Lauryn Hill, An Icon To Style


Lauryn Hill has a style one watches from afar, admires, throws a party to the eyes that want to see for, yet could never imitate. It comes from her inside and the inside is just as personal as style is.

Style is not about super original combinations, more than three colours mixes or constant thrive for exposure or expression. Think of Emmanuelle Alt. It can be Hill, it can be Alt, it can be both, it can be whatever as long as it’s yours.

Browsing through the official fan page of Lauryn Hill’s Instagram account – only! – feels like observing a piece of art. A movie, a song, a video, a picture, a painting, a poem, anything that inspires the heart to be creative about. She’s inspiring, but she inspires without making a purpose out of it and Instagram can not even come anywhere close to who Lauryn Hill has been over the years or to who we have been privileged to get a glimpse of throughout the years.

I remember being a kid in the nineties, my brother always turning on the volume when The Fugees were on tv and myself staring at the always fabulously dressed trio running around the town that then seemed as if from another planet in Fu-Gee-La or throwing popcorn at each other in Killing Me Softly. It was 1996.

You grow style in life just as you grow in life. You grow yourself just as you grow your style. That is if you want to grow and subconsciously have been doing it anyway.

Lauryn, baby, use your head, but instead I chose to use my heart, Jay-Z quotes upon Lauryn Hill’s Zion.

In 1998, when Everything is Everything aired, I remember feeling content of already having known Lauryn Hill from her Fugees years and also being in awe at her sight. She was wearing bright pink and blue jeans. To the day, 20 years later, whenever I see the bright pink and blue jeans combo I think of the video.

Her attitude in Doo-Wop (That Thing) while dancing and rapping in a pale yellow mini dress and jeans shirt as opposed to the 60s’ look. No matter the clothes, accessories and hair, her eyes and presence are all about something that always came from within in the first place, and only after from the anything that has ever covered her. Just as with Emmanuelle is.

Lauryn’s rhythm and silhouette in gracefully flowing whites, deep blues and (those!) brown leather super-flared trousers in Ex-Factor come up in looks that are timeless. Style is timeless.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was her first solo album and when I saw on MTV, yet later on in 2001, the MTV Unplugged 2.0, I felt, yet again, the impact art can have on us throughout our entire lives and the beauty of us – us and the artists we love – growing together. Of experiencing life. Of, one day, getting to live the Ex-Factor, but also the Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, something we fantasised about when being children and, now come to realise, when being adults also.

In 2017, I wrote about her 🥁 here 🥁. Life, it gets you places.

One can see how Lauryn enjoys clothes and you can see how Emmanuelle does it, too. In both their personal and professional lives. Style. Elegance. In both personal and professional life.


Your Groove Is The Grooviest


In a Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg interview, Snoop tells Pharrell upon their work together: Everybody sounds the same, everybody got the same bounce, but we got a… ~ Snoop is groovy dancing in a sitting position on a chair, you know how Snoop would move on a chair, him tossing his fingers around and everything… ~ That’s a groove and when you find the groove, the groove… It remains longer than the bounce. The bounce come and go, but the groove remains forever. Giving the world a sound of love, peace and harmony.

So it not only makes the art authentic, soulful and free, but also timeless.

Bounce is the trend, the pretending. Groove is the style. And there’s nothing wrong with the bounce as long as it makes you feel happier about yourself  in the moment, yet somehow the groove is always much more fun than the bounce. Real. It keeps you up all night and surprising you throughout life. The bounce come and go, but the groove remains forever. 

Watching my mom every morning – my whole childhood – getting ready for work in the bedroom, by the enormous (or so it seemed) mirrored closet, was a really good exercise for me, I now get to understand. Everything always seemed so light with her. Everything still does. Skincare, talks, hair, coffee, perfume, make-up, food, clothes, parties, us all. It’s a groove. I am now groovy dancing in my sitting position at the desk (on my comfy couch), tossing my fingers around and everything.

Lightness is so groovy. Exquisite.

In everything.

So it only made sense for me to take pictures of five of the combinations I have been wearing lately ~ in the bedroom. The pictures, not the clothes. It is very possible I, most often, relate to the mood in my parents’ beautifully lighted bedroom every morning. The most homelike feelings, now as grown ups, is something or someone taking us back to the intimacy of the childhood days. Something or someone to remind you of you.

