the tonight show

Ride With Us


Girls, this is for you just as much as it is for you, boys. A song that seemed to had been written by Shawn Mendes for his crush came out in the classroom as a song that celebrates fun isn’t fun unless it’s authentic and authentic means fireworks. Man, do Jimmy Fallon and #forevercrush work so good together in a sentence or what? But woman, isn’t song-Shawn-Mendes-crush-classroom-fun-authentic-fireworks-Jimmy-Fallon-and-forever all we’ve ever wanted?

And it all orchestrated by The Roots.

Why for you, boys also? Because why not! The song might just as well be for you, but I know you and you wouldn’t admit of even dreaming of it. Let’s just take a close look at the guy right behind Jimmy. Pretty sceptical and barely moving in the beginning, yet really into it by the end, singing and dancing. I bet you, in front of the computer or with your phone in hand are pretty much the same. Busteeed.

I admit I must have watched the video for as many times as guys in this video and the fun I had doing it is close to riding a chill rollercoaster on a Spring or Autumn day. Either a short rollercoaster I ride on and on again, no cue or anything ✨ bliss ✨ or a really long rollercoaster surrounding the whole amusement park with trees, waterfalls, sun around 3 p.m., smiling people all around, ups and downs, a spin here, a spin there.

We’re riding. Love everywhere. And now the boys go awwww. But I know you, relax, we all dream of it and what would be the fun without it?

The video starts easy, everyone aside from Shawn dressed in black and being very cool at that. All focused on their classroom instruments. But then minute 1:00 hits and Jimmy strikes a note. Shawn bursts a ✨ so ✨ genuine smile it actually turns air into fireworks. Take a look at our guy behind Jimmy, he’s our rollercoaster emoji throughout.

We’re riding.

By now, Questlove is tapping his mate’s head, the gentleman with the piano in his mouth is laughing, we’re all set.

The seatbelt is on.

We’re riding.

This classroom word is not for nothing here. It’s everything. We all went to being kids for a bit. If you are not smiling by now, play the video 7 more times and you will. Hey, hey, hey, don’t leave, do it!

FYI: Jimmy Fallon is 45, Shawn Mendes is 20 (I’m only saying this to prove a something) and they seem to have the (same) time of their lives. Chemistry always plays a part, #foreverkids is one of the best grown ups’ hashtags ever and the rhythm is forever.

And so is style!

All but Shawn are dressed in black and black might be common, yet the ways people use it can be so different that it totally differentiates one black item from another as to figure out style of each individual. Please observe below, it’s all in the little things. Which are never little, we know, we know.


On to the next.

Fridaze From The Heart #4

Today I’m saying let’s not wait for the evening to come to feel it’s Friday. It’s Friyaaaay (!!) and no matter what we do in day to day life or what our job is or how much we enjoy the rest of the week’s days, Friday is a day we all share joy at the same time. Even if not always jumping and dancing all day long or making aerial tricks at home, but always having at least the teeny tinniest party somewhere in our souls.

Come on!

This is how synergy is created on Fridays and synergy is the best! Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term “synergy” comes from the Attic Greek word “synergia” from “synergos”, meaning “working together”.

Synergy would happen if we would all watch at the same time the videos from the latest “The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon” with Michelle Obama as Jimmy’s guest.

I bet we all now smile at the sight of these two people who – yes! – know television, but soul, humour, candour, honesty are things that get through screens or pictures.

We smile when we see souls. Or a smile. A heartfelt laugh. Heart! Sneezing is contagious but we all know how a smile is. A genuine one. It connects hearts.

This is what the First Lady has been doing. Spreading smiles all over the world, making the world fall in love with her. Just as Obama did. How not to?

And her being in love with him. Ooh-la-la!

A high position, maybe the highest in the world, does not only mean power the way we’re most used to. It, moreover, means the power of example. Which we all know, we just choose not to grant too much importance to, for one reason or another. It might be the lack of trust. In oneself, in the first place. The most important of the trusts, in fact.

Once we fill our hearts with the good – we wish for us and our closest ones and then, little by little, the whole world – it is very possible that the world becomes eventually a better place. A world of seven billion hearts. Imagine the synergy!

Let’s, therefore, look at first into our own souls and be grateful.

Do everything we have to do as best as we can and never forget to have fun.

Because it’s Friday and because we only have one life!

My suggestion for you on this day (and weekend)? As much Jimmy as possible!