What Are The Sneakers Dafaq To Wear These Days?


Only the ones you really, really like, hey! Faq the trend if the trend is not you because hey, only you can be you, youhoo! You get the dafaq in the What Are The Sneakers Dafaq To Wear These Days?. It’s this pressure of wearing a specific kind of sneakers these days, when, in fact, sneakers are all about fun and comfort. Please consider pressure in the previous phrase as a synonym for trend.

For comfort and fun sneakers were invented in the first place and only many years later reinvented by the global fashion scene. We have been throwing parties ever since. When a trend that’s really good for most of the planet becomes a fashion international trend, it’s a cause for celebration. And through celebration only should a trend become a trend. Chin-chin?

When it does some sort of good to the world also. Chin-chin!

Yet, instead of people actually taking the time and figuring out exactly what pair os sneakers defines them better, people – most of the times – just dive into what the whole majority of the rest of the people is wearing. Doing. Etc. Losing their sense of style or, moreover, individuality. Of course, life is not only about that. Not only, but it is, nevertheless, about it also.

Individuality – always a cause for celebration.

Trends are for a majority of people trying to kind of look the same. But why? Isn’t special what is actually special in each and every one of us special? Trends are cool and established as trends for a reason – hopefully. A reason higher than manipulation only. A reason for comfort and fun.

Maybe special isn’t what everyone wants and that’s fine, because everyone should be able to want and do whatever everyone wants, right? And everyone is definitely not one and one is definitely not everyone.

Still, what do you want?

These are the sneakers showcased by the big fashion houses for the Fall/Winter 2018/2019.

Our picks:

Off-White Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

JW Anderson Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

See whether your picks:

Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

Prada Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

Junya Watanabe Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

Burberry Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

Gucci Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

Christopher Kane Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

Sneakers have replaced stilettos as the staple of off-the-runway chic also and #streetstyle during fashion weeks is the window to the future, to the upcoming season, to the next fashion trends. These are the sneakers worn during the fashion weeks this last September.

Our picks:

Credits @sandrasemburg

Credits @sandrasemburg

Credits @sandrasemburg

Some more of #fw2019 #streetstyle:

Credits @sandrasemburg

Credits @sandrasemburg

Credits @sandrasemburg

Sneakers straight off the runways of the Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Weeks are below and the trend that combines them all into one… Well, there is none. #youdoyou

Our picks:

Gucci Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue

Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2019

Dior Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue

Now you do you:

Off White x Nike React Vapor Street Flyknit. Photo credits @vogue

Vetements x Reebok Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue

Comme Des Garçons x Nike Shox Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue

Prada Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue

Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue

JW Anderson x Converse Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue

Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue

However, the sneakers the whole world seems to run around and while running around in, are even called the best ugly sneakers are:

Balenciaga. Photo credits @Pinterest

Balenciaga. Photo Credits @Pinterest

Why though? Are you the whole world? Is the whole world you? Are you you? Oh, you simply like these sneakers? Oh, ok, nothing wrong with that then. As long as you really, really like them. Do you really, really like them? Ok, ok, just making sure. As long as #youdoyou. Yooou (the Robert de Niro tone and look).


In the meantime, I’m walking down the streets with my Nikes on. You know the song?


Wear A Dress Or Stay Naked. Same


Wearing a dress, you gentlemen reading this, is something that most women rather than men get. But, man, you like a dress on a lady, I bet! The truth is us, ladies, love a dress on us ladies, just as much.

If you’re a man and you like dresses on yourself, also – man! – I feel you.

I have always been kinda boyish and let my hair do the girlish, yet sometimes a dress brings out the best in me. Just like love does. A dress could at times be the lover you have always dreamt of and fit you better than your favourite sweater. It is a words game and no piece of clothing is ever going to replace the lover, but a little bit of fun never hurt nobody and one has to wear something anyway.

Why not a dress today?

I love lovers and I love sweaters. But a dress sometimes… A dress that will stick with you through the whole day might be a reminder of the lover you want to have around with you. Obviously, it has to make you feel good just like any clothes or lovers ever have, it has to make you forget about everything else and make you want to dance.

At least on the inside.

That is why finding a dress that goes with one’s personality is so hard we almost always choose pants. I feel you, men! And, man, we do love pants, too! Holding us throughout the day, taking us places, facilitating stretching.

Dancer pose, hello.

