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New York. I am so curious what comes to people’s minds the moment they hear the name. What do you think of? Now. Now, now.

What do I think of? I’m imagining you asking me and we have this dialogue in our super rich imagination. I’ll do both parts, I’ll draw the dashes like there’s no tomorrow. With you. Though I’m sure your mind is running wild inside that head of yours, too, you just have to see it and release it or, you know, enjoy the pain/pleasure.  

Very interesting. Talking to yourself. Well, actually, having dialogues with yourself. I do it here and I do it publicly, you are super safe on your couch.

New York? You’re asking me.

I am now at this shooting in New York – cough – in a studio that has been arranged as to feel “there”. From the brainstorming, we all concluded that NY is, above all, about the city itself. About what you can see outside the window. Eyes take shapes of the buildings, of the flatiron (building, hello!) and THE streets. Of the street where you can see that beautiful sunset. Ooh!

This is me talking as a future tourist of a place I am super anxious to see and heard every possible clichée about. And then sharing them.

Of the streets?

This is where I intended to get. There are things someone says sometimes, even 8 years ago, and they forever stuck in your memory. Unlike other stuff you heard 5 minutes ago and bye! It’s like you haven’t ever heard of it. A freshly returned from NY (8 years ago fresh) friend told me then: “Jees, the women on the streets of NY, Jees!“.

And this didn’t sound like a clichée to me then. Brasil, Russia would have, but not NY. At least not to my ears. When I heard her, I pictured the image below and 8 years later it became reality:

Both the ones on the right and on the left.

In my imagination, the hair was blonde. The attitude and style, however, were exactly as in the story later told above by @ohwawa_: “Fashion week time. Remember everything isn’t just about the runway, sometimes your runway is just walking the streets of New York. See you soon New Yawkkk!

Because yes, it is about New York Fashion Week and starting last season’s, New York street style has become very personal. Inside and outside shows’ attendees are no longer worn by their clothes. Quite the contrary. Moreover, they are actually represented by their style which is what style does best and so, therefore – ladies and gents! – we finally have street style.


Or style.


You’re driving me nuts with all these hashtags. 

Pain/pleasure, remember?

FW16 Fashion Ad Campaigns That Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy Or Drama (Thanks To Kanye And Kim)

The winter is so not around the corner and it is, obviously, so far away anyway. Yay! But. But! Having my Facebook account used for my daily fashion feed I could not not overlook the Balmain fall winter 2016 campaign shares of my apparently pretty fashionable friends.

Who I knew were pretty, but didn’t quite expect to be that fashionable.

But. But!

Then I watched the video and I got it. It was Kanye West’s video Wolves that was used as the fashion ad of the brand’s fw16 campaign. Or was is the other way around?

It is very interesting how, lately, all these worlds collide and you never know what is going to be next. The next collaboration, fashion trend or Taylor Swift relationship. You never know what is going to be next regardless, but, nowadays, it seems like Kim could, any time now, sing along with Kanye and become a band called “Kimye“. They sort of have already. For this. So there.

The cast (Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, Sia, Vic Mensa, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jourdan Dunn, Sasha Luss, Joan Smalls etc.) is all wearing really expensive Balmain clothes and crying. Why so sad though? Steven-Klein-directed-it-and-Olivier-Rousteing-(French and romantic)-creative-directed why. That’s why.

This, initially, started as an article about the upcoming fashion campaigns (see title) and how we have so much until winter yay bla bla (see intro) and it got to already two paragraphs of only the Balmain ad. Well, this is precisely what the whole combination wants us to do. To become curious, to see, to share and write. And, ultimately, buy the clothes? Flushed face emoji.

We’d already forgotten about the clothes. It is about high fashion (tho’), Kanye West’s latest video, Kim Kardashian, famous supermodels, drama, tears, black and white footage all, glamorously, put together by the notoriously praised photographer Steven Klein.

How come North and Saint West didn’t make it in? Because you know what they say in theatre: don’t ever bring babies or animals on stage.

The video is said to be shot right after the Met Gala, so while everyone was enjoying Instagram and food at the party, Olivier Rousteing (and the whole marketing department) was working on having us all talking (three months past the event) of, yet another, media boom. They did, in fact, brought animals on stage, in the end. You with me? You’d better. Because other wise, you will end up with the wolves, ma’ friend.

The following fall 2016 ad campaigns are the ones that have been in my drafts for a while now, the ones who actually made me want to write about this huge trend right now. Trend amongst trends, yes. The video presentations of the imminent collections of the biggest fashion houses.