And we all love the feeling of home. Similar to the feeling of finding our style no matter what that is. As long as it feels real, it is groovy.

Giving the world a sound of love, peace and harmony.

The exercise we could do today, though, as adults (or something) is constantly asking ourselves whether we like something or not. Whether it makes us dance even in a sitting position or not. Even without realising, on the inside ~ in meetings, in the car, at the cinema, in bed, in club, at the restaurant, wherever.

Tossing, tossing, tossing.

PS: all the shoes in ~ the shoot that only felt natural to be done by mom ~ had been previously cleaned. Always are.

E = mc²


by Cristina Pavelescu
Celsius magazine no. 2, Offline


Fashion on a personal level, when it is cherished with ease rather than when taken seriously – frivolity, in this particular case, is directly proportional with pleasure – not only does not make our head ache, but makes our life more beautiful. That’s it.

When we look at a work of art, be it a panting or film, when we read a book or listen to music and we like what we see, our eyes twinkle, we enrich ourselves, want to dance; something smiles within us. It would be interesting to feel this way when choosing what to wear, too, or looking at someone who is already dressed and feel like admiring. In any of the situations, however, it is about self-knowledge rather than just taste. Art helps us find ourselves just as much as it helps us lose ourselves – metaphorically speaking. Just as clothes do – literally speaking.

Style says who we are before we do. Nevertheless, clothes have the power to make us shine only when their sparkle is in line with ours. To expect for fashion to save us and transform us into something that we’re not is to, basically, become liars, on one hand. People who take fashion so seriously that it becomes superficial. On the other hand, there are people who take fashion the opposite way. They choose not to speak through fashion at all only to not be taken for liars. For the fashion victims that make fashion feel superficial.

Art is not necessary, yet it makes our life more beautiful.

We could all be wearing palm trees’ leaves and everything would be so simple (and impossible). In an immediate reality, though, we could all be wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of classic, blue jeans. But we are not. We are different and we want to show it.

Clothes will cover (for) us no matter what. Ideally, clothes we like, make us feel good, represent us – the mandatory role when wanting to experiment in and with fashion. No explanation, rule or theory needed. No limits or purposes whatsoever. Relaxed. Open minded. Out of pleasure. Fun.

When being creative. When falling in love.

Are the clothes we choose to wear online the ones that make us feel offline even when online or is it the other way around? Online definitely has its charm, but only when offline is happy.

The notion of fashion industry is a product of the modern era. With technology, capitalism and store chains, clothes were produced in shoal, standard measures and at fixed prices. Until the mids of 19th century, clothing was hand made to measure by a tailor, a process appreciated nowadays more than ever. There are couture Chanel pieces from Spring 2016 collections which are – first and foremost – said to be hand made in “an infinity of hours”, precisely the hours that promise the customer to be able to keep them from one generation to another.

In antithesis with fast fashion, mass production and lack of sustainability.

Almost anyone of us can confirm, though, the existence of “fast” pieces in our closets. We are only human and this is the world we live in. It’s the online. It is, however, the world we shouldn’t run from, but furthermore find the offline within. A world where we would be choosing clothes by paying attention to the tactile and soul. Where we would take the time to contemplate a painting, watch a movie, read, listen to music, just listen, dance and not ever forget about having fun.

If fashion would be perceived as the form of art that it is, we wouldn’t take it so seriously and it wouldn’t seem frivolous to us anymore. To us, the ones who are afraid not to be identified with those who use fashion in order to lie. To us, the ones who chose to go into another, deeper things rather than into the shallow perceived fashion. Fashion can be deep, too, even though it may only look like just a game. It is, anyway, one. A play game. An art.

In any case, if we are being honest with ourselves in the first place, why should we be afraid? Of perceptions, preconceptions. Everything is relative, in the end. The idea of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity sprung while day dreaming in his armchair at home.

He was also known for his unique sense of humour.



Walk That Walk!

So we (I know I) have been using this phrase for quite some time now. Walk that walk. Walk that walk automatically implies walking on your own planet and on your own planet you have a certain walk. Or to the silence. Or thoughts. Or feelings.

And then comes the style. In fact, 👆🏻 is style (to me). Once you take the time to observe your own planet, the style comes from within and then you’re just a walking planet with its own satellites and everything.

Yes, this is style (to me).