And when the dress and the pants share chemistry and one wears them at the same time, I’m telling you, there’s something so fun in that chemistry that one feels like why dafaq did someone invent the word “impossible” anyway.

Impossible, you’re cool, you’re here to always remind us of the possibility of possible. Furthermore, not take for granted the possible in the impossible. I’m with you, but I stick with possible.

Moreover, the corduroy dark blue dress met the corduroy dark blue flares, but then they met the dark blue suede Nikes and they all together cuddled under the velvet dark blue sweatshirt that introduced them to the dark blue furry vest which pulled the millennial pink furry bag and we were all out. And about. Sounds like a cool you-not-only-want-to-touch gang, but a you-want-to-be-in kinda gang. It is and you would wanna, trust me.

I have told you before, dressing can be so fun! It will not make you a better person (though it might help, now that I think about it), but it just might be there with you when you feel like the best version of yourself. Metabolize that and then, oh well, get naked.

Huh!, said the pants underneath.


Vanilla Culottes On A Sunny Winter Day


A sunny day on a winter day is not something I wish for, because all I wish for in winter is snow, yet a sunny day on a winter day is a good excuse to wear something that’s not for a what-we-all-call “winter day”. Presumably. The wool culottes are my something for today, at least.

I wonder what’s yours.

When I wake up on a winter day and I am not in the Caribbean or something, I get sometimes confused when seeing the sun in my bed. No offence, sun, you know better than anyone else I am much more of a heat kinda lover than cold kinda lover, yet the snow has some sort of magic one can only feel in winter. And I love magic. Snow. And it’s just for a couple of days a year as against to spring, summer and autumn which are around the whole year round somehow.

Anyway, the sky is blue, the grass is green and everything in between.

Yes, I know, winter feels like three seasons in one sometimes. It’s cold af even without snow and even with a whole lotta sun.

The sky is blue.

Vanilla. The city is vanilla.

As soon as the sun and I hugged in bed in the morning, I knew I wanted to wear the culottes. They screamed out of the closet they wanted out. I am not kidding.

I usually wear them with a simple turtleneck, but then the turtleneck was asleep and the zipped merino cardigan was blinking and holding tight to the jacket. The Nikes were already waiting by the door and that was that!

I wasn’t planning on making a piece out of this, but something throughout the day and the light in the afternoon convinced me to. There was also the friend I exchanged some fun jokes with and that was that again, we were out taking pictures.

Now that was that!

I only stood still for his Optimef watch pictures.

For mine, I just enjoyed the empty holiday-bank streets and used the Instant filter because this was instant af. The streets were so empty, it was like it was our own playground. The couple of minutes we took the shots felt like playing. Like what playing feels like as we grow up. It’s kinda the same as when we were kids, only more fun. We get to feel more. Or maybe we feel just as much, only now we like to make connections.

However, let’s all praise the universe for keep doing some kind of magic that makes us feel just like back in the days. Only now it’s called work.

Not snow. You with me?

I didn’t get to tell him this that day – we were too busy making fun – I only looked at the whole thing, smiled and thought to myself: wow, we get to do whatever it is we want to in a city that felt like ours for a couple of minutes. No one else, but us in it.

But I am saying it now. Wow.

Hey, you!

The sun was our witness on that winter afternoon. The movie we saw after, also. Apparently, they’re friends. The sun and the cinema.

The jogging I did back to the car from the cinema, uh! I knew why I wanted to wear sneakers on the day. I also knew why I were the culottes. Sneakers and culottes seem to be friends as well.

Yoo-hoo, to friendship!

Just Do It!


It is said that if you are thinking of beginning to exercise at home on a daily routine, you could start by putting the athletic apparel on and you are guaranteed to have better chances in actually working out. To some point, at least. Versus thinking about it and lounging like never before in your pajamas.

We all know just how much we all crave for the feeling.

But also the one we have after a workout of any kind. Like, for instance, at the time of writing this, it is super early in the morning and along with the writing here, my mind is warming up in parallel just near me, hoping for me to put my running shoes on, get out the door and run.

Like Forrest.

Or like Anna Dello Russo here.


Because track pants and sportif stripes never felt cooler. Obviously, we are not talking about the real pants and hoodies we take out running, though this would be even cooler. Taking your real workout apparel – which you’d just mixed up in not only the comfiest outfit, but the truest also – to town sometimes feels like taking your whole home with you.


