look of the day

A Look That Kick Starts Your Day


And keeps on kicking throughout it – is a look that you might file into your memory and bring to light (and life) whenever you wake up and feel like nothing could change your moody mood wannabe day. When in fact there is something. The look, hello.

💥 And that magic in that action, as previously admitted.  💥

First, send the moody mood away hello (you’re not Hank Moody, hello), second, see if you feel like dancing in the look and, third, if you really, really look into the look, you’ll see it just might be it when trying to figure out your style.

The look makes you want to dance, isn’t this all?

The title came up – piece by piece literally – the second I put the red jeans on. The right pair of red jeans can do miracles sometimes! They’re the magic in the action because you feel like action. The disco sandals were next; needless to say what disco anything does to anyone. The dots printed shirt is here for the party and when you’re basically carrying the party on yourself, is there any other way than party all day long? On the inside, of course. I do not own a club or anything, though at some point fancied about it.

Anyway, The New Yorker bag is either the safety net I might be choosing to wear when trying to feel all grown up and stuff in a world of grown ups or it’s just another neutral to me, alongside blue jeans, bathing suits, black, leopard print or pink.

All of the words constructing sentences above seem to go hand in hand with the other meaning of the word look.


The look, hello.

The song below is not about the look, look, but it’s so good to dance and sing along on.

Get Free


Some days can be tough. Wow. Believing in everything for a reason can be really tough at times also. But hey, we can always put our bathing suit on, let our hair free, wear comfy shoes and spin around like there is no tomorrow. When Bali is far away and your computer is right in front of you.

Hello! Yoohoo.

There is magic in action is a sentence that comes to mind whenever I feel like writing a book, but also can’t seem to write one sentence. So, at first, I do any sort of cleaning in the house that had been put on hold because hello, yoohoo, then I make a really good coffee, think of the best sweet thing to eat, drink the really good coffee, eat the sweet thing and, finally, meet the screen. If you stare at it long enough, you can actually see its rolling eyes.

Wearing a bathing suit 🥁 just in case 🥁 is one of the best feelings ever. Especially when, technically, you are not supposed to get into any kind of water due to not making any plans regarding it whatsoever. You are supposed to leave the island (Gili, Trawangan) for the real life, for the big continent, for the big dreams – is what mankind tricked our minds to believe in, appreciate and want.

Luckily, the way to reality was made by a boat we all had super fun and got wet on. Luckily, I had my bathing suit on. And this is how everything happens for a reason.

Spinning time.

Careful what you wish for in dreamland, because it just might happen in the real world. We all waited for the boat to park for about an hour and half due to us all wanting to postpone the arrival on the continent. Just kidding, there were too many boats at the docks.

So we all swayed on the swaying boat under the clear night sky, watched the stars, talked about the universe, listened to music.

Can you believe this was on?

However, real is rare (!). Let us all both love the real and dream, wear a bathing suit only we know about underneath the clothes and all, but also 🥁 know 🥁 that dreams don’t work unless we do.



There’s Something That Rocks Big Time Here

And is so silently powerful.

Or is it the bag?

This bag is so cool in a rock (subtly or not) inspired combo it hurts the way rock is supposed to hurt. My mind is now searching for the perfect song to it, it has the headphones on, it moves its hands through CDs and eyes through memory, just like DJs do.

You have to feel rock music, to listen to the lyrics, to move (or not) upon feeling it. You don’t have to, you can do whatever, you are listening to rock music, hello. However, in most of the cases, it will also bring back childhood memories. Because, in most of the cases, it is a music we are listening to now as adults thanks to precisely the times we thought we knew nothing about anything as kids.

The bag is Valentino and Valentino is so cool for being Valentino since forever. Harmonious, true, passionate, elegant, yet a brand you have to look into to observe its unique way of making style throughout times. Silently, yet so powerfully.

Just like the picture above.

And the video below; my mind just pressed play all of a sudden.

This is a track I once put on a sex CD a very dear colleague of mine and I compiled when we used to work at a music TV channel. A CD we made one another just for fun, not for work, while at work. Memories, see? And this is a coincidence. Or is it my mind playing not just pressing play?


Alice, my former coworker, would totally wear the combo above.

