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"It" Bags Don’t Have To Be Alone


I am often told Oh, yeah, and I would totally wear this [look] with a va-va-voom bag! (not necessarily in these words, but you get my point) as if the bag is supposed to bring that special sprinkle most of us wish for in our outfits, as if I am super classic and stuff, but hey, I also have this crazy part embodied by my purse, as if the bag is going to do the walking, not the owner of it.



And few people really love a piece of fashion which lives on its own, has personality that inspires not just one generation, but two or three or four, is one of “few people”‘s best friends. I am totally in for the thrill, you piece! A thrill with no pressure when talking about fashion, though.


Bags are our secret confidents. Collectors of our memories. If only bags could talk. They would tell you “Hey, find me a lover!“, or “Hey, this is a crowd!“, or “Someone partied hard last night, muhaha!“, or “You naughty, naughty one!“.

But they don’t.

Wearing an extraordinary bag – literally, extra ordinary – is not the easiest one can do and just throw onto whatever. Though, of course, you are your own designer, so do whatever the f it is that you want. But. A bag is going to be sad. Boo. It needs a partner in crime, an extra ordinary better half represented by just about anything from hair to skirts to socks.

Just like in love. Followed by Sienna’s smile below.




Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)







So you either go safe till the end and when being safe, don’t stress an it bag to do the “dirty” work, or you go “wild” and you be the partner of your “bag in crime”, by matching the it bag to, at least, one more it thing and then beat it!

A bag, on the other hand, may also be a friend to help you wake up to reality – if you ever feel like it. Like this honest bag below does.



Open your eyes and feel a little. Touch things with your eyes. Ouch. If it feels right or, even better, super wrong and you totally in it, feeling it, then it is it!

You with me?

The prize for the queen of “it bags” goes, undoubtedly, to one of these fashion enthusiasts:

Anna Dello Russo









Leandra Medine








Bags, you will forever be my best friends, you know too much.

I could bet I heard one of mine muhaha-ing from the wardrobe.

Who Run The World? Pineapples.


And we need to celebrate this. Or better yet, become pineapples! What? Oh come on, we know the drill, we know our imagination, we know we like to talk metaphorically here. It’s us! Come on, go to your room/bathroom or magically do it on the spot. Let’s do it together, in fact.

I already closed my eyes, have you closed yours?

If you still haven’t (hey!) it is for the better (only this time), because you get to see why we are so keen on becoming pineapples (luckily). Unless you hadn’t thought of it already, in which case comment below, write on Facebook or Instagram page or e-mail me, we have to be friends!


Now that we are both pineapples and we kinda rule the fashion scene, we get to coffee and chill and just talk and see how we got here. It all started very naturally. One pineapple here, one pineapple in our fridges (I can not believe that you don’t have any in your fridge right now), one pineapple there and, without any sort of fancy explanations, everyone wanted one. In our stomachs, on our t-shirts or desktops, in our bags casually flaunting its leaves. Because hey, it’s cool! and it is!

Why?, you would ask.

Because it is this weirdo, in the end, I would say. It had the guts to be different. Who knew? When it’s been here all along, with its unconventional shape, waxy leaves coming erectly just from the top of it, a shell that is not only rough, but so couture and all shaped and, as if these all weren’t enough, the inside of it tastes so unique and sweet. Jees, someone must have had a lot of fun making it.

And myself eating, you would say, since in a 100 gram serving, raw pineapples are an excellent source of manganese (44% DV) and vitamin C (58% DV) and it comes from Costa Rica, Philippines, Brazil, Thailand and India. This is too serious for you to say, but you probably read Wikipedia.

I, for instance, know that it’s good to eat it after meals. It burns fat.

And I also know that Candela Novembre has pineapples all over her Instagram, Leandra Medine wore some on MR‘s Topshop collab, sincerelyjules just wanted to have it on the floor, beside her, Vogue Paris put one on the bag (told you so).

You: I mean, think of “Pineapple Express“, which was named after a real cannabis strain.

I: Sweet. Dude. Sweet.

You: That’s another movie, girl!

And I would then kick you in the head with the freshest and coolest magazine in town, Celsius magazine. You wouldn’t get hurt, tho’, you have your crown on, remember? I covered the fashion and I had a lot of fun working for it.

It has a pineapple on the cover. You see the connection here, don’t you? Pineapple, magazine, fun, fashion, tasteful, healthy, cool, unique.

And you would say: Dude! Sweet!

But I have just read that grilled slices of pineapples can be used in a hamburger. Ladies and gentlemen, gtg!

By now you must have put your slippers on and are ready to go grocery shopping. Just stand tall, wear your crown and be sweet, because you are already stylish duh you have your slippers on.

Well, that is in case you forgot about our magic from above and have transformed back into a human being.

Of course you haven’t. Who does that?





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