You get dressed for the day you are about to have or think about how you want your day to feel like and dress for it. Clothes are agents of mood change, I once read in a British Vogue. Sometimes you feel like you need the whole planet with you and take all of the stuff you want to wear on you. Other times, you just want to feel naked and a good t-shirt + good jeans (and genes) would do.

So, there’s a certain freedom to wearing your favourite from last summer (or freshly purchased) pair of sandals with socks in cold weather. Because it is chilly outside and because the higher you are in the clouds, the more real you become. You also like to spend some time on your own in the city, doing your own stuff. So you need your socks, you are not a poser. Or maybe you don’t need the socks because you are never cold, you are some sort of cold creature and that’s ok, too, as long as you’re not a poser.

You are you.

And then you put on a pair of pants that you obviously love and maybe even a woollen-that-feels-nice-on-skin dress you throw on top, a jacket you must have obsessed about some time ago and still are in love with. You just had a bath before going out and you spent a good amount of time on making your hair feel like you just hadn’t. Because you like the ease, but you also like the beautiful. Your kind of beautiful.

You have your backpack with some stuff that you might need in case you magically and unexpectedly drive somewhere after a long day and you might need your hands cream, you know?

And, man, you dropped by your favourite coffee shop or whatever to get the coffee that feels so right on your lips and everything. For you.

Your shades.

This is Mary-Kate Olsen, btw, in the picture, so you see how not the face or even notoriety makes everything out of someone? It’s the swag. Your own individual planet.

Our universe.


PS: the face helps, though. A lot. And that will be another story.



Each time I wore cat ears, I literally felt like a cat I would like. And this might not be important because the important part here is that a – let’s say – “fashion” accessory can make you feel stuff if you just pay attention. Can make you feel like a cat. Like Mickey Mouse.

And why is that important?

To notice if you pay attention. To your imagination or the stuff you dress your body in. An imagination that tells you things about yourself, your dreams, your wishes and then makes you smile. A body you must very well know, a body that would love the things you dress it in and then make you want to dance.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.

Albert Einstein

The ears not only made me smile or dance, they made me smile like a cat, dance like a cat (that is if I ever were to see a cat dancing). A cat I would like, because cats are not always nice, nice like most dogs usually are.

Everything connects sometimes or is it always? Or is it only a rule?

Rules… They definitely don’t work for everyone the same way (that is if they ever work in any way). Or is it more about the rules that are not that cool all the time? Rules are cool when rules are cool.


In life and fashion. The earlier ***the most important part here is that*** is because it is the passion for style rather than fashion that got me started this, started this and here we are – myself writing, yourself reading.

In fact, the most important thing ***outside fashion and everything*** is you paying attention. Man, it feels nice! It makes you feel stuff, you feel like playing, you enjoy life, you look at the sky, you like to kiss, you like what you do, you bump into who you like and then you like to be free together.


You know what I meant when I said passion for style rather than fashion and here’s a connection. Style means going deeper and going deeper means paying attention and attention almost always means love. Even for fashion, yes. Saying it is shallow means you are not paying attention and have never worn a pair of cat ears. Or is it just me? I don’t know, but I like it and if you like it, too, we should meet.

Until then, I will continue to write and you will, hopefully, continue to read, meow!

Next time you wear anything, just pay attention, look at the sky, lose it with the ***who you like*** and then the world will become a clearer place. We’ll know it’s love when it feels true, true as very few cats are.

Mickey Mouse refuses to be the stereotype of a mouse. Jerry refuses to be the stereotype of a mouse. They are the mice they enjoy being. We all are who we enjoy being.

Everybody Is At Least A Little Into Fashion #ss18


The things that first come to my mind when thinking of this fall’s fashion weeks for spring/summer 2018 might be the things you might want – hopefully – to have in your mind when talking over dinner tonight about the world, fate, work, passion, movies, books, style or fashion – hopefully – without the burden of ever being a fashion victim.

The more we know, the more we realise how much more there is to know is what they say, right?

Sometimes enjoying fashion feels wrong, yet at other times playing with it feels necessary just for the sake of playing and our brains. There is no prescription for how we’re supposed to act, think or do, so each of us can simply rely on what each of us feels based on intuition and knowledge.