A relaxed jumpsuit seems to be underneath it all, so now let us all imagine… everything! Let your mind do the walking, let my body do the talking is very likely what the lady above would tell us all and it is very likely that we would all want to see the world in her eyes.

Just observe. The super sharp jacket, the fine fabric, the super fiery bag, the beautiful hands, the nice touch the hands give the bag. Hugging, loving. A feminine rockstar. The grey in combination with black, red and gold is so kind of keeps-everything-inside, doesn’t-let-us-in-at-all and whilst we all feel the warmth, the keeps-everything-inside, doesn’t-let-us-in-at-all does not let us in.

This whole magic thing above is a world on its own and, man, we’d love to be in it. No? I would want to see the lady and for sure want to grab a coffee with.

Did someone say coffee?

Your Groove Is The Grooviest


In a Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg interview, Snoop tells Pharrell upon their work together: Everybody sounds the same, everybody got the same bounce, but we got a… ~ Snoop is groovy dancing in a sitting position on a chair, you know how Snoop would move on a chair, him tossing his fingers around and everything… ~ That’s a groove and when you find the groove, the groove… It remains longer than the bounce. The bounce come and go, but the groove remains forever. Giving the world a sound of love, peace and harmony.

So it not only makes the art authentic, soulful and free, but also timeless.

Bounce is the trend, the pretending. Groove is the style. And there’s nothing wrong with the bounce as long as it makes you feel happier about yourself  in the moment, yet somehow the groove is always much more fun than the bounce. Real. It keeps you up all night and surprising you throughout life. The bounce come and go, but the groove remains forever. 

Watching my mom every morning – my whole childhood – getting ready for work in the bedroom, by the enormous (or so it seemed) mirrored closet, was a really good exercise for me, I now get to understand. Everything always seemed so light with her. Everything still does. Skincare, talks, hair, coffee, perfume, make-up, food, clothes, parties, us all. It’s a groove. I am now groovy dancing in my sitting position at the desk (on my comfy couch), tossing my fingers around and everything.

Lightness is so groovy. Exquisite.

In everything.

So it only made sense for me to take pictures of five of the combinations I have been wearing lately ~ in the bedroom. The pictures, not the clothes. It is very possible I, most often, relate to the mood in my parents’ beautifully lighted bedroom every morning. The most homelike feelings, now as grown ups, is something or someone taking us back to the intimacy of the childhood days. Something or someone to remind you of you.

And we all love the feeling of home. Similar to the feeling of finding our style no matter what that is. As long as it feels real, it is groovy.

Giving the world a sound of love, peace and harmony.

The exercise we could do today, though, as adults (or something) is constantly asking ourselves whether we like something or not. Whether it makes us dance even in a sitting position or not. Even without realising, on the inside ~ in meetings, in the car, at the cinema, in bed, in club, at the restaurant, wherever.

Tossing, tossing, tossing.

PS: all the shoes in ~ the shoot that only felt natural to be done by mom ~ had been previously cleaned. Always are.

Pleasure Delayers or 3 Outfits To Transition To Spring

We are all, willingly or not (not!)(ok, sometimes willingly), becoming these pleasure delayers. We keep on postponing the thrill of enthusiasm Spring has the ability to infuse us with. Not consciously, obviously, since it’s not in our hands to make Spring sprung (already!). Yet subconsciously, our minds are waiting at the starting line just like in a marathon run.

Just like there is no tomorrow!

It is becoming kind of interesting, this search for outfits in a season that seems to very much want to become a season on its own. Nor Winter, nor Spring, it’s Something! One day we’re cooler than ever in t-shirts and feel like Winter what? and the next day we’re running around naked through the house trying to figure out where’s the coat and where’s the hat.

Something just keeps on surprising us or, better yet, trying to mess with our minds and see how far we can go. Oh, but we can.



Esteban Cortazar #pfw Fall/Winter ’17

Céline #pfw Fall/Winter ’17

Stella McCartney #pfw Fall/Winter ’17

These are some outtakes of the Fall Winter 2017/2018 I saved on my desktop long before Fall and Winter ***where did they go, btw?!*** even had started. Theoretically, they are gone. Practically, well, good luck with the running through the house, since the house is still the only place to run in right now.

And this is how we are all slowly but surely becoming pleasure delayers. The phrase is from Vanilla Sky – the movie, vanilla skies usually happen in between seasons and the most beautiful vanilla skies were painted by Claude Monet.

