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The Moss In The No Moss, No Foss, Kate Moss!



January the 16th. A special day in our calendars to mark the birth of someone who ever since appearing in media, has not ever owned any social media account and who just sits in a coffee shop at a table, enjoying her coffee without any phone or laptop (and is taken for a crazy person, according to a tweet a while ago, there!) and is, nevertheless, one of the most wanted individuals in the fashion world. In spite of the new comer Gigi Hadid and her millions of “followers”. Nothing wrong with that.

It is true that in the early ’90s, when Moss appeared in the Calvin Klein commercial, Facebook and Instagram didn’t exist. But even when they did, there was still no sight of Kate on it. One of the most used hashtags probably – #katemoss – and still nothing! The only certified account (all of the rest are fake) was made last year in September – @katemossagency – for her agency. I followed, have been stalking ever since, but there’re only 64 posts there.

Kate Moss does covers, not Insta.

She did 37 Vogue UK covers, the first one in 1993 and the latest in 2016, each time in her own style. A style she managed to genuinely flaunt and transform into a British trademark.

The dyed-blonde-always-chicly-undone is a hint of the partying nights. Moreover, it is a hint of her character, humour, love of life (ignore the cigarette from picture below), looseness, good mood, honesty.

This is what Moss fabulously gets beyond her famous cheekbones, the full of confidence, but always warm stare, emblematic hair, sylphid allure, pure energy.

A sort of candour that is not even “intended”, it is real from inside out. Out to her 170 cm, a height so atypical for her launch back in the ’80s, when Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell were referred to as “supermodels”.

Kate Moss is the definition of effortless. She does not struggle to feel effortless, for sure. If she does, though, and wanders naked in front of the mirror for long minutes just to be able to get of the house looking casually and at peace, I would feel better myself. But I don’t think she does, anyway.

Or does she?

Howsoever, she must be easing her life by owning some key pieces in her wardrobe she feels good in and then mixes all the time. Only to feel good in them. This is it.


One can see that she loves fashion. The deep way. She does not only gets it so well, but is also aware of what clothes might do to one and seems to believe in clothes’ power to become one’s confident to share feelings and memories with. Moss has this thing for high-end vintage gowns rather then for the freshly out from the fashion weeks’ catwalks.

And wears them with a nonchalance that rivals with the “weight” most of the fashion world usually forces itself to impose and wins every time while toasting with vodka drinks with “the tough ones”.

Without even realising it.

Because she just lives and loves it.

To live!


Be Whatever You Want To Be

As in wear whatever you want to wear. It’s Sunday. It’s almost “not quite the weekend no more”, it’s almost Smonday, it’s the feeling when Sunday slowly goes into Monday and before this last one goes into you, you be whatever you want to be.

As in wear exactly what you want. Everyday. But today is well, you know, no better day than today. And Sunday feels like this.


Doesn’t it?

Put your hands up in the air like you just don’t care only not quite ’cause it’s not the “Uh, I’m so tipsy right now, feels like putting my hands up on the head and spin around like Kate does below and uh uh some more”, it’s the “Oh jees, this is it” and you not only rest your hands on the head as Charlotte does above, but you also throw your feet in front of you, you move your hips as if the hips don’t belong to you and you keep shaking your head, hair, whatever exactly like Kate here does. Oh, you don’t? Everybody does. On Sunday.

So there’s Charlotte and Kate. Who just don’t know what to do with themselves and so do we. Or don’t we.

But then there’s this one. This could totally be you. Who are you?


Everything is black and white today. See?

Maybe it’s just the weather.

It’s always the weather.


If George Michael Has Faith, We Should Have It, Too.


Have you ever asked yourself what kind of music could you listen to day and night, not like on-and-on-again, but if-I-supposedly-woke-you-up-at-3 a.m.-put some-music-for-you-what-would-be-the-music-that-wouldn’t-make-you-instantly-throw-a-pillow-at-me like?

You would, most probably, anyway, but still, what would it be? I’ve been asking myself this for some time now just to see if the answer is the same and it is. George Michael all the way.

It’s the same with clothes. There are clothes that you would throw on you at any time and feel good under whatever circumstances and that are, usually, the ones to define your style.

What is the first image of him that comes to mind? Your mind. Fast, fast, fast. First! Exactly!

The cross earring, the biker jacket and that hair. Would you have said the cross earring only? No, of course not. The image flashed before our eyes a couple of seconds ago and it was it all. It was Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou a.k.a. George Michael, born in London to a Greek father and an English mother.


Not to mention those aviators and that look! Hey, but that’s just me and Father Figure is one of my all time favourite songs. Flamenco dancing emoji.


He was so into singing that he didn’t care about what he wore – or at least he pretended not to – and kept on wearing the same things which, put together created something so authentic that it, eventually, turned into the iconic style we all have been in awe of. Although, his music was first, that kind of style can only be pulled off by someone who enjoys fashion and its magic. He was the only one to have had 5 supermodels in one video alone and take the day of the shooting off. That’s right. ⬇️


Freedom!, directed by David Fincher.


He had to show up in Too funky (directed by Thierry Mugler), though, just to show the world what Beyonce’s bodysuit would look like twenty years later.


Faith not only became one of his greatest hits, but propelled the Levi’s 501 to stardom, God bless that day!


One More Try is now playing in my background and it is the proof that style does not only mean clothes.


But then there he is in an all leather. Fast love.


And in an all white. A Different Corner.


No, you are Amazing, George!


And you sang with Whitney and that is that! If I Told You That


Few men…

Amber Heard And Her Johnny

Johnny Depp is awesome. And even if this is not about Johnny Depp, he is still oh-so-very awesome. In fact, we could make this into a Johnny is oh-so-very fashion!. This is not just a coincidence as it is not, I bet, that of him marrying Amber Heard.
Together with whom he stole the show on the red carpet at the Venice festival.

Nor this is about the first man on the moon, you see. We’re still here, gravitating around Johnny.

ozinparis-johnnydepp-amberheardAs does Amber above.

Her style here is so… Johnny. Or Moss.

Still, the chemistry Johnny and Kate shared!

ozinparis-katemoss-johnnydeppThere have been some years since the first steps on the moon, as there have been some since that chemistry. So many years that they both have kids now. With different people, though. We will get to that one day and we’ll try not to cry.

Until then, it’s Amber and her stunning looks that make this post.

ozinparis-johnnydepp-amberheardIt is her that shines, not the dress. It’s the hair, the make-up and the accessories that are complemented by the dress. The cut flows on her. And on him, if you know what I mean. The sweet décolletage is not too sweet thanks to the undone (right!) coiffure.

You don’t have to have the done (as in for a commercial for hairspray or news show!) hair when on the red carpet, at a party or a wedding when wearing an elegant gown. But do wear the accessories and the love for Johnny. For your Johnny.

They first met in 2011 when shooting for The rum diary. Bad movie, funny Johnny, beautiful Amber, pretty sexy couple.