So tonight, you and your friends. Dinner. Maybe some of them know, maybe some of them don’t, but you here reading this are about to find out. Because you are special, we all are and – hopefully – the friends you hang out with get you and are on the same page with you, unlike the lady who interviewed Jim Carrey during New York fashion week. The shock might have scared her and that’s why all the ***faces*** while Jim Carrey was just being himself and expressing in his own way what he felt like ***no faces***. Ultimately, we all kind of get what he sais, each of us just chooses whatever it is each of us wants to see or believe in.

So. Hello!

Pierpaolo Piccioli proved at Valentino once again that if you stay true to who you are and, therefore, do exactly what you feel like, in spite of trends, trending models or multi-million-followers Instagram accounts, you can reinvent the ordinary to make it extraordinary. Sort of the little things which are never little. Or simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

That you can actually make love that can be shared with the world.

Renaissance princesses with a twist. Translucent and sparkling dresses. Sportswear with pumps. Sequins. Fireworks! Millennial pink which slowly but surely turns into the timeless black. Or red, or white. Or the ’80s – always in for those embracing the disco ease, the dancing, the spirit – I wanted to get back something of the glamour of the eighties that Mr. Valentino did so well, Pierpaolo said.

Grace Jone’s soundtrack is as strong as Piccioli’s creations.

Furthermore, his walk at the end of the show was just as elegant as the collection. He simply, smilingly and nonchalantly walked into the airy Parisian courtyard through the first rows, hugged Mr. Valentino and climbed up the leader as if preparing for the lift off. The Spring Summer 2018 collection had been partly inspired by the perspective of the Apollo moon landing, in which the earth was photographed from space and revealed in all its natural wonder, as Piccioli said according to vogue.com.

Emmanuelle Alt throws the most disco parties of them all. She is who we have always believed she has been. A fun, loving life, party girl. 

Mica Argañaraz looks cool in anything she wears, depending on the show. She’s got a talent to be in any character she wants to without making a fuss out of it and lucky for it to be mastered by the coolest designers around. Check it out:

The frenzy over Thom Browne. Everybody’s stories and instastories.

Where some designers submerge themselves in the real world, Browne has always posited fashion as fantasy, dreaming bigger, pushing the eye to places it didn’t know existed. At a time when the world feels like a pretty bleak place indeed, his brand of escapism is more appealing than ever. It only makes sense then, that Browne should close his show with a life-size unicorn puppet instead of a bride – the mythical creature is surely his spirit animal. The fashion world could use more of his kind. Chioma Nnadi at vogue.com.

The trend that seems to have transitioned from the streets of #fashionweeks to our telephones and desktops is the trousers suits. The bigger and bolder the better.

Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga continues to mock the fashion victims who would wear absolutely anything at any cost (literally) as long as it’s right from the catwalks and would not think it through. Maybe they just feel and that is all right as long as they are happy. Anyway, Gvasalia’s incisive, yet chic sort of sense of humour was all over the collection.

The coolest things at the show, though: 1. the models and 2. the fact that They [items] are joined, so you can wear them one way or the other as you will (Demna Gvasalia).

Céline is céline as always.

Calvin Klein for having Kaia Gerber on the lips of the whole planet.

Prada‘s new shape of sunglasses for Spring Summer 2018.

The colours at Stella McCartney and Stella McCartney.

The jumpsuits at Emanuel Ungaro.

The Vera Wang SS18 pictures that very mysteriously walked through the feed of my Instagram.

Old school cool at Isabel Marant.

Louis Vuitton for having Alicia Vikander as their icon and as of the #pfw Emma Stone also. A Vogue editor summed up the SS collection though as “Hamilton goes jogging”. The truth is that the robes and the bags were striking.

The neon socks at Miu Miu.

👇🏻 at Marni.

And yes, Donatella Versace‘s blow up of Instagram. Phshhh!

Have a good Fall WInter 2017, everybody!

And a fun night all right! Wink.

Wearing A Jumpsuit Is Always Fun


A jumpsuit will not only hug you all day long, but will also keep you warm and help you spend less time in front of your wardrobe and more time in the bathroom. There’s no one funnier than one wanting to pee-pee (as my 4 year old niece would say) whilst in a jumpsuit.

