Matching Organic Clothes or Funny Dogs


It is very rarely that I match clothes. I usually don’t because I myself am not a very put together kind of human on whom – supposedly – everything just falls into pieces and makes it into these perfect matching outfits.

My thoughts – apparently – don’t always connect either and at times I just wish I had a puppy.

As opposed to a full head-to-toe ensemble of the same colour or print. That just might show how much of a lunatic you are and that, my friend, might be very cool. You have to be a bit crazy to be able to carry this much matching. All pink, florals, stripes. If you feel sane, though, then you have just qualified for the matching by the book looks and you, most probably, have a puppy.

With me it’s either almost not at all or the whole thing all at once.

You know the joke?

The joke is on us, I’m telling you. It’s the world we live in that makes us wish for a puppy, but also the world we chose to live in and actually own a puppy and hold on to our thoughts. I don’t watch stuff that makes me angry, I don’t pay attention to annoying drivers when I drive and listen to the music I randomly bump into on the radio and sing like there is no tomorrow and anyway why help create even more drama when there’s enough already?

Everything Pharell said in a Vogue interview some time ago. Simple, nice and clean.

Why seeing people just because of being scared of being alone and talking about not-so-special kind of nothing? Doing nothing on my own sometimes feels more real than accompanied by the wrong kind of people. With the right people though, oh…

Anyway, this was about something else in the beginning. But don’t you see how the somethings connect in the end? Now you want a puppy? Our minds play by themselves or with us and we know we like to play. No matter the world. With or without the puppy.

Before wearing this I was almost sure of wearing head-to-toe black. Black does not count. Black is like running around naked to me. Which so cool. To me. But then all black and a black hat? I wouldn’t have made it onto the streets. You know when you wake up and you need a nap, but you also don’t ever nap? I can’t nap. I had to get out fast, so I needed something to wake me up.

The coffee didn’t do much and the hat had to stay, I was totally feeling it. It kinda circles my world and at times I want my world circled. It’s just like with sunglasses, I saw it in Big Daddy back when I was a kid. There, the kid was saying that whenever he wear shades he hides from the world outside or lives in his own world or something like that.

Somethings, again.

I think it’s similar with the hat, but the hat, though, you have to feel it! It’s not as easy as with the shades. Sunglasses and hat? Batman’s cape is on the house, friend!

Then I put on comfy, floral pants. Flowers and a straw hat? A black straw hat. Uhm, ok. Natural fabrics, organic things like straws and flowers and cotton. Only natural to want the shirt made of hemp, no? Only nature on myself. The slippers were there to make me feel like almost barefoot because barefoot is, well, a thing to me.

Just as focusing and distracting at the same time are.

Even the bag is 100 %cotton. I am telling you, on a cloudy day, an outfit made out of natural stuff, stuff that match in good fabrics and especially stuff you love to wear will make most of your clouds disappear. Just like with the world around the hat on your head.

A world in which a puppy comes to your door.

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

You never know what you’re gonna get.


R: Morning!

Myself: Wow, you look so nice!

R: It’s the dress! I just put it on and run.

Myself: High five, this is my “Run, Forrest! Run!” thing.

Although, it is highly advisable not to run too fast whilst in slippers. You loved the movie, I’m sure, you just don’t have to end up like Forrest the child, tho’, you kno’?

There is music you could listen to at any hour, in any place. There is, also, an outfit (or more, if you’re lucky) you could literally wear anytime you have to be out in like… Yesterday. Let’s say you have a 9 a.m. meeting and you are in your pyjamas. I never do that, people. I just heard of people doing that. But wouldn’t that be nice? If you smirk at this, you don’t even know what I am talking about. If you (at least) smiled, you know the feeling and I feel you and you feel me.

Hey, you who still have the frown on your forehead, you are lucky and therefore can smile, too, now. You can think of your Run, Forrest, run! outfit and when you will have to run, you will be Forrest, the adult. That’s right, thank God for getting that frown off, pfew!

A top you find fabulously low key, your favourite pair of jeans, the it bag you love so much and the shoes you know will do the trick (cool sandals, sneakers or the slippers).

See you on the shrimp boat!

This below looks pretty much like Forrest though, huh? I loved the movie a bit too much, I guess.


Workout Outfit In The Street, Peace!

If there would be a sheet of paper everywhere in the world with the words MOST WANTED ~ and it wouldn’t have to involve the picture of a smuggler underneath ~ these two below would be on it.


Agree? They’re everywhere. Magazine covers, Instagram, the pictures of the people you wouldn’t expect them to be in, all over the Internet, Jimmy Fallon even.

There is something about them. Moreover, Bella is all lovey dovey with The Weeknd. And not only during the weekends, if you know what I mean.