Our minds, waiting in line, have to think about something in the meantime. Oh yeah, they can watch the sky also. 🙄

Our hearts, though, they know it’s about the race bla bla, yet let the race already begin! is what don’t all of our minds and hearts want to hear Spring already say?

There was a Go! earlier, but may there never be a Stop!.

… And I’m not even that much into running.


The Waves and Days that Take Us Places


Most people see the world only in the physical, but it requires supernatural faith and real presence for wonderful experiences to happen.
The days that make us aware are like waves or roller coasters. Like fireworks or kisses. We are the lucky ones to feel the joy Someone must have had while creating the beauty our eyes can’t get enough of now. Wow.

Every day is the day.

Aldous Huxley’s The Island happens to be in my hands at the time of this mental note being taken. Whereas the book is about this ideal, secret place on earth called Pala, it could also be about the place each of us has on earth and the life each of us creates in it.

Or about the head each of us has on our shoulders.

Just as ideal. This does not mean perfect. It means the best we can do in everything. It means our better versions of ourselves. You might want to roll your eyes, but your eyes don’t want to. Because they know. They can see the beauty of it all and they don’t want you to just think there could be it, they want you to live it. It only depends on you for you to see things as they are. Beautiful.

To continuously take pictures with your eyes. They furthermore take you to memories, laughter, heart.

When I was a child and went on summer holidays with my family, my dad, brother and I would go straight into the big, splashing waves. My mom would stay on the beach and watch us before coming in herself. The laughter we used to have in the foamy waters was so genuine that I can still hear it in my mind. Aloud. Cheerful. Loving. Fun. I was the little one, so obviously the one thrown straight into the waves. I would come back and hold on tight to them on and on again. Just like a monkey would. And then they would jump with me attached to them over the waves or underneath them. Sometimes when I fell off, I could barely touch the sand, but it felt so safe.

Maybe that’s why my today’s love for waves. Days.


And fun.


At other times they would be talking and I would watch, listen and hold their hands and they would lift me up onto the wave, talking forwards. I would still have so much fun on my own or with the waves and them just being there with me.

As we grow up, we start to live on our own as grown-ups (or something) and transform the life of today in memories. Today’s waves. Our lives and the people around us. Today is a memory already. The second that passed is one already. Today could be a mental note we could remember of many years from now one late summer. You could be a beautiful part of someone’s note. Story. Life.

We live our lives as it’s forever sometimes.

Other times, we look back and, without even realising, smile when remembering. Being constantly aware of everything is not always the way though. Just on the contrary. Occasionally, loosing it for a bit makes us live more than when thinking about it. We loose it and then it hits us. An idea, a moment in time, love. Naturally. Just feeling and not at all thinking.

But then you think at night, with your eyes closed, your head on the pillow.

And you smile.

We live most of our lives inside of our heads so let’s make sure it’s a nice place to be.

So I was reading, laying and all on the beach – absorbing – when an elderly gentleman just walked by. He seemed to be rushing and just for a fraction of a second I thought someone rushing like that on a – it seems like stranded in the whole universe – beach? 

Back into the book.

A couple of seconds later, though, somewhere not so far away, the gentleman rushed into the waves. Naked. I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy his joy from a distance. It was just him, the sea, the waves, the sky.

The little things…

A few minutes later, the gentleman walked back. Rushing again. Smiling. Happy.

We have been given the stars, the sun, the moon and the fun all at once, man.

The Grinning Sun


The other days, when it kept on snowing and the wind was blowing, the cold (cold, cold!) made me want to not ever get out of jeans, UGGs or snow boots, warmest sweater and snowboard jacket. Not that I had any intention of snowboarding on the sidewalks of the city and I have never tried to ski.

Even snow started to melt, but it’s still cold. Cold, cold. At the sight of the sun, however, I wished of wearing anything but the all-time-saviors blue jeans, hot boots and chunky sweaters.

I looked at the sky, we showed teeth to one another, bat our eyelashes and I got out in the “anything but” I would freeze, but at least would have fun in. And I always have fun when in skirt (particularly a jumpsuit skirt). A “jumpskirt” over the flared cropped trousers, underneath the glittery sweater.

Us, girls, and the glitter, ooh!

