golden goose

For The Days You Choose To Be Happy


It was about time to leave summer behind and look forward to winter – the verb, if there existed one. Only it is still warm outside and I don’t know whether we should be happy or not about that, since this might be a matter of global warming.

Leo DiCaprio has been warning us. My parents have been teaching me since forever to not take this planet for granted and to diminish any trace of carelessness when regarding it: water – Cristinaaa! when forgetting to turn it off post washing the dishes (yes!), food – they wouldn’t take me to McDonald’s and I would always sing McDonald’s song from the commercial hoping they would stop and feed me, electricity – when reading, yet still having the TV on and so on and I am not even mentioning throwing things in the streets or whatever, nature – planting trees and observing them grow.

The little things.

Other than that, I was allowed to go on parties, to stay up late and watch the Oscars or the MTV Video Music Awards, to draw on windows for holidays, to appreciate my brother when he would loudly listen to music, to climb each and every one of them (mom, dad, brother) if I felt like. They trusted me, they knew what they were raising, I come now to realise.

Oh, and try not to throw your gum in the streets, I’m telling you karma will get you and gum will stick to your feet one day. It got me (sorry, mom!). Not even out the window of the car, trust me! Moreover, a bird might try to chew it and they don’t know they’re not allowed to.

The little things which are not, in fact, little.

So life is beautiful, as Benigni would say – and mustn’t be taken for granted either and there will always be good days and bad days – if we truly take care and dream about it to be beautiful and true. Otherwise, you can throw the damn gum and you can only look down and stay in misery, but why da fuck would you? Unless choosing to be lame and complain and be too damn lazy to fight. Or just to be stupid.

You could, though, and should, most definitely, have a McDonald’s once in a while to stay sane.

For health there’s love, intuition, meditation, exercise, reading, watching movies, dreaming.

Even in meetings.

Or, you know, wearing some of the clothes you like on a day that just might turn into a good day thanks precisely to them. And this is why clothes are never just clothes. They help you cover parts only loved ones should see.

I held you in my arms when you were little and wanted to pee, my brother always says.


Clothes That Make Your Work Fun. What?


When you do what you love, you must be a better person than when you do what you don’t. On one hand. When you do what you love and it also happens to be what lets you wear whatever it is that you feel like wearing, then it’s on the other hand. Then you have two hands to high-five at the same time. It is even more interesting to come to the conclusion that, in fact, the two hands are high-fiving themselves as the two can not exist one after the another.

Unless you’re a doctor and you have to dress in the white uniform and you either don’t care at all about clothes and accessories or you wear the white uniform and you save people. Case in which you have the superpower to wear your underwear in the streets if you feel like wearing underwear in the streets and flaunt your aura like you just don’t care.

Or, you know, a t-shirt, a classic pair of jeans and sneakers or something.

Unless you’re Superman. Or Alicia Vikander.

So there’s the thing that you’re doing that you love all of the time and there’re the clothes you’re sharing the joy with all of the time. Or something. Because clothes are never just clothes if they are on you to make you feel like the better version of yourself.

When you wear what you love, you must be a better person.

When you’re with the one that you love in a kissing relationship or in a fun friendship or in a professional link, you must be a better person.

When you eat something you love (oh, man, just think of that fresh made bread-butter-pesto-prosciutto-mozzarella-tomatoes snack, or watermelon, or cheeseburger, or think fast of something super juicy for you to enjoy right now) (***what is it?***), you must be a better person.

When you see something for the first time and your eyes turn into cherries, you must be a better person.

I was leaving home for a meeting the other days, throwing on myself a white t-shirt, my blue mom’s jeans, the sandals from above, the perfume that makes me smile for no reason and rushed out the door. I found the perfect parking spot (the day became half nice already) and the beautiful summer morning light and air was there and upon running to the meeting, I thought to myself: man, I’m so lucky to be able to wear what I love wearing anyway anywhere to do the work I – without even thinking – have always dreamt of doing and cultivated unconditionally for.

In fact, the dream of doing all the stuff that I’m doing today must have involved the style I’ve always felt like myself in the most. I don’t know who chose who. I feel like my world ***OZ*** has this super inter connected things going on.

The surroundings I’m always aware of, the people around me and the mental notes I’m constantly taking. Observing. Appreciating. Admiring.




  1. Loose the hat, put on some glittery shoes and you’re ready for the party tonight. 2. Thank God for these sneakers trend for they will take you anywhere, anytime. They make a dress look all relaxed, a tuxedo fun, a pair of classic jeans and messy hair and tee Californian, shorts dressed.
    3. A tee under a short dress covers you. Literally. A pony tail uncovers. Whatever that is supposed to mean.4. A fun t-shirt might make you goof all day. That is if you like Goofy, but maybe you like Droopy. I like Droopy better, yet the Goofy in me never lets me down.5. When the light is right, everyone seems right. 6. You’ve got to have the right essentials, though, to feel right. Or like yourself. 7. Black mom jeans, black sandals and a special kind of top will make the simple aforementioned pieces look not so simple anymore.8. Hello!

When Everything Is Everything and It Is Yet So Simple


The morning before was so, so hard to figure out what the f it is that I want. The night before the morning before, though, everything seemed so clear and simple: bathing suits and t-shirts. I am talking clothes here, in life I know that all I want is everything. 

Everything is everything, as Lauryn Hill says.

How not to want everything? We only have one life and I just love life so much, don’t you? Says myself even after crying the hell out of my lungs sometimes. I guess you cannot really enjoy the greatest joy unless at least a little bit of sourness. Sadness. Or a lot. Sometimes going through it to the deepest makes you see true happiness at its highest.

