A Skirt In Fall Might Give The Sun A Call

November 09, 2018

When it’s pretty gloomy, yet all you wish for is a little bit of sunshine, wear a mini skirt and there’s a big chance for the sunshine to come out of nowhere on a fall day. And then the sunshine in fall feels pretty sensual somehow. Precisely the feeling whilst in a skirt. Or dress. 

Or bathrobe.

skirt in fall

Yet maybe there won’t be any sunshine, but your skirt will remind you all day long of the sunshine you have in mind and wish for. And then, when the sun is high up and feels like it’s playing with your mind, it won’t even matter what you’ll be wearing. You wished for it way too much whilst in the skirt for it to matter what you’re wearing anyway. 

However, doesn’t a skirt in fall, though, feel like an imaginary hand that rises high up to the sky and drags the sun out of the clouds or something?

My first intention was to wear it with the biker black leather jacket, yet the corduroy beige jacket I wore went 🤝 hand in hand 🤝 with the corduroy flowers skirt, even though no one could tell the skirt is corduroy and there might be some mathcy-matchy involved there, even though matching is rarely my thing. But 1. the no one can tell rules, 2. who cares, anyway? and 3. I know. And then when you come closer, you’ll know, too and say Hmmm… Like a very funny friend of mine says when we feel each other’s fabrics. Yes, friends do that. Friends who like textures, clothes, food.

Sometimes, nevertheless, when matching involves a pretty weird colour to me, like this petrol turquoise I noticed in my wardrobe connecting from skirt to hoodie and even sneakers, it felt like… I might do this crazy, weird little thing as matching. It felt kind of fresh hence the match and the colour. I can not say I totally felt it like a thing that got me rollercoaster riding or a thing that felt like I might start doing from now on, yet it felt pretty fresh and there are days when freshness is what we crave for on a fall day.

love mom

I also liked the clash with the orange stripe in the black Sonia Rykiel bag. And loved to share the power of a flower with mom (wearing an already vintage h&m jacket she’s always liked more than I had when I’d worn it).

Have I just said hand in hand earlier? Yup, I guess I did. The skirt just grabbed the sun by the hand.

corduroy jacket
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Trick or treat? Trick, trick. Or treat

March 17, 2016

Now I don’t know if you know how it is to wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, eat or whatever, you almost have to get out, ok you are already running late and you still have your pyjamas on. And not because you would rather go back to sleep, that is redundant, but
because the anxiety attack kicks in because you don’t know what to wear because you don’t even know what season it is any more. It used to be winter, but then spring came and quickly left or something and now here it is some season that is playing hard with our heads.

And you know I like playing.

So I had to do something to like this f***ing season. As in literally. Since it is mindf**king us anyway.

First of all, throw on a party on your own. But that is the general rule. While typing “throw on”, I totally thought of “a skirt”, but then “party” is always in the back of my mind, so there.

You see where this weather got me to?


I was saying. Skirt! To trick the spring and yourself. To look more dressed, dressed, not dressed up (necessarily), put a thick, matte, black pair of tights. This is how you trick winter, too, ha! A loose, very-pleasant-to-stay-in-all-day sweater. I am wearing his. Heels, no heels, your call. I am wearing mine.

And just to cover it all up and to trick the sun just the way he tricks you, put on your most oversized coat eva’. For the “I am wearing my blanket to town, I am still in my bed, under my blanket, don’t mind me, move on, move on” kinda feeling.

Have fun. We said something about a party earlier on. We did, didn’t we?
Heck yeah!

The scarf? It is a scarf instead of a belt. My way of saying “party”. Sort of. What’s yours?

ozinparis-trick2 ozinparis-trick3 ozinparis-trick4 ozinparis-trick5 ozinparis-trick6 ozinparis-trick7 ozinparis-trick8 ozinparis-trick9 ozinparis-trick10 ozinparis-trick11 ozinparis-trick12 ozinparis-trick13 ozinparis-trick14 ozinparis-trick15 ozinparis-trick1 ozinparis-trick16

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How many is too many?

January 25, 2016

Times you can wear an outfit or that one item you can not go not noticed with on.

I love wearing black and not giving “a fack” just as much as I love to wear pyjamas (although to me it is kinda the same thing) and just as much as I love (more…)

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