Bat Goddess


Giovana Battaglia is not new to OZ. She’s been here once and she is here to stay. She’s just so cool and she is wearing this dress. This dress!



It is the view, no doubt (Santorini). No (English). Not. No (Italian). Si. It is this dress and the whole va-va-accessorising going on. Now what is this? It is almost indescribable, yet so very simple. The flip-flops (pf!), the sunglasses, the earrings, the bracelet, the bag. And the hair. It make look like random, but it is random my ass.

Perfection. Fun.

Find yourself, play with yourself ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️.


Surfboard, Surfboard


And my hair was at home, at last.


This was supposed to be the holiday that wouldn’t have got on OZ. Just in OZ. You must know the drill up until now if you’ve become one of us, from our own OZ. Aw. You know what I mean and I am blushing now.

Moving on, I was very sure of our time being spent solely on the beach, no internet, no job (but when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work, it’s fun, uh). With books and magazines (which were a third of the suitcase, you don’t want to know just how many of them got to actually be read, I don’t either) and sunscreen.

“And wind!!!”, he would say after becoming the straight face emoji. And I’d be like:


Yet again, it is an island. And there’s something about the idea of an island. So imagine my surprise when we went on an island which is only an island during winter (when water level is high enough) and a tiny peninsula of an island (Rodos, our base now) in summer. So we went to this peninsula of Rodos called Prasonisi. And then, this came along. The pictures, the drill.

the Aegean on the right, the Mediterranean on the left

The Aegean on the right, the Mediterranean on the left

the Aegean on the right, the Mediterranean on the left

The Aegean on the right, the Mediterranean on the left

“And the home of wind!”, he would say. And I’d be like “Let’s staaay!”. And he’d be like “Okaaay…”. And I’d be like “Oh yaaay!”.




Fun fact: as you arrive, you have the Aegean Sea on the right with big waves and professional surfers and the Mediterranean Sea on the left with flatter water and beginner surfers. We were none, but will be some (praying emoji). Well, my hair is a pro surfer.

Prasonisi is good for wind and kitesurfing. Still surfing. Surfboard, surfboard.


You know the birdwatching watching? We did the surfwatching watching.



No phones, no books, no music (!!!), nothing. Just the sun, the sea, the cool crowd and the trailers. Because yes, you can come and camp here. Aaaa!


This feeling of freedom here...

This feeling of freedom here…

“That is if you absolutely love the wind!”. Truth is, when we left Prasonisi, I felt like something was missing. It wasn’t just about that freedom feeling. It was the wind.


“But there’s something in the wind, too…”.


Don’t forget your eyes, your camera. Make pictures with them both. Let your mind flow. Oh, oh.