I wore the one below on a Saturday noon to my favourite coffee shop and I’d been drinking / I’d been drinking coffee and water. The cardigan and the faux fur vest layering the jumpsuit turned a typical way to the ladies room into a What-are-you-doing?-a-friend-drinking-coffee-also-asks way. I’d started to unbutton everything from the moment I got up and when the question popped out, the eyes popped out also and the answer was immediate: I have to pee! and there wasn’t anything truer on the planet at the time.

From the moment I’d shut the bathroom door, Cream could have started and by the time the song was done, I was the nakedest one can get while one alone in a bathroom without any thoughts of bubble baths whatsoever.

Aside from the experience one can only live with this particular piece of clothing, the jumpsuit is as versatile as the pajamas we all love are and we could wear one from dusk till dawn and not only get away feeling comfy in it, but also be super hip for anything.

And excited! Girls, am I right or am I right? There is something about jumpsuits and they know that we know and we know that they know. No?


1. Layering one with a cardigan and vest makes a whole rollercoaster ride out of the jumpsuit on its own in the ladies room. Jees, the multitude of stories one can use a jumpsuit in! I wonder what the next one will be like.

Sneakers are here to make it all more comfortable while stripping down.




2. It’s all much easier when wearing a double-breasted jacket and glossed-leather brogues on. For some reason, it will make you want to look only to the right. Never to the left, to the left.





3. And to the right we went. This time around with heels, socks, denim jacket and the vest. All pulled together by a waist belt. If you can’t find one (though you know you have one somewhere in your house), wear a strong string of something. This one here is a leather one I can’t remember where I got from, but it’s just perfect when nothing else around.

I think it’s from a bag or smth. Or someone’s huge shoes who lost some really big leather shoelaces.




4. Ta-da!ozinparis-jumpsuit-fall-winter-outfits-2016-12

We have been stripping while Dave Gahan was singing.



5. But then cuddled up in everything we’ve got. Ugg style.



Now let me see you stripped down to the bone.


Stripes Are Here To Slay!

What is it with the stripes that gets us so eager to wear them over and over again? What? Don’t you find it rather interesting that we never get tired of them? Moreover, we wear them when nothing else seems to fit. The inner state.

“In a state”, a song by U.N.K.L.E..

No, I mean really think about it while listening to the song. Or don’t listen. Or don’t think and enjoy the song. Hey, come back here, you. I was jk. A clean breton stripe is almost as important for your wardrobe as the white t-shirt is. I mean, if you like it. The stripes. If you don’t, then just go back and listen to U.N.K.L.E. Or – Or! – bare with me for a few more minutes to find out how stripes can get you straight to number one.

Number one is a state of mind and “straight” had to be used. We are talking about stripes here, bonjour!

In fact, stripes have become neutral and we praise the day this was finally declared. You put a breton stripe on and it looks like you have just blushed your cheekbones, chicks, and you have just perfumed the sides of your upper neck, guys. It is not only fresh, but sexy. Somehow. The sexiness which is taken for granted, but you and I both know that there’s the je ne sais quoi with them stripes, too.

Deep connection here.

Dare. Wear. Stripes all over the place.
I played while they slayed. The thing is you have to play and slay along with them, otherwise they will slay you.

Because they are here to party and have fun with you.


When wearing two pieces, try not to overlay them, but make them meet somewhere: the waist is a very good spot right now.

Then think of shoes. The stripes will get you in the state of the shoes you choose to wear. You choose depending on the state and the state is there. That’s why it’s called “inner”. You just have to let it speak and listen. Listen.
















The Fabulous And The Ever Inspiring Lauren Hutton!


You just can not skip the video from above. It is our tipping point in getting to know a woman alike very few on the planet.

In fact!

Do they make them anymore? A divine force makes them for sure, they are amongst us and they, most probably, are our moms and girlfriends or women we secretly admire.

Beautiful women who not only are beautiful, but own this je ne sais quoi which one can not put one’s finger on, but it is what makes them even more je ne sais and turn the quoi into everything one imagines a fabulous woman should be (not just look) like. They don’t call it “je ne sais quoi” for nothing, anyway. It’s everything.

You can not touch it, but you, most certainly, can feel it. Sense it. Scent it, hello!

I mean, of course there is Beyoncé, there is Lena Perminova and Julia Sarr-Jamois. Each of them fabulous in each of the categories they belong to, duh.

