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Fall Fling

I am doing this one more time, mom!

Dressing up like “This is it!“, this is the last chance to wear summer in autumn and, then, I am switching to fall, sticking to it even. Only summer is so hard to let go. No? The thing is you never know when is the last sunny day when you can actually (more…)

Red Alert


This obsession with red is slowly taking over the fashion scene and we can not but become passionate about it. Carrying red around is like carrying your invisible balls around. If you didn’t even know you have a pair, put on a red dress and you will suddenly grow some one. Put on a top, pants and shoes and grow two. Pairs.

Solange Knowles. You can sense the balls. You can not see, but only feel it. It’s in the hair. It’s in the smile. It’s in the posture.


In a silk, flutter-sleeved top and matching pants with buttons down the sides (both by Prabal Gurung), Solange managed to make the House of Peroni New York launch (during New York Fashion Week) her own.

Wearing a single color head-to-toe elongates the body and makes it into a universe on its own. A movie on its own. A Superman movie. The way the superhero grabs the collar of the cape, looks deep into no one’s eyes (?!), flaunts it when no one is seeing him and then flies away and does his magic is well… Magic! Precisely what happens when working a monochrome. Black, dark blue and white excluded, duh.


No wonder our blood (and wine) is red.

From now on, it’s Superman and Solange. One expert in saving the world, one in working a monochrome. The world needs both, no? Just make sure your show (off) is invisible, too. No one invited wants to (actually) see your balls, yet everyone will appreciate them and you get to be your own superhero.

And fly.


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Hillary Clinton

Julia Is Running to A Party!


Julia always seems to have a party on her own. On herself. Yes, on. By herself or with anyone else, it really doesn’t matter. She’s all about the “whateva’, man, whateva'” or this is, at least, the mood she is trying to induce. Or whateva’. The clothes on her, on the other hand, are dancing all the time.

Fun, fun, fun.

Just the right amount of vodka in her cranberry juice, the perfect music, the coolest crowd, the awesome mood, the hands in the air, your crush there. This is the perfect party Julia is always setting for her clothes. Lucky clothes. No. Lucky Julia.

The way she mixes the colours, the prints, the cuts, the textures, the fabrics, the accessories (or the absence of them), the heels, the no-heels on her body is the way that very few would succeed in doing. Yes, the colour of her skin and the hair are the pepper and the salt in the equation.

Damn, I gotta get a tan. Fast! #firstworldwarproblems

When really wanting to wear a crazy skirt (and by crazy I mean a colour like that or a print like… Crazy!), pair it with the simplest t-shirt in the right hue and the simplest heels or sneakers. Or go wild and pair with whatever the level of craziness you feel like reaching today. Just don’t forget your smile (or better yet, laugh) and your attitude. Ever.

Hey, Julia, say cheese! Or pizza! Or give me your clothes and I will smile like there is no tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. And so on.

Hey, it’s Saturday!