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Moments like this

Until just recently I had no idea what I truly wanted to do with my life, so I mingled from thing to thing gathering all sort of experiences, meeting different people, watching lots of movies, listening to music etc just keeping my eyes wide open. Mind and soul, also. I still do all of these things (In fact, I (almost) always have this anxiety to do things (any things) on the same exact level of this will to just Netflix and chill. The same! Exact!), only now I know this is the place I have always wanted to be in and have been working for all along.

And I came to say this because of Netflix. Neah. But actually yeah. My hugging partner and I have just, last night, rewatched Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas”. 1. Ray Liota’s character became a gangster just because of the way of a gangster’s life, not money (!) which was (is) awesome. 2. Karen Hill’s (the character) dress, in the rat out at the police station, turned itself into a (the) character which is just as awesome. What? Yes.

And made me realise why I love it so much to be here. Because of moments like these.


When it hit me. My mom took me to my first day of school in a dress just like this from above. Even prettier. I’ll show you when I find the picture. And she mesmerised me in it. Just as she did every morning getting ready for work or at nights for the parties my parents and their friends used to throw. Man!

Just like Lorraine Bracco’s appearance in this scene. And the way they talked about style. My mom and Karen.

It weren’t just my eyes open, I tell you. It were the ears all along, too.

And you never really think of it (I know I didn’t), until you do and you know. So looking back, growing up, I guess I just knew the kind of woman I wanted to be. Or the woman I’ve been becoming without even realising. But then you do. I do, too. In moments like this.

Eyes and ears open, my friends. And love. Free love.

All of it leads us to today and they don’t say “Live in the moment!” for nothing, anyway.


I mean look at this robe here. Man!

Conclusion of the night: I am dying to wear the dress! 

Yeah, interesting choice of words. And pictures.


ozinparis-goodfellas-quotesLife. Haha.

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Workout outfit in the street, peace!

If there would be a sheet of paper everywhere in the world with the words “MOST WANTED” on it and it wouldn’t have to involve a smuggler, the picture underneath the words would be this.


Agree? They’re everywhere. Magazine covers, Instagram, the pictures of the people you wouldn’t expect them to be in, all over the Internet, Jimmy Fallon even.

There is something about them. Moreover, Bella is all lovey dovey with The Weeknd. And not only during the weekends, if you know what I mean.

G & B seem to have these out of the ordinary (that’s for sure) and all-the-muss-and-the-fuss-in-the-world kinda lives and you would, actually, expect them to fly. Not by their private jets, that’s mainstream already, but with their own, invisible wings, because hey, they are so into everything on this planet at all times, they grew some.

Yet, maybe, all they ever wanted was just inner peace. That could be very possible. What?

Anyway, my point is.

You would expect them to shine as bright as the sun. They would fly so much around the world that they would be friends with sun and when the sun would want to go on vacation, they would come and do its job.

That a muss and a fuss!

But then again, I think they didn’t have the time for a friendship with the sun and stuff, they turned the wings down and are casually strolling down the cities in their working out outfits (or so it seems) and that is cool, too, because wearing tights and crops and bombers and sneakers is so in right now.

Who cares about the wings or the sun? Let’s all inhale and dream of peace.


No, really.

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Sharing is like bff w caring


Make yourself a friend like this (be any of these two above you like best and make the other “the better half”, the bff) or you just do you and let your bff be your bff, meet up and see how you’d dressed up. See if you can both stand in the same window. Why? It makes clothes have fun and your relationship stronger.

I’m kidding.

Yet, sharing makes everything better. And fun makes everything best! Finds us the bffs we’ve always dreamt of. So go with the flow, wear these stuff the two of you together at the same time, almost hold hands, look straight into each other’s eyes, listen, pay attention, be as present as you can, eat each other if possible, because it simply is (and looks) too cool!

This is an Ig print screen @stylesightworldwide. And the tagging doesn’t stop here ’cause I’ve been stalking, I’ve been stalking. It goes way back to @voguebrasil and to @whatastreet. And the “besties” are @ninoeliava and @ankatsitsishvili.

Man! This is how my traffic-red-lights time or the waiting-for-the-water-to-boil-for-tea time passes.

And this could mean a lot.


I am letting it cool as we speak, so…

They are both wearing jeans and jeans are there just to complement the va-va-voom of both outfits. Yet again and again. I can not imagine life without jeans. Or tea. Or bffs.

And this is how jeans literally let you be the va-va-voom. They are just there to support you. Your game. Your combinations. Your creativity. Your parties. Your everything. Is that too much to say? I don’t think so.

They are literally our bffs without mouths.

If only jeans could talk.

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Red wine, please!

What is your favourite colour? Mine is red. “Red, red wine”. You know the song? Do you like red wine? Do you like red? Do you like wine? You see? Red makes you act like this. Or is it the wine? “Who knew?”. You know the song?


Red is beautiful. Red mixed with white and pink is delicious. Red mixed with white and pink and black lines into geometrical motives is fashion. Passion. Red is passion.

“The most emotionally intense colour, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is also the colour of love.“, according to

But when all of the above is put into design, well, that is just poetry. It’s not, obviously. But it is just so fun to wear (not that I’d worn it, but one can dream) and float in or something. Clothes that float (one can only imagine oneself). The t-shirt inspired dress has been here for a while and it is here to stay.

Rule: when you have a statement piece on yourself, try not to “diminish” it. It’s the safe way. Clean way. By pairing it with simple white sneakers, tanned sandals, nude slip-ons. Or dare and make it shine even more. You know how. You feel how.