But. But! There is a type of woman, like my mom, for instance, is, who has this thing I feel surrounded by when in their presence. It’s like the stars filter on Snapchat. I just put my face into the filter and – boom! – stars come out of my head. I can not touch the stars, but I can see them above my head when I do the thing with the app on my phone.

Model and actress, a record of 41 Vogue covers, starred in films like American Gigolo alongside Richard Gere and Little Fauss and Big Halsy alongside Robert Redford, is still a model at IMG Models, is that kind of woman, ladies and gentlemen, the icon…

Lauren Hutton!

Prior to a motorcycle journey to celebrate The Art of the Motorcycle exhibit in 2000, alongside Dennis Hopper, Laurence Fishburne and Jeremy Irons, Hutton informed the Las Vegas Review-Journal: I love the feeling of being a naked egg atop that throbbing steel. You feel vulnerable — but so alive.

Born in November 17, 1943.

Now you know.

In South Carolina. Went to University of South Florida, moved with a boyfriend dj to New York, worked as a waitress at the Playboy Club, got her bachelor of arts degree and became one of the most successful models in the USA, using her job both to make money (in 1973, she landed the landmark contract with Revlon and earned her status as the first $1 million-a-year girl) and to see the world.

Whenever I came back from Africa or the Antarctic, head swelling with the beauty of it all, I found I was loving life again. You look different because of everything that has gone on inside of you…, said Hutton on her thus far travelling and exploration in life.

***I feel you, Lauren.***

The All Movie Guide stated that the gap in her teeth gave her on-camera persona a down-home sensibility that other, more ethereal models lacked. Now I don’t know if you have to necessarily have the gap, but you most definitely shouldn’t be afraid of your sensibility. But rather embrace it. Just be kind and it will, eventually, turn into your power.

Lauren Hutton is not only powerful, but real, alive and honest.

The most beautiful thing about this beauty of these kind of beautiful women is that one doesn’t feel the pressure of their beauty. They either don’t know or forget about the magic they create around them and smile. Their eyes smile. A magic which is, in fact, the real deal. A magic that makes you feel beautiful, you whoever you are.

You with me?

The more I see her pictures and read her interviews, the more I can hear the stars tinkling around my head.

Can’t you?











P.S.: this is a super inspiring interview of Lauren Hutton, by Jenna Lyons.

What Do YOU Like?


It is very important, I have come to comprehend, that you like things. In general, not just clothes, since this is about fashion, but fashion in a different way. In a YOU way. So when you really enjoy something you eat, you enjoy something you eat. You would cry out of pleasure.

You wouldn’t? I would. I did. Not like the crying Snapchat filter, but like this emoji: ?!

Once, it happened while eating a nectarine. The other time it was a raspberry tart. And we won’t even get into the real food. I am sure something has just popped out in your head right now.

A movie. When you are watching a movie and you get completely lost in it. You liiike that.

When you are in a club and your favourite song comes along. Maaan!

When you look at your fingernails and you have some weird shade of pink on them (or whatever colour you can’t stand on your nails), don’t you feel the rush of going and removing it? I feel like a completely different person until I do. Weirdo. I know.

Or guys, when you wear a tie and you are so not the type (and you don’t ought to, lucky you) and, at some point, you just feel like it is not letting you breathe anymore and you do that thing when you pull that knot, do the grimace and release your neck. And body. And mind, I would say. No?

“But maybe I just like everything”, you might say and I completely get that. I say it pretty much myself. Still, I am sure you have a certain type of alcohol you like and one that you don’t. Or tea. Just the right order, I know.

Or a look that you are just melting down over. A-ha, gotcha!

So it is about the goosebumps. In the smallest details or in the big pictures. Our whole lives (loves) revolve around the things we like (love).  That is if we care about having a good and evolving relationship with ourselves. The best and the most important one.

Why not do this with clothes? All you gave to do is just pay attention and feel.

As you already know, I love clothes. But I love clothes for the way they can make me feel and am sure can make you, too. At first, I just wanted to say “clothes that can easily transform from one thing to another. And not necessarily just from morning to dancing. But any piece of clothing that can be transformed.” But then “the way they can make me feel” happened.

The fashion nowadays is so “transformable”, you literally can’t go through life and not wear a piece at least 2 different ways. It’s so easy. Moreover, it’s about the clothes that actually are the continuation of you, the wings that help you fly. I am not kidding. Not flying, either (in the pictures), but I am sure that after all there words you get my point.

