One Of My Favourite (!) Combos Lately And Ever


Just as good as Créme glacée à la vanille avec noix de pécan et à la souce caramel (caramel sauce, not just caramel) is. To me, in winter, it is, oui!


It was early in the morning that I left home and Lovesick was playing in my headphones.


Who would have thought that I would have ever become a KENZO lover? Our romance started with the h&m x KENZO collection three years ago and (and!) the (pretty many) pieces (one would get from a collection that is supposed to be “in fashion” one month only, not even one season) somehow have stuck with me ever since. They actually seem to get better in time because they just do. It was love at first sight without myself carrying, at the time, that much about the collaboration “everyone was talking about”. I didn’t even know KENZO is Paris based or anything.

– So what if it is?

– Mais, je ne sais pas, c’est Paris, c’est tout.


I just loved how they were made; the fabric, the colours, the textures, the nature, the animals, volumes, everything. I even got a men’s sweater. For myself. It’s that good. Still.

Créme glacée à la vanille avec noix de pécan and stuff…


KENZO is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Kenzo Takada was born in Japan and moved to Paris in 1964 to start his fashion career. He then became known for using Asian and Japanese influenced style with the expert construction of European high fashion. Started out with a ‘Jungle Jap’ boutique located in Paris, decorated in jungle inspired decor. Began with handmade women’s clothing, then in 1983, started designing for men, kids and then home collections in 1987. Today, it is an international luxury goods brand owned by parent company LVMH, that purchased the label in 1993, according to Wikipedia.


These pants in particular, ooh. The joy! It’s not that often that I wear them, but would wear daily! It’s something in their movement. Aaand they are so soft and… Smooth! While being pretty flashy, yet so down to earth. Literally. They feel like wearing a teddy bear on each of my feet. Just imagine it. I used to grab my brother’s feet, one at a time, each time he (1) wouldn’t do something with me or (2) I just wanted to have fun with him. When I was 7, let’s say, and he was 17. And he would, (apparently) annoyed, carry me on one of his feet through the house and I remember I kind of used to enjoy it. Jees.



🍒🍒 Ouias! 🍒🍒


By 11 a.m. Lucky started to play between my ears.

I felt lucky throughout the day. And danced between my ears. You feel me? What do you feel?


The Adidas (some special sort of Adi Dassler – one of the Adidas founders – collection) hoodie is an item I literally feel like home in. Like carrying my home with me all around, with my music, scent and everything. I might be walking tall and all, but inside I am snuggling af.

A crisp white t-shrit is ALWAYS forever.


The Hugo Boss jacket I got for my mom as a Christmas present years ago is an exchange for a jacket of mine I did with mom. I always smile when I remember of the subtle deal we did. The prints would not, theoretically, work together, yet there’s something about their forms and colours that make them ride the same wave.

The Nikes are one of the most tender (yup) kinds of shoes I have been indulging (yup) in lately. There’s just something about this particular model and they feel like FOREVER always.

The suede Mango bag is… Suede. The Nikes are, too, and they somehow communicate. Moreover, its colour – nature’s sort of brown – feels like some sort of playground for the zebra pants.

I have to admit that a high bun means a lot to this combo. So does a high spirit.


It was a different kind of story with the hair down and bouncy on the Friday before. It implied a different kind of upper (body) styling.


By night, the music in my car got to Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Only for a short while and for the love of the LED Starburst filter on Insta Story. Or something.


I can not (do not want to) ever (have to) decide between vanilla or chocolate ice-cream. It’s vanilla today, it might as well be chocolate tomorrow. Or raspberries. What? Oui!

This kind of outfits is one of the reasons I love winter, too. It challenges us and makes us fall in love with snow when it snows. When it doesn’t… Well… Find yourself some va-va-voom pants and you’ll not only feel lovesick, but lucky also. Or vice versa. Or have some ice-cream. Have some ice-cream after having found your va-va-voom pants.


🍒🍒 Ouias! 🍒🍒


Comfort Is The Ultimate Luxury!


Just like nature and human nature are. Hallelujah!

Comfort became a word worldwide attached to clothes and we could not be happier since we are 🥁 here 🥁. We say happier upon us having been happy already due to the word’s first ever meaning: a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint, the easing or alleviation of a person’s feelings of grief or distress (according to dictionary.com).

