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Post Holiday Life Aaa!

It’s Monday.

It is a wall of a kind in the background and I am dancing with joy. For the pictures. Because this is what the camera does to you. It makes you smile.

You go in the bathroom now (that is if you are at work) and make yourself a picture in the mirror. You’ll feel like smiling. Stupidly. Fun! Or you won’t. If not, just… Just do it. F*ck it! Have a little fun with yourself. Just start with the man in the mirror. You know you want to.


2 minutes, a short break with my colleague Alex (Oh, hello there! :D) and some laughing later, the pictures are done and the LOOK OF THE DAY is back. Now, on Oz.

It’s up to you most, the stuff that you do and the stuff that happens to you. It’s not easy to start and just the idea of something getting started can sometimes be a hustle. But sometimes the idea itself and the thought of the idea are harder than the thing that were the idea and the thought of the idea about.

Sometimes, it can even be taking the picture in the bathroom I told you earlier about or asking your colleague to take pictures of you for the site you are working on that needs constant work and constant thought and… And! Constant action. So, action!

So, Alex!







Now get your groove on with your own action!

But before it, wear your new, mono coloured tee, your old, white sneakers and a wicked skirt (or pants). The glasses? The coolest and comfiest you’ve got!

If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change!

Amber Heard And Her Johnny

Johnny Depp is awesome. And even if this is not about Johnny Depp, he is still oh-so-very awesome. In fact, we could make this into a Johnny is oh-so-very fashion!. This is not just a coincidence as it is not, I bet, that of him marrying Amber Heard.
Together with whom he stole the show on the red carpet at the Venice festival.

Nor this is about the first man on the moon, you see. We’re still here, gravitating around Johnny.

ozinparis-johnnydepp-amberheardAs does Amber above.

Her style here is so… Johnny. Or Moss.

Still, the chemistry Johnny and Kate shared!

ozinparis-katemoss-johnnydeppThere have been some years since the first steps on the moon, as there have been some since that chemistry. So many years that they both have kids now. With different people, though. We will get to that one day and we’ll try not to cry.

Until then, it’s Amber and her stunning looks that make this post.

ozinparis-johnnydepp-amberheardIt is her that shines, not the dress. It’s the hair, the make-up and the accessories that are complemented by the dress. The cut flows on her. And on him, if you know what I mean. The sweet décolletage is not too sweet thanks to the undone (right!) coiffure.

You don’t have to have the done (as in for a commercial for hairspray or news show!) hair when on the red carpet, at a party or a wedding when wearing an elegant gown. But do wear the accessories and the love for Johnny. For your Johnny.

They first met in 2011 when shooting for The rum diary. Bad movie, funny Johnny, beautiful Amber, pretty sexy couple.


Dress To Impress

There’s something with the waist and the feeling of someone touching it. Not to say grabbing it. Roar.

The waist is having a huge comeback this fall. Along with the dress. She is coming back, too. In this whole boyish flamboyancy (Lord, still, be praised for that! Amin!), here comes the dress. And the drums are drumming.



Hmm… The more I look at this picture (at Dunn, one must admit), the more I go like “Hmm…”. The colour and print of the fabric on her skin tone, on her body shape is so-oh sexy in that button up way. Say Amin! for this, too. The button up. Giddy up!

But then there’s the shear and the feet and all that.

“Oh yeah…”, I heard you say.

The earrings, the belt and Eddie’s necklace (and bangs), tho’, are so perfect in this whole holiness ness happening at Bottega Veneta it makes you want to to wear a dress right now and go wow.

Stand up straight, bend your spine just the right way (the Dunn way), suck up your tummy, act cool and wait for that one grab. Rrr.

This Is It

Summer! It’s the 31th of August and there’s no way back because Fall is here to stay.

Emmanuelle Alt

Now, we all love Fall and you can’t say that you don’t when you see those leaves falling, playing in the wind, making you think of who you want to hug right now. Not now. When it’s Fall and the leaves are falling. You paid attention to the drill. Or to the kiss, at least.


