There’s Something That Rocks Big Time Here

May 09, 2018
And is so silently powerful.

Or is it the bag?

This bag is so cool in a rock (subtly or not) inspired combo it hurts the way rock is supposed to hurt. My mind is now searching for the perfect song to it, it has the headphones on, it moves its hands through CDs and eyes through memory, just like DJs do.

You have to feel rock music, to listen to the lyrics, to move (or not) upon feeling it. You don’t have to, you can do whatever, you are listening to rock music, hello. However, in most of the cases, it will also bring back childhood memories. Because, in most of the cases, it is a music we are listening to now as adults thanks to precisely the times we thought we knew nothing about anything as kids.

The bag is Valentino and Valentino is so cool for being Valentino since forever. Harmonious, true, passionate, elegant, yet a brand you have to look into to observe its unique way of making style throughout times. Silently, yet so powerfully.

Just like the picture above.

And the video below; my mind just pressed play all of a sudden.

This is a track I once put on a sex CD a very dear colleague of mine and I compiled when we used to work at a music TV channel. A CD we made one another just for fun, not for work, while at work. Memories, see? And this is a coincidence. Or is it my mind playing not just pressing play?


Alice, my former coworker, would totally wear the combo above.

A relaxed jumpsuit seems to be underneath it all, so now let us all imagine… everything! Let your mind do the walking, let my body do the talking is very likely what the lady above would tell us all and it is very likely that we would all want to see the world in her eyes.

Just observe. The super sharp jacket, the fine fabric, the super fiery bag, the beautiful hands, the nice touch the hands give the bag. Hugging, loving. A feminine rockstar. The grey in combination with black, red and gold is so kind of keeps-everything-inside, doesn’t-let-us-in-at-all and whilst we all feel the warmth, the keeps-everything-inside, doesn’t-let-us-in-at-all does not let us in.

This whole magic thing above is a world on its own and, man, we’d love to be in it. No? I would want to see the lady and for sure want to grab a coffee with.

Did someone say coffee?

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Red Alert

September 15, 2016


This obsession with red is slowly taking over the fashion scene and we can not but become passionate about it. Carrying red around is like carrying your invisible balls around. If you didn’t even know you have a pair, put on a red dress and you will suddenly grow some one. Put on a top, pants and shoes and grow two. Pairs.

Solange Knowles. You can sense the balls. You can not see, but only feel it. It’s in the hair. It’s in the smile. It’s in the posture.


In a silk, flutter-sleeved top and matching pants with buttons down the sides (both by Prabal Gurung), Solange managed to make the House of Peroni New York launch (during New York Fashion Week) her own.

Wearing a single color head-to-toe elongates the body and makes it into a universe on its own. A movie on its own. A Superman movie. The way the superhero grabs the collar of the cape, looks deep into no one’s eyes (?!), flaunts it when no one is seeing him and then flies away and does his magic is well… Magic! Precisely what happens when working a monochrome. Black, dark blue and white excluded, duh.


No wonder our blood (and wine) is red.

From now on, it’s Superman and Solange. One expert in saving the world, one in working a monochrome. The world needs both, no? Just make sure your show (off) is invisible, too. No one invited wants to (actually) see your balls, yet everyone will appreciate them and you get to be your own superhero.

And fly.

via vogue.com
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Sincerely Jules via Facebook
Bella Hadid via Tumblr
Lily-Rose Depp via Instagram
Hillary Clinton
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Go make yourself memories. Genuinely

June 15, 2016


“I would find you in any lifetime”, said Kanye and says I to this jumpsuit and, this is not just a jumpsuit aficionado talking. Flamenco dancing emoji.
I can not get bored of it in this life, it’s hard for me to even think of any other life. But just in case, I would if I had to.

Do you believe in before and afterlife?

The funniest thing about clothing, though, is roleplaying. What? As in exploring your style up and down, left and right and beyond. Where? Anywhere. For instance, since I can remember myself, I have been keen on finding the most comfortable (there were very few exceptions to the sort of rule) and luscious pieces of clothing which even meant going through all of my family’s wardrobes to find bargains. It’s like having your own vintage shop within your own home.


I was too young to buy stuff myself or I didn’t even know I cared too much. I just did things. No strings attached, no emotional attachments, Antonio Banderas would say. Use the same tone.

Growing up, on the other hand, has been a lot of fun. Only don’t grow up, it’s a trap, you know the drill. I started buying things and having boyfriends which meant… More closets! And I kind of though I knew my style, but there are moments like these (when I emotionally attach, Antonio) and then realise I actually don’t have just one style. It is continuously changing.

It’s the playing, told you. And it doesn’t stop once dressed up. It’s just getting started. Starteeeed. When I do find a combo like this, I could play (and play) for hours. For days. And so I did this past weekend, when from Saturday morning till Sunday evening I went through hosting a brunch, going to my nieces’ turned-into-grown-ups-super party to attending a wedding and then kissing at a family dinner in it.

A viscose jumpsuit, a linen tee, loose hair and leather slippers. Give’m the twist you need according to the event you are attending by accessorising (earrings, bag, scarf, shoes, barefoot mmm).

And you don’t even have to necessarily not sleep at home just to have an excuse to wear it all over again the next day (days). It amplifies the amount of memories you can gather in that same outfit. You know? As if the memories go all into one beautifully wrapped box (a.k.a. outfit) that will, eventually, be delivered to your mind and soul.

Uh. Yeah, I know.

But it does!


Brunchalohic or smth.mp4




The party no one had any time to take almost no pictures. <3


Wedding thing turned into mouth thing.


Told ya now.mp4







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