of doing. Jk. Like having a bunch of white tees. The same tees. Told you I was kidding. Like running from security and then bonding with it. Pf!

Like doing this. Can you do this?

ozinparis-tee-under-dress2Yes, you can! I discover something I like, I can no longer let go of it and I absolutely love it. Wear it. So I wore it once out of necessity. I couldn’t find a bra. But go figure how one thing leads to another (I wore the tee instead of the bra) and nothing happens for no reason anyway. You get my point.

I find this tee under the dress so fulfilling. Literally. For me, as it hugs my chest (am I really writing this?) in a more profound (?!) way, as the fabric not only covers my chest, but also hugs my back and shoulders and waist. A full hug! Told you it is profound. For the dress, as it makes it feel complete. Aw. Likewise for the camisole and the jumpsuit. Remember?

Apart from that, when you truly like something, you feel like, not only doing crazy stuff for it, but also sharing. You see how loving turns into sharing and again into loving? So I wanted to share this with you.

Not only this.

But also the love for fruits. And not only in a bowl, but also in ears and on fingers. Deliciousness. Everything you ever wanted in rings and earrings.


The security must have felt the smell since it almost instantly warned me about the impossibility of making pictures around the building, but it was too late and nothing is impossible anyway; we had already done them ta-da! We even waved and smile. While shooting. Ta. Da.

Wave and smile. Wave and smile.