One Of My Favourite (!) Combos Lately And Ever


Just as good as Créme glacée à la vanille avec noix de pécan et à la souce caramel (caramel sauce, not just caramel) is. To me, in winter, it is, oui!


It was early in the morning that I left home and Lovesick was playing in my headphones.


Who would have thought that I would have ever become a KENZO lover? Our romance started with the h&m x KENZO collection three years ago and (and!) the (pretty many) pieces (one would get from a collection that is supposed to be “in fashion” one month only, not even one season) somehow have stuck with me ever since. They actually seem to get better in time because they just do. It was love at first sight without myself carrying, at the time, that much about the collaboration “everyone was talking about”. I didn’t even know KENZO is Paris based or anything.

– So what if it is?

– Mais, je ne sais pas, c’est Paris, c’est tout.


I just loved how they were made; the fabric, the colours, the textures, the nature, the animals, volumes, everything. I even got a men’s sweater. For myself. It’s that good. Still.

Créme glacée à la vanille avec noix de pécan and stuff…


KENZO is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Kenzo Takada was born in Japan and moved to Paris in 1964 to start his fashion career. He then became known for using Asian and Japanese influenced style with the expert construction of European high fashion. Started out with a ‘Jungle Jap’ boutique located in Paris, decorated in jungle inspired decor. Began with handmade women’s clothing, then in 1983, started designing for men, kids and then home collections in 1987. Today, it is an international luxury goods brand owned by parent company LVMH, that purchased the label in 1993, according to Wikipedia.


These pants in particular, ooh. The joy! It’s not that often that I wear them, but would wear daily! It’s something in their movement. Aaand they are so soft and… Smooth! While being pretty flashy, yet so down to earth. Literally. They feel like wearing a teddy bear on each of my feet. Just imagine it. I used to grab my brother’s feet, one at a time, each time he (1) wouldn’t do something with me or (2) I just wanted to have fun with him. When I was 7, let’s say, and he was 17. And he would, (apparently) annoyed, carry me on one of his feet through the house and I remember I kind of used to enjoy it. Jees.



🍒🍒 Ouias! 🍒🍒


By 11 a.m. Lucky started to play between my ears.

I felt lucky throughout the day. And danced between my ears. You feel me? What do you feel?


The Adidas (some special sort of Adi Dassler – one of the Adidas founders – collection) hoodie is an item I literally feel like home in. Like carrying my home with me all around, with my music, scent and everything. I might be walking tall and all, but inside I am snuggling af.

A crisp white t-shrit is ALWAYS forever.


The Hugo Boss jacket I got for my mom as a Christmas present years ago is an exchange for a jacket of mine I did with mom. I always smile when I remember of the subtle deal we did. The prints would not, theoretically, work together, yet there’s something about their forms and colours that make them ride the same wave.

The Nikes are one of the most tender (yup) kinds of shoes I have been indulging (yup) in lately. There’s just something about this particular model and they feel like FOREVER always.

The suede Mango bag is… Suede. The Nikes are, too, and they somehow communicate. Moreover, its colour – nature’s sort of brown – feels like some sort of playground for the zebra pants.

I have to admit that a high bun means a lot to this combo. So does a high spirit.


It was a different kind of story with the hair down and bouncy on the Friday before. It implied a different kind of upper (body) styling.


By night, the music in my car got to Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Only for a short while and for the love of the LED Starburst filter on Insta Story. Or something.


I can not (do not want to) ever (have to) decide between vanilla or chocolate ice-cream. It’s vanilla today, it might as well be chocolate tomorrow. Or raspberries. What? Oui!

This kind of outfits is one of the reasons I love winter, too. It challenges us and makes us fall in love with snow when it snows. When it doesn’t… Well… Find yourself some va-va-voom pants and you’ll not only feel lovesick, but lucky also. Or vice versa. Or have some ice-cream. Have some ice-cream after having found your va-va-voom pants.


🍒🍒 Ouias! 🍒🍒


Focus Defocus


Don’t you just love it when you wake up in the morning and you, from the start, set your mind to having a good day? The focus. On the good vibes coming from within. On intention.

Obviously, there are days when you wake up and something just doesn’t feel right, but that, too, most of the times, is a decision to begin with. And that, too, feels right sometimes. The defocus. The soaking into whatever life has prepared for you and the acceptance of it turning around anywhere anytime. The soaking into a proper bubble bath, a glass of wine, a movie or book is, sometimes, just as awesome.

It all comes from our mind and what our intuition tells us to believe in.

And then, the world starts to become a clearer place.

In either of the situations, wearing a favourite item always brings joy and, saying that, I once again make a promise to myself to only remain with a closet full of favourite items. Imagine every day of our lives afterwards. Of course, clothes are just a fraction of our focus, but – man! – ins’t it nice when even when we defocus and we still have something we really like on us?

Is this what they mean when they say “to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health”?

Moreover, having to focus on life rather than on what to wear – sometimes – feels so liberating. As opposed to running around naked throughout the house with your hands pulling your hair in all directions. As opposed to hands up in the air freely and so on.

To me this – sometimes – means dressing in something that would fit from day to night. Shoes and hair do the trick most of the times. Ok, and a lipstick I always carry from place to place yet never remember the last place I put it in. Sounds familiar?

But oh, when I defocus and the lipstick shows up out of nowhere!

Still no lipstick!


For The Days You Choose To Be Happy


It was about time to leave summer behind and look forward to winter – the verb, if there existed one. Only it is still warm outside and I don’t know whether we should be happy or not about that, since this might be a matter of global warming.

Leo DiCaprio has been warning us. My parents have been teaching me since forever to not take this planet for granted and to diminish any trace of carelessness when regarding it: water – Cristinaaa! when forgetting to turn it off post washing the dishes (yes!), food – they wouldn’t take me to McDonald’s and I would always sing McDonald’s song from the commercial hoping they would stop and feed me, electricity – when reading, yet still having the TV on and so on and I am not even mentioning throwing things in the streets or whatever, nature – planting trees and observing them grow.

The little things.

Other than that, I was allowed to go on parties, to stay up late and watch the Oscars or the MTV Video Music Awards, to draw on windows for holidays, to appreciate my brother when he would loudly listen to music, to climb each and every one of them (mom, dad, brother) if I felt like. They trusted me, they knew what they were raising, I come now to realise.

Oh, and try not to throw your gum in the streets, I’m telling you karma will get you and gum will stick to your feet one day. It got me (sorry, mom!). Not even out the window of the car, trust me! Moreover, a bird might try to chew it and they don’t know they’re not allowed to.

The little things which are not, in fact, little.

So life is beautiful, as Benigni would say – and mustn’t be taken for granted either and there will always be good days and bad days – if we truly take care and dream about it to be beautiful and true. Otherwise, you can throw the damn gum and you can only look down and stay in misery, but why da fuck would you? Unless choosing to be lame and complain and be too damn lazy to fight. Or just to be stupid.

You could, though, and should, most definitely, have a McDonald’s once in a while to stay sane.

For health there’s love, intuition, meditation, exercise, reading, watching movies, dreaming.

Even in meetings.

Or, you know, wearing some of the clothes you like on a day that just might turn into a good day thanks precisely to them. And this is why clothes are never just clothes. They help you cover parts only loved ones should see.

I held you in my arms when you were little and wanted to pee, my brother always says.