Lauryn Hill, An Icon To Style

July 30, 2018
Lauryn Hill has a style one watches from afar, admires, throws a party to the eyes that want to see for, yet could never imitate. It comes from her inside and the inside is just as personal as style is.

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Style is not about super original combinations, more than three colours mixes or constant thrive for exposure or expression. Think of Emmanuelle Alt. It can be Hill, it can be Alt, it can be both, it can be whatever as long as it’s yours.

Browsing through the official fan page of Lauryn Hill’s Instagram account – only! – feels like observing a piece of art. A movie, a song, a video, a picture, a painting, a poem, anything that inspires the heart to be creative about. She’s inspiring, but she inspires without making a purpose out of it and Instagram can not even come anywhere close to who Lauryn Hill has been over the years or to who we have been privileged to get a glimpse of throughout the years.

I remember being a kid in the nineties, my brother always turning on the volume when The Fugees were on tv and myself staring at the always fabulously dressed trio running around the town that then seemed as if from another planet in Fu-Gee-La or throwing popcorn at each other in Killing Me Softly. It was 1996.

You grow style in life just as you grow in life. You grow yourself just as you grow your style. That is if you want to grow and subconsciously have been doing it anyway.

Lauryn, baby, use your head, but instead I chose to use my heart, Jay-Z quotes upon Lauryn Hill’s Zion.

In 1998, when Everything is Everything aired, I remember feeling content of already having known Lauryn Hill from her Fugees years and also being in awe at her sight. She was wearing bright pink and blue jeans. To the day, 20 years later, whenever I see the bright pink and blue jeans combo I think of the video.

Her attitude in Doo-Wop (That Thing) while dancing and rapping in a pale yellow mini dress and jeans shirt as opposed to the 60s’ look. No matter the clothes, accessories and hair, her eyes and presence are all about something that always came from within in the first place, and only after from the anything that has ever covered her. Just as with Emmanuelle is.

Lauryn’s rhythm and silhouette in gracefully flowing whites, deep blues and (those!) brown leather super-flared trousers in Ex-Factor come up in looks that are timeless. Style is timeless.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was her first solo album and when I saw on MTV, yet later on in 2001, the MTV Unplugged 2.0, I felt, yet again, the impact art can have on us throughout our entire lives and the beauty of us – us and the artists we love – growing together. Of experiencing life. Of, one day, getting to live the Ex-Factor, but also the Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, something we fantasised about when being children and, now come to realise, when being adults also.

In 2017, I wrote about her 🥁 here 🥁. Life, it gets you places.

One can see how Lauryn enjoys clothes and you can see how Emmanuelle does it, too. In both their personal and professional lives. Style. Elegance. In both personal and professional life.

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Ooh-la-la! Lauryn Hill Is So Good Right Now!

August 12, 2016


As she’s always been.

And we couldn’t be any happier to nod and clap in front of our computers as we listen to the above. As soon as I saw the post on Ms. Lauryn Hill’s Facebook feed this morning, I couldn’t help but notice, at first, the va-va-voom. The top, the turtleneck underneath, the skirt and the aura.

I clicked.

Her voice, then, took me back to the time when I – a kid – loved to mingle amongst my – teen then – brother and his friends in our living room having a party like there was no tomorrow just as soon as my parents’d left for vacation.


I was not only supposed to not spill a word about it to our parents (which I did), but also go to sleep (which I didn’t). Hallelujah, for I would’ve not written this now if not for my “I don’t want to go to bed alone” line I always used to pick on my brother.

And it worked! Big grin emoji.

It were the mid-’90s and they were The Fugees and seemed to have so much fun on MTV where I used to stalk them. Obviously, I was a huge fan of Lauryn’s. And her style. Always lush. True. Fun. Boyishly flamboyant. Always different, yet always herself.

Today, the video of PBS proved the “Once a (true) star, always a star” phrase if there ever were one, from “Ready or not” to “Doo-Wop (That thing)” to “Ex-Factor” and now to the Austin City Limits performance.

Yet another childhood living room experience. It’s these kind of things that shape us. “Great, the parties!”, one shall say. I don’t know who. “Hello, you!“.

The eyes, the ears, the heart.

Wide open, folks!

PS: by min 37:16, I guarantee you enter the weekend just the way you should. See ya.

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