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#nyfw #streetstyle Definitely #yay

New York. I am so curious what comes to people’s minds the moment they hear the name. What do you think of? Now. Now, now.

What do I think of? I’m imagining you asking me and we have this dialogue in our super rich imagination. I’ll do both parts, I’ll draw the dashes like there’s no tomorrow. With you. Though I’m sure your mind is running wild inside that head of yours, too, you just have to see it and release it or, you know, enjoy the pain/pleasure.  

Very interesting. Talking to yourself. Well, actually, having dialogues with yourself. I do it here and I do it publicly, you are super safe on your couch.

New York? You’re asking me.

I am now at this shooting in New York – cough – in a studio that has been arranged as to feel “there”. From the brainstorming, we all concluded that NY is, above all, about the city itself. About what you can see outside the window. Eyes take shapes of the buildings, of the flatiron (building, hello!) and THE streets. Of the street where you can see that beautiful sunset. Ooh!

This is me talking as a future tourist of a place I am super anxious to see and heard every possible clichée about. And then sharing them.

Of the streets?

This is where I intended to get. There are things someone says sometimes, even 8 years ago, and they forever stuck in your memory. Unlike other stuff you heard 5 minutes ago and bye! It’s like you haven’t ever heard of it. A freshly returned from NY (8 years ago fresh) friend told me then: “Jees, the women on the streets of NY, Jees!“.

And this didn’t sound like a clichée to me then. Brasil, Russia would have, but not NY. At least not to my ears. When I heard her, I pictured the image below and 8 years later it became reality:

Both the ones on the right and on the left.

In my imagination, the hair was blonde. The attitude and style, however, were exactly as in the story later told above by @ohwawa_: “Fashion week time. Remember everything isn’t just about the runway, sometimes your runway is just walking the streets of New York. See you soon New Yawkkk!

Because yes, it is about New York Fashion Week and starting last season’s, New York street style has become very personal. Inside and outside shows’ attendees are no longer worn by their clothes. Quite the contrary. Moreover, they are actually represented by their style which is what style does best and so, therefore – ladies and gents! – we finally have street style.


Or style.


You’re driving me nuts with all these hashtags. 

Pain/pleasure, remember?

#nyfw Whenever, Wherever

An attire to be worn everywhere and everywhen is something everyone would be so nice to own in their wardrobe. You never know when you have to rush out the door to #nyfw and look your best. Without mussing and fussing about it, though “best” sounds so for fashion week.

Overdressing for fashion week, also, feels so. At least from looking at the pictures on social media, where everyone seems to want to be someone. But why is “everyone” so wrong when “everyone” means yourself?

Is this the reason behind for us all when always getting down to jeans? Or is it just me (still!) looking for the perfect pair of jeans? For ages. From my mom’s belly. I am not kidding and, until further notice, I am so wearing my mom’s jeans. Why am I still looking? For the times when my mom wants what’s hers.


If only Tamu here and I were friends. I would wear hers when my mom wants mine. Well, hers.

Three chicks here and only two pairs of jeans. Lucky me, I like wearing other people’s jeans.

@tamumcpherson was photographed during #nyfw and Tamu was so being herself. In her (or her mom’s, maybe?) perfect-shade-of-blue jeans.

The aura.

Everything fits so harmoniously on her, it must have took ages – or was she born like this? – to find all these timeless (and oh-so splendid) pieces, but hey! At least there’re timeless.

At least? It’s everything!

A kimono is timeless, it became timeless nowadays. Two years ago I don’t think many of us would have said this, though the kimono, my friends, dates from the seventeenth century. Men – in France – used to wear them as indoor gowns, when, due to their exotic features and relative rarity (they were coming from Japan, after all, in the 1700 something) they became status symbols of wealth. Now on we know.

The mules, well, let’s see if they become timeless. Until then, they look so.

A good white t-shirt is almost as good as a good striped t-shirt.

The bag? You make yours timeless and put a whole lotta stories in it. Just like Tamu here does with the pictures in her camera.


Everything This Woman’s Saying In This Picture

It is thanks to a picture like this that I would say I love New York!. 

The city that never sleeps. The big apple. The city so nice they named it twice (New York, New York, both the city and the state, first mentioned in the New York Times in 1975). It’s this and everything the media is selling to us all. I am going to, have forever intended on and can’t wait to love New York anyway when I’m there, regardless of everything I hear from everywhere. I bet on it! Is this what the media made me say? I hope not! I hope it’s just my intuition.

Anyway! What I know for sure is that I love a girl like this when I see one.

Because I love girls. And boys.


Via The Sartorialist on my Instagram the other days.

Think of how Scott Schuman approaches this beautiful woman and gets into talking with her and how she so warmly smiles at him just after his “Hello” and how he then introduces himself and she has no idea who he is because she is not into this anxiety called fashion and media and social media, but still accepts him taking her photo after noticing how happy this makes him feel and she says “ok” and he takes her shot and the sun perfectly witnesses it all and this moment is born. Ta-da!

Ok, and all of the above would be just in my imagination if she is a super star that doesn’t even have an Instagram account, but is so-oh-oh into the fashion industry or smth and, thus, did it oh-so-oh very casually.

It’s up to you to believe in whatever you want. 

The scarf was practically there when she was born. The abs made her wear this crop. The boyfriend is the type that wears a bomber (a khaki one) and doesn’t even mind if she borrows the jacket after forgetting or not even thinking of telling him. The job is so cool that she can totally pull this off. The leather pants are just below her boxers briefs. And so on.

All of the above? Nothing, nothing, nothiiiiing (Whitney’s “I have nothing”) without that look and that body language.