White Thing

American Music Awards just happened and the thing that stroke us most was Chrissy Teigen’s dress. Not for its design or for the smashing host of it. But for my brain having to twist left and right as to understand why would anyone wear it? It is fab, don’t get me wrong! But it comes with baggage. Or none, to be precise.

As in going commando the Joey Tribbiani way.

Is it the marketing of promoting Yousef Akbar, the designer? Could be. Is it Chrissy’s purpose to flaunt her incredible post pregnancy body? We knew she got it from her momma. Or is it a game she’s playing with husband John Legend in public? This would be cool. Haha.


As she herself named her “hooha” on her IG. The Chrissy Teigen way all the way. We all laughed at it and even loved her a little bit more.


This came just in time after we all goggled our eyes and print screened her dazzling last week’s attendance at Glamour’s 10 years anniversary party. Then stalked her other red carpet appearances and found out she’s the queen of white ensembles she not only prefers (apparently), but also succeeds in making the most of them. Check it out.


The view could be pretty “more” (from the “less is more”), but then her smile, make-up and coat did the trick to make it all look glam. Jam.

“All white” is a big thing right now. It has always been, in fact, and for good reasons. It has a lot of  the “je ne sais quoi” flowing all over, but can be rather risky if not well accessorised and fitted. Chrissy here does some great white outfits we can all learn something from.

That is if we prefer the safe side and by “safe” we mean the outfit below. A total understatement when it comes to Teigen, though. Rrrr.


Maybe just loose the purse. John has some room in his pockets for her phone and lipstick for sure.


Gorgeous. But safe. But gorgeous.


Ready to dance. You go, girl! Hopefully the dress has pockets. It would give the fun twist to the outfit when loosing the purse. Again. A girl has to dance.


Put together. Safe. Good. The smile and wave did the trick here.


There’s something about shorts and long sleeves. Something really good.


The lack of accessories here rules like never before.


Very, very cool.


Elegant. These sandals… Man! Every gal should own a pair of these. Great with almost anything in this world.



The clutch is too matchy, matchy, but the tan and hair not only save the day, but fit this dress very nicely.


Body and smile rocking.


Absolute favourite! 

Oh, hey John, hey Luna!

Go make yourself memories. Genuinely


“I would find you in any lifetime”, said Kanye and says I to this jumpsuit and, this is not just a jumpsuit aficionado talking. Flamenco dancing emoji.
I can not get bored of it in this life, it’s hard for me to even think of any other life. But just in case, I would if I had to.

Do you believe in before and afterlife?

The funniest thing about clothing, though, is roleplaying. What? As in exploring your style up and down, left and right and beyond. Where? Anywhere. For instance, since I can remember myself, I have been keen on finding the most comfortable (there were very few exceptions to the sort of rule) and luscious pieces of clothing which even meant going through all of my family’s wardrobes to find bargains. It’s like having your own vintage shop within your own home.


I was too young to buy stuff myself or I didn’t even know I cared too much. I just did things. No strings attached, no emotional attachments, Antonio Banderas would say. Use the same tone.

Growing up, on the other hand, has been a lot of fun. Only don’t grow up, it’s a trap, you know the drill. I started buying things and having boyfriends which meant… More closets! And I kind of though I knew my style, but there are moments like these (when I emotionally attach, Antonio) and then realise I actually don’t have just one style. It is continuously changing.

It’s the playing, told you. And it doesn’t stop once dressed up. It’s just getting started. Starteeeed. When I do find a combo like this, I could play (and play) for hours. For days. And so I did this past weekend, when from Saturday morning till Sunday evening I went through hosting a brunch, going to my nieces’ turned-into-grown-ups-super party to attending a wedding and then kissing at a family dinner in it.

A viscose jumpsuit, a linen tee, loose hair and leather slippers. Give’m the twist you need according to the event you are attending by accessorising (earrings, bag, scarf, shoes, barefoot mmm).

And you don’t even have to necessarily not sleep at home just to have an excuse to wear it all over again the next day (days). It amplifies the amount of memories you can gather in that same outfit. You know? As if the memories go all into one beautifully wrapped box (a.k.a. outfit) that will, eventually, be delivered to your mind and soul.

Uh. Yeah, I know.

But it does!


Brunchalohic or smth.mp4




The party no one had any time to take almost no pictures. <3


Wedding thing turned into mouth thing.


Told ya now.mp4







Let The Grin Rule


Not even Sarah Jessica Parker can hide the Friday smile on a Friday. Friiiidaaaaay! She is trying to concentrate and stand still, but she literally can’t hide it. She is almost dancing. Easy breezy. Her posture says “Grab my bag, I’m gonna have a little party on my own here on the street whoop, whoop! Gently!

She is wearing a jumpsuit and a jumpsuit is always having a party on its own anyway. This one almost whisperingly sings “feeling-super-comfy“. Obviously paired with Converse which, just between us, is a bit outdated for the moment, but they’re classic. You can wear them almost anywhere and they’ll fit. It’s like with the white, nit sneakers that are so “en vogue” right now and you can see them everywhere and I WANT A PAIR.

She’s not wearing any accessories aside from the bracelets and the sunglasses and this makes the look even more a not-a-care-in-the-world” look and you can almost hear her:

The moment I come home on a Friday night and easily get rid of everything on me and lay down with the smile I had earlier in the picture. Oh, you know the smile. Oh, f*ck it, I’m grinning just like the grinning-with-all-its-teeth-out emoji does! It’s Fridaaaay!

Now! If you are not going home and you want to go out at night, this jumpsuit is that kind of jumpsuit. You can wear it with the most funky shoes, fill your arms up with bracelets and get a smaller (similar) bag or don’t (you have pockets) and let the Friday begin!

ozinparis-shoes ozinparis-shoes

Careful when choosing the bracelets. It depend on the shoeeees.

Jump For The Jumpsuit

Because it is the coolest. When in doubt of what to wear, throw on a jumpsuit and you’re done. You’re not. You’ll feel like jumping. Actually you won’t, but your mind will for sure, since the dressing up problem will be so-o-oh solved. Jump into one and you’re done. Now this is the right order of words. Oh yea!

You can actually wear one from morning ’till dawn until you’re done. See my point? You had your whole day for working, walking, waking (lifting-shoulders-rising-arms emoji) in your jumpsuit, playing it cool, playing the je-m’en-fiche, just playing (since you’re in a jumpsuit!) and your trainers. Unlike myself; I am still looking for my perfect pair of traineeeers. My perfect white pair of traineeeers. With stars on the sides. Carelessly-whistling emoji.


Until then, since I haven’t found the much-wanted tassels around my neck, I will wear them around my feet. Approximately. Slipped into them, too. Uhu. The white trainers so could’ve worked it better. They will.


The straps are supposed to be tied around the neck. Instead I X-ed them, as X-ibit does. Why? Lotsa skin. And not so much time to pick up any necklaces from home. The straps did the trick. See above.

The hair? Don’t care!


You are trying not to look at your phone too much. But you can hear it ringiiing. Yup, your girlfriends are calling you out on the playground Remember the times?  and you so want to goooo. Done. Done. And done! Mess up your hair and you are ready to go, my friend! If only it would be that easy. It can be, you know? Still, I feel like heels. Tadaa! I have them with me.

I am either wearing these if it’s hot I almost take a shower in the streets.


Or these if it’s that lovy-dovy-windy-summerishy we all love that we almost kiss in the streets. We can still do this even when shower from above is involved. Uh!


Either way, I have my earrings on! Something to rhyme with on.


And my party mood on. On and on. There.