Gigi and Bella seem to have these out of the ordinary (that’s for sure) and all-the-muss-and-the-fuss-in-the-world kinda lives and one would, actually, expect them to fly even. Not by their private jets ~ that’s mainstream already ~ but by their own, invisible wings, because hey, they are so into everything on this planet at all times, they grew some.

Yet, maybe, all they ever wanted was just inner peace. That could be very possible. What?

Anyway, my point is.

You would expect them to shine as bright as the sun. They would fly so much around the world that they would be friends with sun and when the sun would want to go on vacation, they would come and do sun’s job.

That a muss and a fuss!

But then again, I think they didn’t have the time for a friendship with the sun, they turned the wings down and are casually strolling down the cities in their working out outfits (or so it seems) and that is cool, too, because wearing tights and crops and bombers and sneakers is so in right now.

Who cares about the wings or the sun? Let’s all inhale and dream of peace.


No, really.

How Many Is Too Many?


Times you can wear an outfit or that one item you can not go not being noticed in.

I love wearing black and not giving “a fack” just as much as I love to wear pajamas (although to me it is kind of the same thing) and just as much as I love to wear the skirt I became completely in love with after persuading my mom into getting it. For herself. Put-your-hands-up-in-the-air blonde emoji if you’re with me.

What?, this is me innocently asking you.

So, how many times can you wear something over and over again? Well, as long as the something is worn differently each and every over and over again, then the answer is Indefinitely. As long as the something makes you feel like you’re going to party all night long, then Indefinitely af! It just has to make you feel. You don’t have to necessarily party all night long as long as you – at least – feel like partying inside all night long. Well, that’s the idealist in me talking. Wishing.

I am asking, I am answering. I am having fun.


This is the story.

I happily witnessed some very special friends of mine getting married on the 29th of December. Now. One could not wear one’s sweater to that. Nor one’s favourite pair of jeans. But one can wear one’s mom’s freshly-purchased-never-yet-worn skirt. And rock! Thx, mom!

Wink, wink.

First with heels. Then with the geese. Geese, goose, Golden Goose.

At the office. Before.

At the office. Before.

It was freezing.

At the town hall. Freezing. Serenely.


Towards Steam. After.

And I hugged the bride. And she hugged me. I love hugs.

And I hugged the bride. And she hugged me. I just love hugs.

And then the New Year’s Eve came. Wink, wink. And is it only me or is it you, too? I always have just a couple of minutes to figure out what to wear. But I guess I am a bit of a s&m who enjoys to put undue pressure on herself. Yourself? Oh well. The skirt was the first to come to mind. Only different. Wearing some flared black jeans underneath and some platforms (the most comfortable platforms ever) underneath it all.

Because it was a (great) party with friends and I had to rush to it and it was very late indeed, these pictures were taken some days after. Some? Yes. Don’t ever mix 5 types of alcohol. Ever! Wink.





Thank God a few weeks past just in time for another partey. The christening of friends’ baby. Very good! I knew what to wear. The skirt. Flamenco-dancing emoji. And man, it was b e a u t i f u l and I only had champagne. Chin-chin!







I don’t know whether it was the occasions, the people, the mood, the music, the energy or the skirt, but I had some wonderful moments that turned into memories wearing this skirt.

Until next time, skirt. Wink. Hug.


And this is how clothes become so much more than just clothes. This is what it is all about. With clothes.

It’s like with songs.


PS: the skirt is Topshop.

Be You Or Be Them? Duh.

It is said that no one enters your life for no reason. The link might be so subtle that you wouldn’t even say there is one. And it always is one. The one.

What if it’s the same with clothes?



As in don’t struggle to find the white Adidas sneakers just to fit in the standards.


It is one of the fashion world’s statements for some time now. You just have to have them and everybody knows. That you’re from there. From the world. And this is when you kind of force it.


It’s the same with people – the statement we started from.

Yet again a statement, yes. “Do you wanna be the same as everybody else?”, a great friend asked me in my pursuit of a “famous” pair of sneakers. “F no!”, I responded obviously. And I got these babies. Randomly. And nothing is random, anyway.

The friend? The friendship happened so genuinely that this is the first time that I get to realise just how genuine it all has been. And supposed to be in life.

Instead of finding yourself and finding the clothes (and shoes) that will take you places, you let the clothes (and the shoes) to take you places. You let yourself be guided by them. Sort of. To fit in.

But why would you? Don’t. Have fun! Fun!

Great, now I’m never getting these.

Straight face emoji.


But maybe i’m getting these though, you know?


Though, I never actually liked these. Ok, maybe only when All Saints wore them. But I never liked bandage dresses either. No “Ok, maybe only when…” here.

But oh, when I like something! I stare.


Why get the “what everybody has” anyway? I guess it’s easier. It skips the starring part. But then where’s the fun?

Let your mind be free and let it be.






Written by Cristina Pavelescu