The sole of the boots saved the day for a bit, but the naked leather inside was making bffs with my skin. Was complaining, actually. The skin to the leather. About the cold, cold.

We all like to complain about the weather anyway. Us, people! “Too hot, too cold.” I’m not complaining or anything, but one can not ignore the cold weather.

I kept the snowboard jacket – I wear it too little a year – but I keep on getting it off. Just to have fun.

With the sun.

The sun with myself.

We smile, grin, laugh.

Stripes Are Here To Slay!

What is it with the stripes that gets us so eager to wear them over and over again? What? Don’t you find it rather interesting that we never get tired of them? Moreover, we wear them when nothing else seems to fit. The inner state.

“In a state”, a song by U.N.K.L.E..

No, I mean really think about it while listening to the song. Or don’t listen. Or don’t think and enjoy the song. Hey, come back here, you. I was jk. A clean breton stripe is almost as important for your wardrobe as the white t-shirt is. I mean, if you like it. The stripes. If you don’t, then just go back and listen to U.N.K.L.E. Or – Or! – bare with me for a few more minutes to find out how stripes can get you straight to number one.

Number one is a state of mind and “straight” had to be used. We are talking about stripes here, bonjour!

In fact, stripes have become neutral and we praise the day this was finally declared. You put a breton stripe on and it looks like you have just blushed your cheekbones, chicks, and you have just perfumed the sides of your upper neck, guys. It is not only fresh, but sexy. Somehow. The sexiness which is taken for granted, but you and I both know that there’s the je ne sais quoi with them stripes, too.

Deep connection here.

Dare. Wear. Stripes all over the place.
I played while they slayed. The thing is you have to play and slay along with them, otherwise they will slay you.

Because they are here to party and have fun with you.


When wearing two pieces, try not to overlay them, but make them meet somewhere: the waist is a very good spot right now.

Then think of shoes. The stripes will get you in the state of the shoes you choose to wear. You choose depending on the state and the state is there. That’s why it’s called “inner”. You just have to let it speak and listen. Listen.
















Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

You never know what you’re gonna get.


R: Morning!

Myself: Wow, you look so nice!

R: It’s the dress! I just put it on and run.

Myself: High five, this is my “Run, Forrest! Run!” thing.

Although, it is highly advisable not to run too fast whilst in slippers. You loved the movie, I’m sure, you just don’t have to end up like Forrest the child, tho’, you kno’?

There is music you could listen to at any hour, in any place. There is, also, an outfit (or more, if you’re lucky) you could literally wear anytime you have to be out in like… Yesterday. Let’s say you have a 9 a.m. meeting and you are in your pyjamas. I never do that, people. I just heard of people doing that. But wouldn’t that be nice? If you smirk at this, you don’t even know what I am talking about. If you (at least) smiled, you know the feeling and I feel you and you feel me.

Hey, you who still have the frown on your forehead, you are lucky and therefore can smile, too, now. You can think of your Run, Forrest, run! outfit and when you will have to run, you will be Forrest, the adult. That’s right, thank God for getting that frown off, pfew!

A top you find fabulously low key, your favourite pair of jeans, the it bag you love so much and the shoes you know will do the trick (cool sandals, sneakers or the slippers).

See you on the shrimp boat!

This below looks pretty much like Forrest though, huh? I loved the movie a bit too much, I guess.


What Do YOU Like?


It is very important, I have come to comprehend, that you like things. In general, not just clothes, since this is about fashion, but fashion in a different way. In a YOU way. So when you really enjoy something you eat, you enjoy something you eat. You would cry out of pleasure.

You wouldn’t? I would. I did. Not like the crying Snapchat filter, but like this emoji: ?!

Once, it happened while eating a nectarine. The other time it was a raspberry tart. And we won’t even get into the real food. I am sure something has just popped out in your head right now.

A movie. When you are watching a movie and you get completely lost in it. You liiike that.

When you are in a club and your favourite song comes along. Maaan!

When you look at your fingernails and you have some weird shade of pink on them (or whatever colour you can’t stand on your nails), don’t you feel the rush of going and removing it? I feel like a completely different person until I do. Weirdo. I know.

