We Are So Dependent On The Weather In Our Sweater


It only makes sense to write something on pieces of clothes we are dying not not to wear in cold weather. Yes. The weather. Cold, warm, everybody talks about it all the time. Borrring, as my older niece would lazily say while successfully imitating the rolling eyes emoji.

The 🙄 emoji, in fact. 👋🏻🙄

Now this is something you haven’t thought about before? Well, think of the t-shirt you’re wearing underneath your sweater today hoping for it to see the sunlight. Hoping for your eyes to see the sun and then for the sun to let your sweater come off. So maybe the t-shirt is going to stuck on you regardless of the weather. Yes.

But then there’s a pastel blue jacket (below) or a floral flowing dress (above) or a sort of a combination (all throughout) that you definitely can not wear in winter and are desperately trying not to let go of.

Or is it just me?

When you feel like Argh, I didn’t get the chance to wear this the whole summer! Or is it just me?

Who cares, the sun is going to shine anyway one day and everybody is going to do whatever it is everybody wants to. Wow, I know. The truth is we all have all sort of weird little things going on in our heads and sometimes letting it just go feels better than not even thinking about it. Now this would be borrring, Natasha. The little things make our everyday life.

The line between the little and the great things is so thin that it is almost invisible sometimes.

One heaven of a line. Just as the line between the warm and the cold weather. The weather again, Natasha!

The line between a complete stranger and anything but a stranger. Don’t what me. Or yourself.

And wear that dress. That shirt. You could stop wearing those shorts, nevertheless. Or wear them. Be a fucking Frankenstein if you feel like it. Just embrace it. Sink in it. Whatever it is, just sink in it.

A very good friend once told me on being sad to just sink in it completely and then you’ll know you went all the way. And then the sun comes out. It always does. And then you can totally sink in it, too.

It always rains before the sun comes out, Natasha.


Rain can be nice, though, Natasha.


To be honest, I keep beach dresses among sweaters just in case. Don’t you?

PS: And we haven’t even started on the umbrella ella ella.

"To Enthuse" Has a Whole Lot of Beautiful Synonyms

Every fashion enthusiast knows just how enthusiastic a fashion enthusiast can get at the sight of the most simple, yet close to perfection piece of clothing. Takes it to the changing room or finally gets it delivered at home post shopping online and puts it on.

“Perfection” in the “close to perfection” is the moment when the piece falls naturally on the fashion enthusiast’s body and completes the circle of enthusiasm.

to enthuse
express eager enjoyment, interest, or approval regarding something.
synonyms: rave, be enthusiastic, gush, wax lyrical, bubble over, effervesce, be effusive, rhapsodise, go into raptures; praise to the skies, heap praise on, make much of, throw bouquets at, eulogise, extol, acclaim; informal go wild/mad/crazy, get all worked up, go over the top.

Stars shine bright like diamonds in the sky in full sunny day, violins sing in the most beautiful projected-in-our-minds garden, drums aligned along the mirror announce the victory, a silver tray carrying champagne for the enthusiast and the piece of clothing magically makes its way on Aladdin’s carpet.


It might be an item you found at a flea market, it might be by a designer, it doesn’t matter. The fabric is already hugging the body and the eyes just can’t abstain and not look at the body. 

It’s the most simple things. Always. The most simple pair of jeans you have been looking for since forever. The most common t-shirt, yet so oh-so soft, in the hue of black or red you’ve been craving for for moths. The shoes that seemed to have been waiting for you only the moment your energies locked.

It’s these kind of things that turn yourself into a fashion enthusiast. When clothes are so much more than clothes. When it is not just about the eagerness of getting new items and putting on a show, but it is more about the show you throw for yourself and you suddenly feel like dancing.

Inside out.

That’s when you know it’s real. The chemistry. The dance floor. The passion for fashion.

The enthuuuse.

And an enthusiast knows there’s always room for va-va-voom, but it is sometimes just about the “va”, or the “va”, or the “voom”. Alone. Simple. Perfect.

You deeply breathe in and then breathe out and when the breath comes out in the form of a sparkling fountain, the image above is what you – the fashion enthusiast – create.

Some kind of chemical formula.

Like H2O.

Yeah, Baby, Twist!