Love is the va-va-voom (according to our imagination)!

I’d just got to the mountains with the family and Love At First Sight began.

I knew the kind of weekend it was going to be from the moment we all decided to go. This summer’s last official weekend with the family at the mountains, somewhere far away from any kind of noise, traffic or even internet. What? Yes.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it.

Not even when reading.

Comfort all over the place and onto one’s face. It only rhymed, but it’s actually not far from the truth. The face only belonged to the sun and the moon. The body was only covered by the comfiest clothes I have been wearing for years, clothes I don’t mind wrinkling or getting messy in, clothes I thought of turning into loungewear, but still haven’t. It’s for these kind of occasions, but also for the nights out and about whenever I feel like lounging wherever I go through town.

And dance the whole time through. In my imagination, at least.

1. I keep on putting these shorts into the giveaway pile, yet they somehow get into my outfits. With sneakers and neon orange striped t-shirt on (below), with black sandals and top on a night out on, with greek nude sandals and hoodie whenever on.

Nature, human nature, hello?

Upon our arrival, I turned the VH1 on and the Summer Lovin’ Top 100 was on. Love At First Sight was just on! The outfit and set-up in the video may look pretty tech and all at first, but its warm vibe is everything the weekend was about. This song has always, in fact, been about what life is all about. About style also and style is timeless.

Just like this song and video are. Hallelujah!

2. These pants I left in the house in the mountains, the house it wouldn’t all be the same without. The pants will always feel comfy there and a simple crop top will always do the trick. Just as the waist belt will. Just as the hat. Since we’re talking here about always, will we ever get out of the Birkenstocks?

It’s this feeling that makes you wanna knock your head against the walls and dance. Precisely the activities done throughout this weekend. Kylie did them on stairs. Myself did them through trees and stars at night, flowers and clouds in the afternoon, under the full moon and mild-mountain-like sun, with delicious food and red wine. And family, oh yeah (oh yeah the Batman voice!).

Breathe, the summer is not over yet!

3. This dress not only makes me feel like I’m naked, but most of the times almost gets me naked. It’s strapless and I just literally throw it on and off of me. Thank God for the bandana! This red one is close friends with the pink one from above.

Above, sky high.
justice band

Justice. Only God Knows


You know when you like something so much that you want to draw it? But not because you’re a fan, but because of the way it makes you feel? A reminder for you to salute the alien in you, have a drink or two and toast for you simply doing you. That’s a simple moment of Justice.


A bit of rock, a bit of pop, a bit of disco, a bit of unlike anything you have seen before. I mean, you have seen jeans, leather jackets, prints, cool hair, blacks and colors and you have heard techno before. It all seems so simple. But you also know that it only seems simple on the outside when, in fact, it’s super complex, studied and honest on the inside.

Clean and fun.

And when the inside meets the outside in every way – through attitude, music, clothes, soul, beliefs, mind, eyes, art, smile, body moves – style comes along and starts to dance to its own music. This is Justice, the French duo that is out and about for fifteen years and they like the stuff they make.

Back at parties 10 years ago – when I was dancing like there was no tomorrow on this particular tune with friends I used to hang out with especially when off again with my then boyfriend – little did I know that I would be, yet ten years later here, writing about the band whose concert this summer those friends were also there for. Post having gone to their show at Summer Well Festival and, obviously, danced like there was no tomorrow. When We are your friends began, I thought to myself Wow, these are the guys I used to enjoy so much back in the days. It was also the song that made them find their place into the musical landscape, as Xavier had said.

Once cool, always cool and I guess dreams do come true.

They have this thing. This curious thing. It must come from deep within them for it to, afterwards, be released into the crowd. At their concert, at some point I danced and I danced. All of a sudden, I just stood and watched the show, listened to their thing; it is a thing there! I was so good with just standing, watching, listening. But then all of a sudden again, found myself yet again with my hands in the air, dancing like it had just begun, smiling, winking at the friends I was with and we were all dancing. All over again.

💥💥 The energy it creates! 💥💥

So simple, so nice. Then you stop again and watch. Lose yourself; this is the thing they put you into.