But it is just August 31 and September that’s about to start is just the beginning to this beautiful transition from tiny clothes to flowing long ones, from thin clothes to thicker ones and so on. No, no. Let’s put it like this: it’s the beautiful transition to layerrrrrring. Ka-ching!

You can sense my excitement since I am writing about something different from the picture above.

Now. About that: it is one of the all time flawless combos. And my all time favourite ones. Perfect for the upcoming between-Summer-and-Autumn days. Perfect anytime. Throw a fur on and it’s Winter mood on. The ankles will get the fact that you’re a fashionista. Wink emoji.

Rule: it’s the white, classic shirt. It’s the blue, classic jeans and if it’s jeans that could tell stories well, that’s the s*it! It’s the black, classic (almost classic) stilettos. And that’s it. No, it’s not. It’s the hair and the make-up, too. It’s about the whole package.


Always Coca-Cola. Jk.

Always Michael Jackson!

Listen to this one and it will seem like Fall and Winter could come together and it would be just great. It’s that “Shhh, it’s Michael, lets sing along!” and then everything falls into places.

Falls… Fall… You know?

Ready, Fall!

These Ankles, Man…


These two seem not to talk much to this third one. Probably because the latter is cooler. Why? Because the first two are trying a bit too much. The third is happy with who she is. I won’t say who is who. I know you know and you know that I know that you know. No?


From toe to head: the bag down on the ground. “So what?”. A bag from WOOD WOOD, I would add and am adding, in fact. A very stylish Danish shop. How else? Pf. A pair of manly shoes that unveil fine, thin, feminine ankles. Sexy. The pants are the piece: hugging the waist (with a rope!) and, yet, loose enough to let the tee play inside. That hand in the pocket is boyish, but then there’s the waist, but then there’s naked, thin ankles, but then there’re the tiny wrists. Cool, simple cut t-shirt. Cool, simple, matching the t-shirt bag. So curious about the hair, eyes and lips now.  (!!!)



Is this just a very feminine man? Only Adam Katz Sinding (the photographer) knows.


"Seems Like Old Times" Were Goldie


I woke up to Seems like old times and it totally made my day. The movie, the mood, Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn. It is about fashion as it can be. But most off all, it is about style. Goldie is golden!


The dress in the picture is not actually the one that made me do this, but it is the only picture I found of her style in the movie and it is, however, super worthy of this category. The dogs are, too. Awr!

“Seems like old times” is an 1980 movie and the air of the pre whatever-has-transformed-the-wolrd-into-right-now euphoria is just what you would want on a Saturday morning. A time when actually life was a way of life.

And women wore splendid pyjamas.


Follow your heart in love and wear long dresses. Big fall trend, btw, and the way Goldie did them… That’s the way.

DAT hair.

And below is the dress that made me do this and actually take a screenshot.


Watch the movie.

Live your love.

Cuba and Valentino


I was trying not to think about coming home from vacation and was reading Porter magazine on the plane back when this popped out.


And I was like A! pulled-out-eyes emoji. It is so oh, oh gorgeous and it is Valentino Fall 2015 Ready-to-wear.

This dress styled by George Cortina in the middle of this picture taken by Michael Janson makes us think of vacation, but not in the typical kind of way, but in the Cuban way. If Cuba is typical for you, let’s be friends.


Apart from that, I can only say the below. Because Cuba, because born in Cuba, because soul, because good vibrations, because I heard it earlier in the morning. Random. Or not random at all.

Those boots by Hedi Slimane at YSL with this dress? Yum.

PS: It feels good to be back home, said I from bed right now. Mm…

Red Wine, Please!


What is your favourite colour? Mine is red. Red, red wine. You know the song? Do you like red wine? Do you like red? Do you like wine? You see? Red makes you act like this. Or is it the wine? Who knew?. You know the song?

Red is beautiful. Red mixed with white and pink is delicious. Red mixed with white and pink and black lines into geometrical motives is fashion. Passion. Red is passion.

The most emotionally intense colour, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is also the colour of love, according to infoplease.com.

But when all of the above is put into design, well, that is just poetry. It’s not, obviously. But it is just so fun to wear (not that I’d worn it, but one can dream) and float in or something. Clothes that float (one can only imagine oneself). The t-shirt inspired dress has been here for a while and it is here to stay.