Because this is the world we’re living in, it is running at full speed and we can not but ketchup. Just like the baby tomato in Mia’s papa tomato, mama tomato and baby tomato joke in Pulp Fiction.

And we can not but like the world, the life and the joke.

​See the standout ad campaigns of Fall 2016:

Giorgio Armani 


Alexander McQueen


Stella McCartney 

Salvatore Ferragamo

Dolce & Gabbana



A-ha, honey!

Fall 2016 Haute Couture. Bisous! Fromage.

Here comes a feeling you thought you’d forgotten.

You know?

And precisely when I just thought I was over it and a few days have passed since it anyway, I woke up to my Instagram feed and Instagram prioritises have changed (alike mine). They, firstly, show you friends’ morning faces, Monday moods, wishes for the world and, only secondly, they show you not-your friends (but kinda in the friend zone) showing off their work. And I had to stalk them in order for them to “grow” in my feed.

#fwp is so close to #pfw, it scares me.

The Fall 2016 Couture Fashion week à Paris, évidemment, has just wrapped up. Shortly after the made-to-measure Spring 2017 menswear week has. The so called menswear, since it is actually for us, too, the ladies, to love and wear. No? Men could just wear the t-shirt we have just slept in the night before and we would be just fine with it. No?

With couture, tho, oh! Menswear, womenswear, we love them couture. Haute couture. Haute, haute! 

Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain described the art of dressmaking as “the architecture of movement”. To me, clothes need to have sort of personality of their on on me or one that blends with mine. I could not wear clothes that wouldn’t make me feel like myself. Couture, though, “oh!”, so myself! Jees, I am kidding, but I absolutely adore the passion one can observe in the bright light. Or at night. Ha.

To be able to wear couture, one should feel couture. As in high. Sky high. Thigh high. And let the love be made from inside out on one. Inside – one. Out – couture. On one – one’s body. And dance. And not look at the price tags. So irrelevant.

You and me, we are blending now, yes? While laughing at the “irrelevant”, yes? Ha. Ha.

Ladies and gentlemen, Fall 2016 Haute Couture! Let’s make our OZ. In Paris.

Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy.


Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli at Valentino reminded us of the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death and made the taffeta whoosh and the drama begin. For real, since Chiuri is in at Christian Dior. And Chiuri seems all right. Click, yes. But so seems Piccioli.





The way the two Swiss understudies, Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux, managed to make yet another couture collection (in slippers!) at Christian Dior, after Raf Simmons’ sudden quit last October. Meow (the extreme cat eyes filter)!




John Galliano‘s va-va-voom (duh!) at Maison Margiela.




At Versace, Donatella Versace said this couture collection was “different” for her. It was for us, too. In a very good way. Apart from the interesting lines, cuts and colours, the glittery lips had a catwalk of their own. Partying side by side with the shoes.





So the couture week is, usually, happening in Paris, but when you are Karl Lagerfeld and you have been the designer of Fendi for 50 years, you have to let your guests know and you fly them to Rome. To Fontana di Trevi and well, you go with the flow. Literally. Since the models walked on top of its pools. Cools. And wore fur ribbons in their hair. Care.






Giambattista Valli makes dresses I would wear to weddings where I would be sure the bride has a prettier dress. They are just pretty like a fairy tale pretty. I would wear them with some rock sandals or just white (super worn) sneakers. Oh, yes, I am safe then. From the bride. Snickers!






This Is Whatever You Want This To Be


You know?

I know.

When thinking of what we can see on the outside when, in fact, what is on the inside is what actually blows our minds. What? That is if you are an adrenaline (or answers) seeker or you have a very rich imagination that wants to be explored.

There, where only you can see inside of you. And that one (the one) that sees right through you. But that’s chemistry and we’ll get there one day.

So I said I know, so I’ll go. My mind is constantly in this turmoil to do the right thing or to do a lot of things; it is battling, in general. It overthinks and overanalyses. And I stop for a bit and retreat in my head – in the parallel world – on the inside. This is where love comes in and, even if just for a glance, calms all my thoughts down or makes them vanish away and I feel like breathing again. Living the moment. The present. The magnificent. The running no more, Beyoncé.

But then there are moments like these. When it feels like I need to get away, so I take some days off from almost everything, yet the anxiety is still here and it feels like I should be doing something and all I choose to do is being here. Being here makes me the most sane, so yes, this is me being sane, hello.

Maybe it is just the fact that I skipped my yoga for a week and now I miss it. Maybe this is all what this should be about. Finding something that makes you calm. Being here makes me.