An interviewer put it like this: When we listen to the album [Woman], we feel like we’re following a man, alone, on his way to a party, but then he leaves alone. But the guy experiences a lot of emotions. Getting enthusiastic… And there’s this song called Alakazam… It’s like this moment when you’re alone and your head is spinning, you’re wondering if you should stay or leave, if you should stay or leave, you finally choose to stay, but nothing really happens. Xavier then adds: And everything turns into a nightmare, you’ve drunk too much alcohol, but in the end, you’re feeling better. You see a girl and think maybe it’s gonna work out and in your last attempt, you fail and you go back home alone. That’s the idea.

They had both studied graphic design due to the fact that, at the time, they’d had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives and there had not been a lot of very exciting things offered during the school years. You don’t need to know how to draw to do graphics, but if you have a little taste and you know where you’re going, you can get your own way, you can make illusion, as Gaspar puts it.

With Justice, sometimes do you feel that you are making illusion?, the interviewer asks.

Xavier answers: In fact it’s not so much the problem of making illusion or not. We especially managed to find a domain which works for us, because it’s more a question of sensitivity and work than really pure technique.

Gaspar adds: In fact, we did this without any other ambition than just to do something with friends.

When you do electronic music, you don’t have to necessarily have electronic background or exclusive electronic inspiration at all times from it. Inspiration may come from whatever, whoever, wherever and whenever. Rock and pop included. Just like with everything, in fact. And then, when you make electronic music, for instance, the music becomes the place for you to mix the dreams and ideas in your head. And then something really original comes out. Outside the box, that is.


It’s the intimate lifestyle while creating – without even realising – the style. A style so simple that looks like one everyone could copy, yet no one can. It comes from their inspiration, their soul, their mind. The style becomes unique and the good news is that everyone is unique.

7 billion styles. 

We make simple music that delivers simple emotions, is what the French duo says.


Justice is a French electronic dance music duo consisting of Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé.

When in one word, Gaspard was asked to describe his music, he said romantic (with a French accent, of course).

When Gaspard was asked who his hero was, he said Xavier.

When Xavier was asked who his hero was, he said Gaspard.

Their chemistry is just as romantic. It seems like with every interview, they have this vibe that feels like just being next to each other is enough and they have everything. It’s simple, fun and cool; precisely the reason behind the love they express on and off the stage. And in music. It’s like an honest game kids play.

Romantic af.

And that hair!

PS: May it be a coincidence myself getting a red bomber jacket this last spring to wear in the upcoming fall? Only in time for me to be writing this in summer?

Only God knows.


A Cross The Universe is the culmination of Justice’s 18 month world tour. It includes an audio CD of their phenomenal live set including the anthems D.A.N.C.E , We Are Your Friends, DVNO and many others,⚡️plus a DVD ⚡️ of the hour long film by Romain Gavras and So Me, documenting the French duo’s US tour.

WOMAN (their latest album).

… Is Amazon’s description of my latest basket with them. Whoohoop!


And I Can not wait to go to their concert again!

Can I Be Me?

The Whitney Houston documentary on Netflix, Whitney – Can I be me, is a reminder for us all to assume the risk and just be ourselves no limits whatsoever and to just let go of the ones who don’t. While being kind with everyone.

Can I be me? She used to say in the most unselfish way possible.

Uniquely, she just wanted freedom. She obviously liked what she was doing, but she also wanted to believe in everything she did. To have fun and to love. The greatest love of all.


She had elegance. The filthy gorgeous rawness comes from elegance or it is rawness precisely that creates elegance. She refused to pretend at any time or say even the tinniest, most innocent lie neither through eyes nor through words. Nothing. Raw at all times. The courage and the trust.

Furthermore, without ever getting any kind of advantage from any kind of love or manipulating through love.



She could wear anything and still look elegant: from high waisted, baggy jeans and tank top to a sparkling, fringed skirt to a pink dress to an oversized hoodie and leggings. It is something that can not be faked and this is the beauty of it. Elegance only exists if it is true. Elegance is raw. Just like pure love is. It says something.

Elegant: graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. Synonyms: stylish, graceful, tasteful, discerning, refined, sophisticated, dignified, cultivated, distinguished, classic, smart, fashionable, modish, decorous, beautiful, artistic, aesthetic, lovely.

She didn’t have to follow any rules, she was just being true to herself and this gave her freedom and ultimately the love she shared.

