New York Fashion Week FW2016

The shows. Both on the catwalks and on the streets. I wonder what’s the heaviest nowadays. As in on a scale. What the models flaunted on the catwalks or what Lena Perminova (or alike) wore on the streets. „You know what shoes to buy for the upcoming summeeeer! Mira Duma wore them.”. So

Julia Sarr-Jamois. Jackpot!

Fashion is overrated. Some say. It could be when it’s too overthought or too serious. Btw, why so serious? Fashion should be fun, in the first place! I mean, it’s clothes, not brain surgery. Though, you’d be surprised by the chillness the surgeons have while working on your brain. Literally. So if they can, we can. Julia Sarr-Jamois certainly can.…