Cheese anyone? I know. But it does!

I find myself in situations where friends tell me that I am worse at messaging than the people they are in relationships with. It takes a while. Do you know the Durex commercials where the spermatozoids are trying to get to the ovule and they all bang their heads towards it when trying to penetrate it? This is me. The ovule. And there are few friends who get into. And we have babies and the time of our lives and we live happily ever after. You get my point.

And meet my imagination.

It just feels like I don’t want to escape the feeling of feeling. May it be hugging, talking about the universe, reading a book, magazine, watching a movie, having a youtube party, eating, writing. May it be laying in the sun on a Sunday afternoon with a best friend having a deep conversation about life over a glass of wine and yes, maybe at the end, Snapchatting, but Snpachat makes me laugh so hard sometimes.

And it can get contagious, too, which makes it even more of a happy tool to me. This is the thing with Snapchat. I just do it for myself and doing stuff only for myself is so damn rare that I cherish it the way Madonna cherished the love in the 90s. It is the parallel world we were talking about earlier. And from, let’s say, 20 videos made at traffic lights or in bed I would (maybe) post one, but the rest of them are for my own party. On the inside.

Instagram is for inspiration, for finding out stuff, for being in touch (live sometimes) with the parallel world I choose to live in. Fashion, feelings, stories, music, movies, travelling.

Twitter I just used once when ~ stealing ~ a thumbs-up from Melanie of All Saints herself (!) on writing a piece about them. I’ve always been a fan and when I like, I love. And Melanie did like it. Ooh.

Facebook… Well. Facebook makes me noxious. Oh-so noxious. Still, it is the most useful tool when you want to get to people and I want to get to you and if Facebook is the one that brought you here, then Facebook… I love you and I hate you at the same time.

So where do we live? In which one of the worlds? I think we create a world we love inside of us and then get it into reality (hopefully) and continue to create it. To dream with our eyes open. To live. How we want to live.

Ok, now I am running (running, running) to my yoga, Bey.


Back. Back from yoga everything seems different. Clearer. Cleaner. So, the point is you find your thing. Yoga, running, singing, fitness, dancing (!) and free your mind. Start again. Again and again.

At other times, though, it can be an apricot that takes you back on track. An apricot and boom, you’re alive.

Yes, this is personal, but everything these days just seems so unpersonal. What’s wrong with personal? You be personal with yourself.

Do You Like To Do It Yourself? #selfie


I really don’t see that much of a difference (in fact none) between taking the picture yourself prior to posting it and having someone taking the picture of yourself and then posting it. Wherever. If you are going public with it, then it really doesn’t matter. Debatable on hashtag selfie, though.

Unless you’re Kimye, then hashtag selfie like there’s no tomorrow. But you’re not, you are you and you can take whatever photos you want to of you, just:

ozinparis-jim-carey Using an edit app is cool sometimes. Vogue does it all the time. And as long as something, anything, can be improved, why the f not? I tried it once, it erased my signature mole on the cheekbone, felt like cheating and it was over for me and the apps.


My dark circles still hope for a reconciliation, though.

Hashtag hoping hoping.

My partner in kissing would rather parachute jump with me – no, not that, would rather go to a couples massage (and he is not quite into massage ***I know***) with me than have me asking a stranger in Paris to take a picture of us. It got to the point where I don’t even know what I like most. Having our picture taken with the entire (if possible) Jardin du Luxembourg, in the background, by a stranger ***ooor*** having to see his face when I tell him “I’m gonna ask this apparently fun and kind man to take our picture”. Right after him taking the shot after stretching up his hand and finding the perfect angle to fit our heads in the frame of the selfie. What? To be sure we have both the selfie and the whole deal.



High five for taking the situation in your own hands, literally, and then taking your own picture. Why wait? You would have to act all cool, strike weird poses in front of someone who can not wait for you to decide upon the poses and, ultimately, pretend there is no one, in fact, taking your picture.

Now paparazzi… We all love it when someone randomly takes our pictures and doesn’t tell us because it’s precisely then when we don’t even have to care of being photographed, we don’t have to try to act cool, we don’t have to wine about the fact that we don’t like the light or whatever and so on.

The Truman Show. You know the movie? That was not cool what they did to Jim Carrey. Yet, we all kinda slip into the studio from the movie together with Gigi, Kendall and the gang. Come on, you must have an Instagram, so you do like the “studio”, you can not say you don’t.

I just love being photographed. It makes me smile. Since forever. Selfie or no selfie.