She might have seemed crazy at times, but it takes a little bit of crazy to confront the world to just stick to your own core. She was rebellious in the most kind and loving way for a greater good. For that special extra something she chose to feel and live. For something greater than us she refers to as God. Within yourself. For love.


Can I be me? She knew she was the love, she was true to herself and it made her love herself in a way she never put herself first. Love was. Nothing of what she did seemed like the world to her. She loved what she did, but most of all she loved love. She used love only and solely for the greater good, for love.


Sweet love.

And wait till you hear the mom! at the end of 👇🏻.

Or till Bobbi Kristina comes in 👇🏻. The way Whitney just lets her baby be and the way Bobbi Kristina loves that, the way the baby looks at her mom, the way they dance, the way Whitney stops the band, the way Whitney teaches her daughter the rhythm on the stage is exactly the way she teaches her baby to love.


Or till Whitney melts when hugging her baby and then just can’t get enough of hearing her baby 👇🏻.

Not in “my baby is everything to me” way, but rather in a “I am just melting this is how much I love her” way. This, too, comes from elegance and free love. My pride and joy she would say.

In the long run, there is just one love, one Whitney and yes, we can!

REAL. Lady Gaga and Howard Stern Are Two of The Very Few.


This is on Lady Gaga’s newest Netflix documentary, older and superb interview with Howard Stern and Howard Stern’s everything and film, Private Parts.

… Is one version of the intro.

Live life on the edge, halfway between heaven and hell and let’s all dance in the middle, in purgatory, Lady Gaga a.k.a. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

… Is another version of the intro.

When minds and souls of the same character and charisma come together, not only synergy is being created, but also the world seems to become a better place to be. Both for those witnessing and for the minds and souls of the same character and charisma.

Lady Gaga and Howard Stern.

I believe in doing what you like in life. It makes you a better person. First, because you’d struggled to get to that what (and the struggle always makes you go through stuff that definitely makes you grow) or have been (you just can’t settle and the sweet and sour struggle is your middle name) figuring out what is that what. And, secondly, because once you’d just started to wonder, you’d already become a better person.

Just like with clothes. They do have the ability to make you feel better. Come on, you most certainly can think of at least one combo of yours that made you fly one day or, moreover, you’d figured out what is it that makes you better and fly and you wear that all the time. It is called style and it is similar to finding that what that you like.

In purgatory.

Theoretically, this is how we grow up, but in fact I think that this is just an excuse for us to get out in the world and play. We do the homework and then we play for as much as we want to. I mean why the fuck not? We only live once and most of it in our heads and you know the drill, make sure it’s a nice place to be. Just like the world.

So there’s the what we love doing, there’s the style and then there are the things that light up fireworks inside.

One of the coolest experiences I have lately experienced was going live on a radio show. With the heart full of fireworks in my lungs. Yes. It was something that I have always wanted to try out ever since I was a kid and saw Private Parts.

It’s one of my all time favourite autobiographical stories. Being true to your heart at all times definitely can not only get you to mental orgasms, but also the people around you. Literally for Howard Stern, metaphorically for the most of us.

Years later, when Lady Gaga attended Howard Stern’s show, in 2011 while on The Monster Ball Tour, fireworks popped out of the magic the two created. Beware, it might aim your heart! 👇🏻

It is pretty often that I play things like 👆🏻 in the background when at home and this is how OZ is being created.

True to your heart. Once true to your heart, always true to your heart.

Orgasms (above).

Multiple, just like in Private Parts. The first orgasm is made out of one of the best love relationships I have ever seen: Howard Stern + Alison Stern. The second is made out of one of the best work relationships: Howard Stern + Robin Quivers. The third is made out of Alison and Robin’s personalities. The forth one is made out of the best, the funniest, no muss no fuss relationships: Howard Stern + Fred Norris. The fifth is made out of the best chemistry at work: Howard Stern + Robin Quivers + Fred Norris + Gary Dell’Abate. On one hand.

On the other hand, there’s Lady Gaga, real as ever – the reason behind her ability to have worn whatever it was she dreamt of, regardless of comments or praises back in the days. However, now Joanne looks different in Gaga: Five Foot Two. She plays and sometimes hurts herself, yet she continues to play and be Gaga.

