Clothes that could tell stories. Could they?

Have you ever tried to cut your own clothes and then wear them with the pride that makes you feel like you’ve just climbed Kilimanjaro? Well, that’s too extreme of an example. You get the point. Let’s say you are really satisfied with what you have done. After being s*it scared. There.


I wish I could show you the before and the after of this dress. But it’s only gonna be the after. It’s too vintage to have had a “before”. I got it on a trip to Andorra I went with my parents and brother to in the year 2000. The year 2000! Robbie Williams’ “Millennium”, Will Smith’s “Will 2K”, Sisqo’s “Thong song”, JLo’s “Waiting for tonight”. I’d felt like something huge was about to happen. I’d been waiting, waiting for it. JLo and myself. The year 2000! Nothing much happened. Nothing, as a matter of fact. I got out of the house and the sun was where I left it, no neighbour was kidnapped by aliens, McDonald’s was still very much appealing to me.

Oh, but this dress! This is what reminds me of the ’00s most. Oh, the 00’s! And that road trip. Oh, that road trip through Southern Europe flashbacks my mind every now and then. And the dress is right here on me! It feels like diamonds. Right! Straight face emoji.

ozinparis-cutthedress2 ozinparis-cutthedress3 ozinparis-cutthedress4

Now imagine me ruining it. With wine. Later in the ’00s, chillax. The thought of letting it go crossed my mind and actually I did let it go, but just deep into my closet. Yay! Because, yes, hey! I am wearing it today and couldn’t feel any cooler. Both metaphorically and literally.

It used to be longer and have a wide hemline, but thank God for that wine and for the scissors for I have, years later, the dress I’m gonna keep forever and ever.

Biiig pimpin’! Another goldie. Back in the time when Jay-Z was pimpin’.

ozinparis-cutthedress6 ozinparis-cutthedress5 ozinparis-cutthedress


So, take out all your goodies, mix them with your newbies and tell Ali G to “put your music back on!”. And he’ll tell you: “Is you… Is you Madonna?

ozinparis-cutthedress10 ozinparis-cutthedress9

Luggage affair

“I could almost not go somewhere because of the luggage I have to pack”. Said no one ever. Well, someone actually did tell this. My mom. And I am all over her and dad’s clothes packing up the perfect baggage for holidays. Outfits and all. And my mom’s so happy.

Well, here I am fronting my own trip. Snowboard trip. Clothes and all.

i can see u
And it is so easy. 1 oversized wool turtleneck. 1 chubby cable knit. 1 chunky ribbing sweat. 2 very colourful hoodies. Tons of t-shirts (5). 1 shirt (just in case). 1 classic bf, blue jeans. 1 straight, cropped (it ain’t -10 degrees and snowing for nothing), dark grey jeans. 1 slim black jeans. 1 UGG (on top of the list). 1 black boots. And this is what comes out of it.





















That is unless you have The Row’s twinsets. Then you should carry that.

Busted. This was for the way back home. Easy like Sunday morning.
If only there would’ve been a camera a week ago in my bedroom. Would’ve cached anything, but me saying: “Oh, man, this luggage, man! I don’t wanna leave!”. Oh no, no, no. I love you, luggage. I would actually live with you. In you.

Written by Cristina Pavelescu