The title flashed before my eyes every time a picture of slippers or loafers or the newer obsession turned into t-shirt mania popped out of Instagram. Drafting for this kind of piece could, actually, turn into a two years occupation. Oh, the year of 2015.  (more…)

When you really, really like something

What do you do? Can you do this?





It seems like this tee under whatever has kidnapped me and has made me do some things I never thought of doing. Jk. Like having a bunch of white tees. The same tees. Told you I was kidding. Like running from security and then bonding with it. Pf!

Like doing this. Can you do this?

ozinparis-tee-under-dress2Yes, you can! I discover something I like, I can no longer let go of it and I absolutely love it. Wear it. So I wore it once out of necessity. I couldn’t find a bra. But go figure how one thing leads to another (I wore the tee instead of the bra) and nothing happens for no reason anyway. You get my point.

I find this tee under the dress so fulfilling. Literally. For me, as it hugs my chest (am I really writing this?) in a more profound (?!) way, as the fabric not only covers my chest, but also hugs my back and shoulders and waist. A full hug! Told you it is profound. For the dress, as it makes it feel complete. Aw. Likewise for the camisole and the jumpsuit. Remember?

Apart from that, when you truly like something, you feel like, not only doing crazy stuff for it, but also sharing. You see how loving turns into sharing and again into loving? So I wanted to share this with you.

Not only this.

But also the love for fruits. And not only in a bowl, but also in ears and on fingers. Deliciousness. Everything you ever wanted in rings and earrings.


The security must have felt the smell since it almost instantly warned me about the impossibility of making pictures around the building, but it was too late and nothing is impossible anyway; we had already done them ta-da! We even waved and smile. While shooting. Ta. Da.

Wave and smile. Wave and smile.













Freedom, wisdom, welcome


Man, the feeling of having your feet free inside the slippers and your chest free under a camisole? Magnificent! On a casual Thursday which is almost Friday, you get my point, I can feel you smirk.

And I don’t know if you feel the freedom I said you do above, I can only imagine and high five you if you do, but I will tell you that I do. As we speak.

And it rocks.

You see, this is the point. Even though your feet are inside somewhere, the fact that they are not covered by any socks or anything and are still naked inside the slipper, makes them feel like cocooning. That a word. So they don’t have to, necessarily, be awake and out there as they are when in sandals or when barefooting. Oh, that’s not a word. And they can just chill for as long as they feel like or until we get them out of the slippers and then boom “Morning!”.

So, there, there’s a kind of the actual state you are experiencing and only after you don’t just take them for granted, you are allowed to wear them. Jk, but this drill is fun if you just observe and enjoy. Randomly.


And this is for my gals and about ours only drill and, maybe, for my guys (hey, uuh) if you are interested in what’s going on in our, gals’, minds sometimes. Now I can feel your “uuuh” and that’s cool, ’cause we are uuuh, too. Uuuh.

So let’s all (girls, girls) thank this beautiful trend that we are so happily indulging in that I don’t know how we have survived without it until now. How?! It is not only fabulous the plus of whatever-it-feels-like-to-you when wearing a camisole on top of a tee, but oh-so comfortable when it perfectly covers your chest without the involvement of any bra. Yeah, guys, we dig the feeling just as much as you do. Yooouu. Now it’s your turn to thank the trend, yooou.

Let’s all raise our arms above our heads, unite them, slowly move down to in front of our faces up until our chests (chests again), take a second to thank ourselves for the joy we have just created in our bodies, namaste, and wink. Wink? Or whatever this feeling of freedom makes you want to do.






Yes, these are very smart slippers, that can go from shoes to slippers just like that!


So what? Flamenco dancing emoji.





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Slippers Mania

Usually, I first write the story and, only after, name it. This time around though, the title has been with me for quite long, long from when I realised the mania had started and there was no way back. Isn’t it genius when a trend like this becomes huge? Maniac. Bananas! (more…)