Be real:

It all goes back to me, loving who I am. 

I have integrity.

This business is full of the most fake ass mother fuckers you will ever meet and they will sit here and kiss your ass and then the minute that you have no more ratings on your show, they don’t want to talk to you anymore. 

  👉🏻 Once Gaga, always Gaga. 👈🏻

We grow up and let things make us grow just so we can feel as kids again. The wiser we feel we become, the more playfully we allow ourselves to live.

To dance.

Stefani and Howard dance, you bet! Lady Gaga broke record with Monster Ball Tour (one of the top 10 highest-grossing tours of all time) for Debut Headlining Artist. Howard Stern leads the pack as the world’s highest-paid radio show host. They are both real and do what they love.

And have done two more interviews since the first one in 2011.

Let’s Not Only Wait for The Weekend!

And start to live more anyway we choose to. Want to. Dream of.

I am supposed to somehow follow a routine here because this is how it is done and I am supposed to have some sort of rules even if my own, but I still do not really see the necessity of following one to the maximum if it is not that heaven of a rule.

As long as I am doing my thing without affecting anyone but only make myself feel better or grow or whatever, I feel like I can make another one. Rule. The same that always wins, it seems, the one that says that there is no rule and this is not, in fact, one. A rule.

And so on.

It had to be something on fashion and we are at the end of this fall’s fashion week for the spring/summer 2018 season, yes. It might be the fact that I don’t know for sure where I’m going to be in a month – or at least this is how I feel – and with the amount of work I have been doing, I guess I just felt like locking myself on the outside and just observe the fashion world from afar.

Absorb, instead, the immediate world close to my heart, sort of. Only the people I like and only the stuff that people I love near me is doing. Sort of.

The only times I escaped my world was when watching movies that randomly – that kind of random – entered my world and is’s been beautiful. The rest was and is full of feelings, thoughts, laughter, imagining what the world would be like without the air conditioning in museums and reading Peter Pan through the eyes of Freud this time. Sort of.

Anyway, if you’re into having fun in between going out or working or kissing or whatever and feel like Netflix/Youtube and chill, then you could try these 👇🏻. Seems like a good weekend for it.

Fracture for life.

Jerry Before Seinfeld for power of dreaming.

Netflix Abstract: The Art of Design – Tinker Hatfield: Footwear Design for passion

Baby Driver for Baby, Debbie and music.

Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief of Vogue France dancing – style icon.

Demolition for love and Jean-Marc Vallée.

No Strings Attached for chemistry.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword for Guy Ritchie’s joy.

Threesome for fun.

Kill Bill for Quentin Tarantino’s joy and expression of love.

Kenzo: Music Is My Mistress autumn/winter 2017 fashion film for the girl at minute 4:24.

Bonnie and Clyde for Faye Danaway’s costumes and Warren Beaty’s Warren Beaty and if you can not fall asleep at it 3 times like I did.

I only like to talk about movies when watching (not that kind of talking over movies, you know what I mean) and I don’t like telling you what is going to happen in them, nor would I ever want you to see the trailers.

And I write in English – although my native is Romanian – because I like playing and this is the world I build just the way I want it and I play in it. You are welcome and I would love to meet you. Sort of.

However, I do tend to kind of live in another city, as my father says – she lives in a different city anyway. A city where I choose to only see the soul. Sort of.

The Waves and Days that Take Us Places


Most people see the world only in the physical, but it requires supernatural faith and real presence for wonderful experiences to happen.
The days that make us aware are like waves or roller coasters. Like fireworks or kisses. We are the lucky ones to feel the joy Someone must have had while creating the beauty our eyes can’t get enough of now. Wow.

Every day is the day.

Aldous Huxley’s The Island happens to be in my hands at the time of this mental note being taken. Whereas the book is about this ideal, secret place on earth called Pala, it could also be about the place each of us has on earth and the life each of us creates in it.

Or about the head each of us has on our shoulders.

Just as ideal. This does not mean perfect. It means the best we can do in everything. It means our better versions of ourselves. You might want to roll your eyes, but your eyes don’t want to. Because they know. They can see the beauty of it all and they don’t want you to just think there could be it, they want you to live it. It only depends on you for you to see things as they are. Beautiful.