There are days when you have to leave in the morning and you have no idea when you’ll be back and you need an outfit that you know is going to make you feel like the rockstar that you are. Through the whole day.

On the inside.

Because yes, this is what clothes can do for you.

You can be anything you want to. You can be anything you want in life anyway if you work really hard for it. Sometimes, though, lip syncing on Snapchat in the car won’t do and you have to stick to the thing you, apparently, love more. And ultimately do more.

Because otherwise, you would be a rockstar fo sho’.

In fact, everybody is one when in the bathroom, singing in front of the mirror to the song one is obsessed with that started on the phone one carefully put near the window, so it won’t sink in the bathtub when one lipsinks. Wink. It is a long phrase, but one has to perfectly catch one’s seconds of fame.

So the day I wanted to rock just as much on the outside as I rock (meaning I literally sing rock music) on the inside, I wear a 100% cotton t-shirt and classic Levi’s jeans. The rest of the outfit depends on the twist I feel like and the place I am going to. And when I say “twist” I am talking about the scarf I seem to can’t let go of and twist it all over my body. At any times and places.

1.In the mornings, it could be the office or the coffee shop. The t-shirt, the jeans, a cool bag, a pair of block heels and the scarf wrapped on the head.

2. It all changes on the outside (one remains a rockstar on the inside) when the scarf goes on the wrist and the heals turn into flip flops (flip flops one can carry in the cool bag).

So basically, all you have to do is play with the scarf and carry a pair of flip flops in the bag.

Because hey, it is summer, and you never know how you will end up on the beach.






So What If It Rains?

1, 2, 1, 0, 2, 1.

Those are the floors you can reach with the elevator. I actually tested it and it works. You can push 1, then 2, then 1 again, then go to 0 blah-blah and ta-da! This comes out.

Myself out of a cake, only the cake is an elevator. You could come yourself out of a cake, if you can bake a cake that big and, eventually, eat it. Ta-da!

You can do anything you want!, is what they say. Truth is you can! So what if it rains, so what if you’re tired, so what if there’s nothing in the world that you would rather do than sleep?

Forget all of that and do some squats. Just saying.

Got up really early in the morning (6.30, ma friend), the night was full of thunder (literally, which is also cool), had to rush out and somehow only the doors of his closet opened up. No, seriously.

It was the twist I needed on this rainy day and, man, I love rain. No, really!

And elevators. Neah. Not really.

Kissing in the elevator, you say? That’s another story.

Or twist. No, that is the twist!

Point is it helps to get out of your clothes sometimes. Or closet, ha!

Or elevator. Byes.







If George Michael Has Faith, We Should Have It, Too.


Have you ever asked yourself what music could you listen to day and night, not like on and on again, but – let’s say – like if I would wake you up on a Monday night at 3 a.m. and put some music for you and you wouldn’t – let’s say – throw the pillow at me?

You would, most probably, anyway, but still. What would it be?

I’ve been asking myself this for some time now just to see if the answer would be the same. And it is. George Michael all the way.

What is the first image of him that comes to mind? Your mind. Fast, fast, fast. First!


The cross earring, the biker jacket and that hair. Or would you have said just “the cross earring”? No, of course not. The image flashed a couple of seconds ago and it was it all. It was Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou a.k.a. George Michael, born in London to a Greek father and an English mother.

Not to mention those aviators and that look! Hey, but that’s just me and Father figure is one of my all time favourite songs. Flamenco dancing emoji.


He was so into singing that he didn’t care about what he wore – or at least he pretended not to – and kept on wearing the same style (!) which, eventually, turned into iconic. It was his music first! It was him first! Yet, that kind of style can only be pulled off by someone who enjoys fashion. And George does for sure. He is the only one to have had 5 supermodels in one video alone and take the day of the shooting off. That’s right. ⬇️

Freedom! Directed by David Fincher.

He had to show up in Too funky (directed by Thierry Mugler), though, just to show to the world what Beyonce’s bodysuit will look like twenty years later.

Faith not only became one of his greatest hits, but also Giorgios witnessed the birth of the 501, God bless that day!

The next song is now playing in my background and it is the proof that style must be sustained by something else. A whole lot of else. One more try.

But then there he is in an all leather. Fast love.

And in an all white. A different corner.

No, you are Amazing, George!

And you sang with Whitney and that is that!

Few men…