the weeknd

Fridaze For Real #1

This is the first out of what is about to become the Friday routine. Feel free to join anytime. And also the perfect time for you to read this on Friday. Fridaze for real. Free Fridays for real. And so on.

Doesn’t Friday make you want to do things? Things you normally do howsoever during the rest of the week, but Friday has this thing you can not touch, but oh, can, most certainly, only feel and energy never lies. It is like, maybe, during the week you’d been feeling kinda tired or lazy, hopeless or whatever, and then Friday comes along and boom! It’s like a whole new world opens up in front of you, but then Sunday comes and slams it in your face.


We have only 2 days – actually 2 nights and a day and a half – to feel everything this post is about with this precise mood. You have now. Take a moment to realise it’s Friday. Fridaaaay! Yes, no? All the other days are just as great blah-blah, yes. Except for Sundays. Sundays I don’t really get.

I’d started to write this long ago and I always got to it on Fridays (the day to post it). I was getting into the hype of this whole thing I’m writing this very instant here and now about, opened the laptop, started to type, but in the end, the mood was so good that I just fell into it completely and didn’t look back. Into the laptop.

Turned up the volume and sang or danced on my own throughout the house, meditated, ate, went to some friends’ to couch potato over some potatoes, got under a blanket and watched a movie. Not an easy movie, but a complex, twisted, awing movie. It is what we call a mind fuck. Because Fridays feel like taking it all in and enjoying the “it” and the “all”.

Because on Fridays we always have time.

These below are for when you get home, close the door to everything and be yourself with whatever or whomever sets your mood on for the weekend and for any other day.

Your guide through this Friday #tgif #tgif #tgif:

Have you watched Baz Luhrman’s “Romeo & Juliet yet? It’s always good. Even for the 8th time.

I am so-oh-oh curious what you do on Friday evenings, jees! Write me be-eh-low.

To Be Read At Night, To Be Done Daily

It is night, late in the night, you are in your pyjamas, you had already showered and put your coconut oil on. And on. Right. You had brushed your teeth. I know. The hustle. At last, you are on the couch and you intend on laying there for just 10 minutes which are never 10 and all you can think of
is, is, iiis a small square of chocolate. One. Dark chocolate.


But you had just brushed your teeth, god damn! What to do?! Eat the chocolate (!) and brush your teeth. Again. Yes. Because how could you not have the chocolate?



Now you can go to sleep. Or smile and by smile I mean kiss your partner in crime. Kiss, kiss as in not just kiss. Or dream of the one! And then well, then smile! Both in bed (definitely in bed!) and the following day.

They say that teeth are like diamonds and they also say that diamonds are a girl’s (and now boy’s) best friends, but I guess all they really wanted to say was that teeth are our best friends. You see? They stand by us literally. In us, actually. They are there when we say “I want you” and they are here to bite. When necessary as in when eating, hey.

Btw, did you know that kissing reduces anxiety, stops the “noise” in our minds and increases the levels of oxytocin, the extremely calming hormone that produces a feeling of high… I’m thinking… “High for this”, as The weeknd says).

This is not trivia, but did you know that by smiling you put to work 13 muscles, whereas by “straight facing” you put to rest 65 of them?

The point is, brush your teeth and smile. Isle, isle!


…To kiss, well… You gotta be a pro! You gotta have fun! Go to your bed now (to be read “bed”, not “couch”) and listen to The Weeknd. Haha. Listen to be read “