This is about one of this fall’s and winter’s trends some of us really appreciate. Athletic inspired clothing. Not the best time to display the ring above our heads, since we have already been not only embracing, but marrying the whole wearing-sneakers-all-over-the-world concept and living happily ever after, it seems.

– sky high heels and the silkiest of the silk shirt along with some wooly blended pants (or the Adidas Originals I am sure you own from back in the years) that make your legs look longer and slimmer thanks to these stripes that stretch from thighs to ankles

– a hoodie or t-shirt you wear over your sequinned or pleated skirt and heels (or sneakers)

– your Adidas Originals or Nike (or whatever sportswear) tee with just about anything

– your Adidas Originals track jacket over a super fancy dress and sneakers (or what you feel like walking in)

– a blouse or pants you have recently purchased and haven’t even noticed the stripes inspired by athletic apparel: near the zippers, cuffs or hemlines

– socks you can wear with cropped flared pants or dresses, or skirts that have those horizontal, sporty stripes (like Vetements do at a ridiculous price) or the Nike logo


I’m in my pj’s still. It’s 7 a.m. and my fingers have just crossed by themselves and look like grinning emojis here “:D”.

Ok, so there’s no time for getting out to run now, although having written about it already felt like closer to “the act”. My feet are already putting the leggings on, though, and taking my body and mind to yoga in the living room now.

See ya!











Someone must have done the exercising! 😀


Batgirl In Nikes And A Shirt Dress


May Batman be with you. Better yet, you be your own Batman. Do you shadow play? What? With your hands. You know how to make Batman? From hands’ shadow. It’s called shadowgraphy
(or ombromanie, ooh) and it’s the art of performing a show using images made by hand shadows.

And this has gone far, but the mind is a powerful thing, you know. You see. See ya!

Hey, stay with me. I was just kidding.

The shirtdress has been a thing for some time now and it’s a funny feeling when wearing it. Not in the literal way, obviously, although you know what I believe in. If it’s fun, it must be good.

Depending on the #mood.


Black can also be fun as it leaves you alone in your world, to laugh or to whatever on the inside. Wearing black is like saying I will not bother you and please do not bother me!. To me, though, black is a cover as in I’m covered, I can goof around like. There. Is. No. Tomorrow. I’m wearing black. F*ck off.

 ~ Btw, I am saying f*ck off in the most loveable way possible. ~ 

Batman, black, see? Things connect. Like salmon and avocado in a roll. Sushi. Craving.

The shirt dress is a wicked thing to wear.

  1. Boss around (only sounds nice, isn’t nice) when wearing it with heels, red lipstick and a bun.

2. Do the shadow thing when pairing it with trousers, a tie and sneakers (Ralph Lauren shirt dress, Levi’s jeans, Boss tie, Nike sneakers).

3. Attend the family thing when wearing the flats and the invisible angel wings (or the red horns muhaha).

Do it your way. Why say f*ck off only when in black? Do you and do it fabulously!

Just like Christopher Nolan did the Batman trilogy.

ozinparis-batgirl8 ozinparis-batgirl1 ozinparis-batgirl2 ozinparis-batgirl6 ozinparis-batgirl7 ozinparis-batgirl4 ozinparis-batgirl9 ozinparis-batgirl5 ozinparis-batgirl10

See? Batman. I don’t know how or when or why. It must be in me. It is in you, too, if you want him to.


Be You Or Be Them? Duh.

It is said that no one enters your life for no reason. The link might be so subtle that you wouldn’t even say there is one. And it always is one. The one.

What if it’s the same with clothes?



As in don’t struggle to find the white Adidas sneakers just to fit in the standards.


It is one of the fashion world’s statements for some time now. You just have to have them and everybody knows. That you’re from there. From the world. And this is when you kind of force it.


It’s the same with people – the statement we started from.

Yet again a statement, yes. “Do you wanna be the same as everybody else?”, a great friend asked me in my pursuit of a “famous” pair of sneakers. “F no!”, I responded obviously. And I got these babies. Randomly. And nothing is random, anyway.

The friend? The friendship happened so genuinely that this is the first time that I get to realise just how genuine it all has been. And supposed to be in life.

Instead of finding yourself and finding the clothes (and shoes) that will take you places, you let the clothes (and the shoes) to take you places. You let yourself be guided by them. Sort of. To fit in.

But why would you? Don’t. Have fun! Fun!

Great, now I’m never getting these.

Straight face emoji.