Or guys, when you wear a tie and you are so not the type (and you don’t ought to, lucky you) and, at some point, you just feel like it is not letting you breathe anymore and you do that thing when you pull that knot, do the grimace and release your neck. And body. And mind, I would say. No?

“But maybe I just like everything”, you might say and I completely get that. I say it pretty much myself. Still, I am sure you have a certain type of alcohol you like and one that you don’t. Or tea. Just the right order, I know.

Or a look that you are just melting down over. A-ha, gotcha!

So it is about the goosebumps. In the smallest details or in the big pictures. Our whole lives (loves) revolve around the things we like (love).  That is if we care about having a good and evolving relationship with ourselves. The best and the most important one.

Why not do this with clothes? All you gave to do is just pay attention and feel.

As you already know, I love clothes. But I love clothes for the way they can make me feel and am sure can make you, too. At first, I just wanted to say “clothes that can easily transform from one thing to another. And not necessarily just from morning to dancing. But any piece of clothing that can be transformed.” But then “the way they can make me feel” happened.

The fashion nowadays is so “transformable”, you literally can’t go through life and not wear a piece at least 2 different ways. It’s so easy. Moreover, it’s about the clothes that actually are the continuation of you, the wings that help you fly. I am not kidding. Not flying, either (in the pictures), but I am sure that after all there words you get my point.

It is so simple, but we so-oh-oh enjoy the drama. We like to be queens and kings.

“Like”, see? This is where we got started.


Ralph Lauren jacket, Mango top, Zara trousers, Converse shoes







Marni by H&M scarf, Mango top, Zara trousers, Zara shoes




From Dusk Till Dawn


I couldn’t agree more. Could you?

I could, actually! ***From morning till dancing*** Could you?

I mean, look at the posture, look at the legs casually ruling the place, and the Marni suit doing that same kind of thing!

Look at the lips pouting (or making a straight face right in your face) while leaning the head into the beautiful hand, beautifully making a beautiful line from the tips of the beautiful fingers to the tips of the beautiful toes. The emphasise is intentional when the beautiful is beautiful.

No? Oh.

What time of day do you think Farfetch wanted you to believe it is in the picture? I think it is in the morning, pretty early in the morning, just about to start her creative (or not and, if not, let’s hope she dressed up like that anyway, oh yeah!) work and knowing (underlined) that this mothaf*ckin day is about to end up into some dancing, so that’s why the pout. That’s why the mothaf*ckin expression. Oh yeah!

Beautiful and mothaf*ckin expression. Check the emphasise earlier.

You can wear the same clothes from dusk till dawn. All you have to change is the attitude depending on where you are and what you do or where you will be going or what you will be doing. Though, the same attitude from dusk till dawn is a beautiful mothaf*cker.


In the beautiful flashy print and the shoes above all you need is the mothaf*ckin pout.


Out of subject: this wouldn’t be the same without the chair. No?

Out of subject: I would so dance in the above on the below. No?

You + snooze = love?

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day. Not that there were, are, or will any. Ever. But. You know. When. You wake up. And. Need a nap. You see (case in which you managed to open your eyes and are holding a cup of coffee in your hand and you kind of get the point that I want you to get), though , myself only writing about it already makes me feel like going to bed just for 10 minutes. You know the drill.

I don’t do snoozing. Just like I don’t do sugar in my tea. Ever.

So I wake up a.s.a.p. Literally a.s.a.p. I drink my black tea with honey. And if the bed still looks (too) appealing and it usually does, I just have to switch my excitement to something else and I quickly (sort of saying) get dressed and this is how I end up looking the way I do.

It’s the excitement. That either gets me to bed or to dress up.

Today I dressed up and never looked back. To the rain or anything. I love the rain. Though miss the sun like crazy.

I do both.

Both the dress and the jeans at the same time. I knew I had to wear the corduroy heart printed dress because dresses and hearts are so much fun. Whatever. So is the corduroy since it is in my flares, too. It’s the way they play on you. On me.

The randomly-found dress is upstairs all by herself drinking Piña coladas and overlooking the H&M flares who would just dance all day and are chilling in the 70’s way over a fake smoke with the been-through-a-lot white pair of Converses that, from time to time, give the look to the
fresh-in-town Love Moschino bag.

But then the dress sees the hearts in the bag’s scarf, fireworks come out and everyone is Piñacolading.

Your turn. You tell me.