It is so simple, but we so-oh-oh enjoy the drama. We like to be queens and kings.

“Like”, see? This is where we got started.


Ralph Lauren jacket, Mango top, Zara trousers, Converse shoes







Marni by H&M scarf, Mango top, Zara trousers, Zara shoes




Moments Like This


Until just recently I had no idea what I truly wanted to do with my life, so I mingled from thing to thing gathering all sort of experiences, meeting different people, watching lots of movies, listening to music etc. Just keeping my eyes wide open. Mind and soul, also.

I still do all of these things (In fact, I always have this anxiety to do things, any things) with the same energy I do Netflix and chill. The same! Only now I know this is the place I have always wanted to be in and have been working for all along.

And I came to say this because of Netflix. Neah. But actually yeah. My hugging partner and I have just last night rewatched Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas”.

1. Ray Liota’s character became a gangster just because of the way of living of a gangster, not money (!) which is awesome.

2. Karen Hill’s (the character) dress, in the rat out at the police station, turned itself into the character which is just as awesome as earlier the character.

And made me realise why I love it so much to be here. Because of moments like these.ozinparis-goodfellas-karen-hill

The moment when it hit me. My mom took me to my first day of school in a dress just like this from above. Even prettier. I’ll show it to you when I find the picture. And she mesmerised me in it. Just as she did every morning getting ready for work or at nights for the parties my parents and their friends used to throw.


Just like Lorraine Bracco’s appearance in this scene. And the way they talked about style.

My mom and Karen!

It weren’t just my eyes open, I tell you. It were the ears all along, too.

And we never really thought of it when it happened, back when we were kids (I know I didn’t) until we do and then we know. So looking back, growing up, I guess I just knew the kind of woman I wanted to be. Or the woman I’ve been becoming without even realising. But then you do. I do, too. In moments like this.

Eyes and ears open, my friends. And love. Free love.

All of it leads us to today and they don’t say “Live in the moment!” for nothing, anyway.


I mean look at this robe here. Man!

PS: I am dying to wear the dress!

Yeah, interesting choice of words. And pictures.


ozinparis-goodfellas-quotesLife, ha.

Go make yourself memories. Genuinely


“I would find you in any lifetime”, said Kanye and says I to this jumpsuit and, this is not just a jumpsuit aficionado talking. Flamenco dancing emoji.
I can not get bored of it in this life, it’s hard for me to even think of any other life. But just in case, I would if I had to.

Do you believe in before and afterlife?

The funniest thing about clothing, though, is roleplaying. What? As in exploring your style up and down, left and right and beyond. Where? Anywhere. For instance, since I can remember myself, I have been keen on finding the most comfortable (there were very few exceptions to the sort of rule) and luscious pieces of clothing which even meant going through all of my family’s wardrobes to find bargains. It’s like having your own vintage shop within your own home.


I was too young to buy stuff myself or I didn’t even know I cared too much. I just did things. No strings attached, no emotional attachments, Antonio Banderas would say. Use the same tone.

Growing up, on the other hand, has been a lot of fun. Only don’t grow up, it’s a trap, you know the drill. I started buying things and having boyfriends which meant… More closets! And I kind of though I knew my style, but there are moments like these (when I emotionally attach, Antonio) and then realise I actually don’t have just one style. It is continuously changing.

It’s the playing, told you. And it doesn’t stop once dressed up. It’s just getting started. Starteeeed. When I do find a combo like this, I could play (and play) for hours. For days. And so I did this past weekend, when from Saturday morning till Sunday evening I went through hosting a brunch, going to my nieces’ turned-into-grown-ups-super party to attending a wedding and then kissing at a family dinner in it.

A viscose jumpsuit, a linen tee, loose hair and leather slippers. Give’m the twist you need according to the event you are attending by accessorising (earrings, bag, scarf, shoes, barefoot mmm).

And you don’t even have to necessarily not sleep at home just to have an excuse to wear it all over again the next day (days). It amplifies the amount of memories you can gather in that same outfit. You know? As if the memories go all into one beautifully wrapped box (a.k.a. outfit) that will, eventually, be delivered to your mind and soul.

Uh. Yeah, I know.

But it does!


Brunchalohic or smth.mp4




The party no one had any time to take almost no pictures. <3


Wedding thing turned into mouth thing.


Told ya now.mp4