But maybe i’m getting these though, you know?


Though, I never actually liked these. Ok, maybe only when All Saints wore them. But I never liked bandage dresses either. No “Ok, maybe only when…” here.

But oh, when I like something! I stare.


Why get the “what everybody has” anyway? I guess it’s easier. It skips the starring part. But then where’s the fun?

Let your mind be free and let it be.






Written by Cristina Pavelescu

The Gym Coordination


Should we hit the gym today?, he asked. Oh, gym. F*uck. And then the drill spins around in my head like crazy. Yes, today is a gym day!, I said to myself. Why?, you may ask yourself. Because it’s the doing my hair day. Now guys be like Dafaq? and girls be like I hear you, girl!.

So, it’s basically a pity not to go to the gym the day you do your hair. Unless you have the perfect hair and you can just wash it everyday with no styling whatsoever. What’s your name and how do you do it? Or you have the time and patience not just to wash it daily, but also to style it daily. Uh, that would mean gym daily. It’s the rule.


Imagine that! Your hair and your body perfect everyday.

Neah, who wants perfect? I do. No, really? Really! I am a foodie and a lover of the second-day hair. The laid-back-had-a-wonderful-night hair. And this is transforming into a hairy situation, when it all began with the gym situation. You see? This is how important hair is to us, girls. We have to coordinate the hair day with the gym day. Come ooon! Who just goes to sweat after blowout? And coconut embellishment. News anchors!

And I’m talking gym sweating. Not “hmhm” sweating. This one just makes the hair look better. Awesome!

The gym is not really my thing. I do it because I have to do it. And because I love food. And because, lately, I get to watch Ally McBeal while on the treadmill. Yes, just like laying on the couch and watching tv. Not.


Talking about coordination.

They say a coffee an hour prior to your routine will do magic. And it will. It’ll boost your energy. Your mood. Your inner sense. And pleasure! Pleasure? Yes! Yes, yes!

Now you know.

Going to gym is low key and time for yourself to be with yourself. But doesn’t clothing feel the same? Don’t you feel better when you’re wearing something you like? Not better. Awesome? Just put your favourite workout outfit on, if you have one. “Oh, c’mon, does it really have to be about outfits here, too?”. Of course not. It’s about joy.


Bring your bf or wear him. Or just a colour that brightens your eyes up. Or just black. Head-to-toe black. Leave me alone kinda black. It’s me, my music, my world for a whole hour. Hell yeah! Music is crucial. Don’t you hate that workout music? Jees. Whatever sets you on and gets your butt moving. Your dreams. Your crush. Your memories on your ipod, for God’s sake!

Don’t you feel like working out now? No? I hear you. Hit the club and dance tonight! Same thing. Best thing.

image1xxl-4 image4xxl image1xxl-5image1xxl-7image1xxl-6 image1xxl image2xxl image1xxl-2 image4xxl-1 image1xxl-3 image1xxl-1

Pictures via asos.com.

Random Sequins

When nothing is random anyway. But we just have to believe it is random, sometimes. Like this time around, for instance. Randomly on purpose or not. I was packing my suitcase for Liverpool when I completely forgot about the heels. Nothing is random anyway, yes, yay.

As I transformed my outfit into exactly what I wanted from the start somehow. And, believe me, I love, love heels. And I love, love the ocean. No connection.

My point exactly.


The special event I came here for took place last night, at a castle. Yes, a castle! Leasowe Castle on the Moreton beach, in Liverpool, the Beatles city.

oz castle moreton

oz sequinned sweatpants 20

Yes. So. When in panic, just put on your favourite clothes because they are going to make you feel like roller coaster riding. The trick is not to end up wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt and sneakers. Unless the sequins are attached to the sweatpants, the t-shirt is a butterfly (or any other kind of insect or animal) and the sneakers have dots on them. Or whatever is fun on your sneakers. Your kind of fun. You know, you?

oz sequinned sweatpants 1

oz sequinned sweatpants 2

oz sequinned sweatpants 5

oz sequinned sweatpants 6

oz sequinned sweatpants 6

oz sequinned sweatpants 9

oz sequinned sweatpants 10

oz sequinned sweatpants 11

This all took 45 seconds, a glass of wine, a big hug (plus a conga dance and a massage) for the photographer (thx, king Julian!) and a whole lotta fun!

oz sequinned sweatpants 12

For my 9 months old niece. I fly.