These last phrases were not planned, but they happened. I suck at planning, but realise that I like following one – once in a while – when there is one. When going on a trip. Although it is the coolest when nothing is planned and ***everything*** happens and boom! Happiness. And I am not talking here getaways only.

Trips though, coming back to trips. At the time of writing this, actually, I was coming home from the trip. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye when leaving the holiday destination and at other times it’s even harder when leaving for it. Just like this time. Suddenly I knew nothing about t-shirts or the place I hid my swimsuits over winter.

Except for a two-piece black one and boom, only then I knew. I wanted not necessarily just black with me, but some really simple stuff. It felt liberating. Simple is the best, after all. All simple, natural, not planned. I am talking everything here. Have I seen too many movies?

It felt like breathing. Says myself who likes va-va-voom just as much.

Like no make-up.

Aaanyway, I’m telling you: a couple of t-shirts (but really good ones), of jeans (but true jeans), a pair of sandals (but cool sandals who like to have fun), of sneakers (but the ones you adore), a dress or two you have for years (to gather more memories into), a jumper (you can’t seem to be able to live without anymore) and at least one bathing suit (because naked is not as possible as one might wish for) is all you need for a #vitaminesea weekend.

Because this is all I wore on trip in spite of the many other clothes I somehow managed to stuff into so many bags that I so am not a fan of, jees. Yet again, a carry-on would have done it. But then the drama before the trip? And then the staring at the sun, the sky, the kitesurfers, the overthinking in my head and the daydreaming wouldn’t have been the same. Or would it have? This human species is something else…

They say life is so easy, we just make it oh-so complicated. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, maybe we do, maybe we don’t. Either way, it is so fucking interesting and I cannot wait for the rest of it. Still, maybe a little bit of planning never hurt nobody.

Just like partying. And crying – haha, kidding. Or not. You see? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t… JK. Or not

How Many Is Too Many?


Times you can wear an outfit or that one item you can not go not being noticed in.

I love wearing black and not giving “a fack” just as much as I love to wear pajamas (although to me it is kind of the same thing) and just as much as I love to wear the skirt I became completely in love with after persuading my mom into getting it. For herself. Put-your-hands-up-in-the-air blonde emoji if you’re with me.

What?, this is me innocently asking you.

So, how many times can you wear something over and over again? Well, as long as the something is worn differently each and every over and over again, then the answer is Indefinitely. As long as the something makes you feel like you’re going to party all night long, then Indefinitely af! It just has to make you feel. You don’t have to necessarily party all night long as long as you – at least – feel like partying inside all night long. Well, that’s the idealist in me talking. Wishing.

I am asking, I am answering. I am having fun.


This is the story.

I happily witnessed some very special friends of mine getting married on the 29th of December. Now. One could not wear one’s sweater to that. Nor one’s favourite pair of jeans. But one can wear one’s mom’s freshly-purchased-never-yet-worn skirt. And rock! Thx, mom!

Wink, wink.

First with heels. Then with the geese. Geese, goose, Golden Goose.

At the office. Before.

At the office. Before.

It was freezing.

At the town hall. Freezing. Serenely.


Towards Steam. After.

And I hugged the bride. And she hugged me. I love hugs.

And I hugged the bride. And she hugged me. I just love hugs.

And then the New Year’s Eve came. Wink, wink. And is it only me or is it you, too? I always have just a couple of minutes to figure out what to wear. But I guess I am a bit of a s&m who enjoys to put undue pressure on herself. Yourself? Oh well. The skirt was the first to come to mind. Only different. Wearing some flared black jeans underneath and some platforms (the most comfortable platforms ever) underneath it all.

Because it was a (great) party with friends and I had to rush to it and it was very late indeed, these pictures were taken some days after. Some? Yes. Don’t ever mix 5 types of alcohol. Ever! Wink.





Thank God a few weeks past just in time for another partey. The christening of friends’ baby. Very good! I knew what to wear. The skirt. Flamenco-dancing emoji. And man, it was b e a u t i f u l and I only had champagne. Chin-chin!







I don’t know whether it was the occasions, the people, the mood, the music, the energy or the skirt, but I had some wonderful moments that turned into memories wearing this skirt.

Until next time, skirt. Wink. Hug.


And this is how clothes become so much more than just clothes. This is what it is all about. With clothes.

It’s like with songs.


PS: the skirt is Topshop.

When in doubt, do it

Yet, better said, though it wouldn’t have sounded the same, would be: when in super cold, do it. Don’t even think about it. Do it! See? It shrinks the circle of the possible situations.

But then again, when in doubt of anything, do it.


I wish I would’ve written here that I did something outrageous, but you can already sense the upcoming “but”. Interesting choice of words.

And of layers. Since this is the hood from his jacket. The Spanish dancing emoji.

Because I not only stole the sweat from him, but he actually, eventually, when seeing me shaking my head and not in the dancing direction that I would usually do, while having the best coffee in town and not really succeeding in sticking my lips to the cup, gave me the hood of his jacket. Awm. I know.

And then I thought “Hey…”.


And this was that kind of morning when you don’t want to even think about what to cover your body with. You just put some of your favourites on and the day won’t be anything but beautiful. At heart. Since outside it is anything but… Beautiful. But beautiful is so subjective.

Bugs is beautiful.



I stole the sweat (Bugs made me do it), but the hood stole my heart. And my brain’s appreciation. The emojiis on the face below.



Brrrr see ya!