To continuously take pictures with your eyes. They furthermore take you to memories, laughter, heart.

When I was a child and went on summer holidays with my family, my dad, brother and I would go straight into the big, splashing waves. My mom would stay on the beach and watch us before coming in herself. The laughter we used to have in the foamy waters was so genuine that I can still hear it in my mind. Aloud. Cheerful. Loving. Fun. I was the little one, so obviously the one thrown straight into the waves. I would come back and hold on tight to them on and on again. Just like a monkey would. And then they would jump with me attached to them over the waves or underneath them. Sometimes when I fell off, I could barely touch the sand, but it felt so safe.

Maybe that’s why my today’s love for waves. Days.


And fun.


At other times they would be talking and I would watch, listen and hold their hands and they would lift me up onto the wave, talking forwards. I would still have so much fun on my own or with the waves and them just being there with me.

As we grow up, we start to live on our own as grown-ups (or something) and transform the life of today in memories. Today’s waves. Our lives and the people around us. Today is a memory already. The second that passed is one already. Today could be a mental note we could remember of many years from now one late summer. You could be a beautiful part of someone’s note. Story. Life.

We live our lives as it’s forever sometimes.

Other times, we look back and, without even realising, smile when remembering. Being constantly aware of everything is not always the way though. Just on the contrary. Occasionally, loosing it for a bit makes us live more than when thinking about it. We loose it and then it hits us. An idea, a moment in time, love. Naturally. Just feeling and not at all thinking.

But then you think at night, with your eyes closed, your head on the pillow.

And you smile.

We live most of our lives inside of our heads so let’s make sure it’s a nice place to be.

So I was reading, laying and all on the beach – absorbing – when an elderly gentleman just walked by. He seemed to be rushing and just for a fraction of a second I thought someone rushing like that on a – it seems like stranded in the whole universe – beach? 

Back into the book.

A couple of seconds later, though, somewhere not so far away, the gentleman rushed into the waves. Naked. I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy his joy from a distance. It was just him, the sea, the waves, the sky.

The little things…

A few minutes later, the gentleman walked back. Rushing again. Smiling. Happy.

We have been given the stars, the sun, the moon and the fun all at once, man.

Fridaze From The Heart #4

Today I’m saying let’s not wait for the evening to come to feel it’s Friday. It’s Friyaaaay (!!) and no matter what we do in day to day life or what our job is or how much we enjoy the rest of the week’s days, Friday is a day we all share joy at the same time. Even if not always jumping and dancing all day long or making aerial tricks at home, but always having at least the teeny tinniest party somewhere in our souls.

Come on!

This is how synergy is created on Fridays and synergy is the best! Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term “synergy” comes from the Attic Greek word “synergia” from “synergos”, meaning “working together”.

Synergy would happen if we would all watch at the same time the videos from the latest “The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon” with Michelle Obama as Jimmy’s guest.

I bet we all now smile at the sight of these two people who – yes! – know television, but soul, humour, candour, honesty are things that get through screens or pictures.

We smile when we see souls. Or a smile. A heartfelt laugh. Heart! Sneezing is contagious but we all know how a smile is. A genuine one. It connects hearts.

This is what the First Lady has been doing. Spreading smiles all over the world, making the world fall in love with her. Just as Obama did. How not to?

And her being in love with him. Ooh-la-la!

A high position, maybe the highest in the world, does not only mean power the way we’re most used to. It, moreover, means the power of example. Which we all know, we just choose not to grant too much importance to, for one reason or another. It might be the lack of trust. In oneself, in the first place. The most important of the trusts, in fact.

Once we fill our hearts with the good – we wish for us and our closest ones and then, little by little, the whole world – it is very possible that the world becomes eventually a better place. A world of seven billion hearts. Imagine the synergy!

Let’s, therefore, look at first into our own souls and be grateful.

Do everything we have to do as best as we can and never forget to have fun.

Because it’s Friday and because we only have one life!

My suggestion for you on this day (and weekend)? As much Jimmy as possible!

Fall Fling

I am doing this one more time, mom!

Dressing up like “This is it!“, this is the last chance to wear summer in autumn and, then, I am switching to fall, sticking to it even. Only summer is so hard to let go. No? The thing is you never know when is the last sunny day when you can actually (more…)