When you have a statement piece on yourself, try not to “diminish” it. It’s the safe way. Clean way. By pairing it with simple white sneakers, tanned sandals, nude slip-ons. Or dare and make it shine even more. You know how. You feel how.



Man, this chick is hot!


And I am not even into the boots-in-summer thing, but this chick above does the thing so good that I am rethinking the whole thing. And we can not even see the boots, but I bet she has boots on. Don’t you?

So it’s super hot outside and everybody’s getting sweaty, but the boots were there, standing in the doorway of her home in the middle of summer and she just grabbed and put them on. Oh well, the things people have in their doorways. In summer.

Head-to-toe perfection. Hair, sunglasses, lipstick.

Pause here.

Red lipstick on tanned skin is so, so good! Although most would think that it’s not. Pf! Try it in summer. Not much make-up on. Almost at all. Or at all. And red, matte lipstick. Man! Note: the attitude, chicks, the attitude to it is the key. If you don’t feel it, don’t do it. Pick grey. Just kidding.

Moving on.

The t-shirt. A bit spooky (unless you are an Iron Maiden fan), but the colours in it and the 1000 times you could bet she has worn it makes it so damn cool. And this, too, is yet another story: when things you wore a million times could tell stories.

The shorts are there to complement the whole va-va-voom (without any purpose, of course) in the perfect (here) shade of jeans. Mm.

The nails are yummy. And those things on the forearms. I don’t know what those are, but they are here to say “Hey!” while winking.




Bat Goddess


Giovana Battaglia is not new to OZ. She’s been here once and she is here to stay. She’s just so cool and she is wearing this dress. This dress!



It is the view, no doubt (Santorini). No (English). Not. No (Italian). Si. It is this dress and the whole va-va-accessorising going on. Now what is this? It is almost indescribable, yet so very simple. The flip-flops (pf!), the sunglasses, the earrings, the bracelet, the bag. And the hair. It make look like random, but it is random my ass.

Perfection. Fun.

Find yourself, play with yourself ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️.


The Only Look I Could Think Of Today


Was the only look I could see today.


Because today only all of the above and beyond below happened. All day long. A day in a place called Prasonisi in Rodos Island, Greece, where no one ever, ever cares about outfits.

Here, here, here.

It all started early in the morning on the road to the beach, when all of my phone’s battery was gone. And I just enjoyed everything. No phones, no nothing. Just a camera. And that was that.

And now this is this.

Nothing is without a reason. Wink, wink.


Basically, wear your favourite bathing (stripped) suit, layer it with your favourite dress (his tee, anything-you-love-thing), no shoes, no nothing. Your beachy hair and just don’t care. For a day.


PS: Man, it feels great not to have your phone (for a whole day!) somewhere like here.

Call Your Bff

Call your bff today and plan something together. A stroll, breakfast or a glass of red wine for lunch. Uh, yeah! Wine for lunch, please! Come on, it’s Sunday! This is what I thought of the first time I saw the picture below. Not the wine. The bff.



Maybe it’s their feet.

Coordinating. Synchronising.

And I don’t mean flats. It’s the length from the foot off the ground to the ground. The foot off  of each of them. Exactly the same length. Look! The angle of the turn of the heads. The same. Look! The smiles.

Accomplices. And this is a future post.


Now, since this is about clothes and our passion for fashion, I have to say that both dresses are supa dupa cool. The dresses are supa dupa cool. There, I said it.


The turtleneck of the black and white dress goes perfectly with the bun, the sunglasses, the bag and the simple (at first glance), without-padding lingerie.

The shear of the wihte dress… Uhm. Perfectly set in the perfect set. The fabric, the hair, the cross-over bag, the glasses, the long sleeves, the lingerie.

Matching sandals. You bet.

Getting chilly? The weather, not the relationship. Below are the jackets. Keep the sandals. Don’t you love it when it’s getting colder outside on summer evenings, but you still get to keep the bare feet? Uhm…

Are they twins? Or is it the friendship?

It’s the love. Throw your hands in the air! Now. And call her/him. Now!