Comfort Is The Ultimate Luxury!


Just like nature and human nature are. Hallelujah!

Comfort became a word worldwide attached to clothes and we could not be happier since we are 🥁 here 🥁. We say happier upon us having been happy already due to the word’s first ever meaning: a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint, the easing or alleviation of a person’s feelings of grief or distress (according to dictionary.com).

Love is the va-va-voom (according to our imagination)!

I’d just got to the mountains with the family and Love At First Sight began.

I knew the kind of weekend it was going to be from the moment we all decided to go. This summer’s last official weekend with the family at the mountains, somewhere far away from any kind of noise, traffic or even internet. What? Yes.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it.

Not even when reading.

Comfort all over the place and onto one’s face. It only rhymed, but it’s actually not far from the truth. The face only belonged to the sun and the moon. The body was only covered by the comfiest clothes I have been wearing for years, clothes I don’t mind wrinkling or getting messy in, clothes I thought of turning into loungewear, but still haven’t. It’s for these kind of occasions, but also for the nights out and about whenever I feel like lounging wherever I go through town.

And dance the whole time through. In my imagination, at least.

1. I keep on putting these shorts into the giveaway pile, yet they somehow get into my outfits. With sneakers and neon orange striped t-shirt on (below), with black sandals and top on a night out on, with greek nude sandals and hoodie whenever on.

Nature, human nature, hello?

Upon our arrival, I turned the VH1 on and the Summer Lovin’ Top 100 was on. Love At First Sight was just on! The outfit and set-up in the video may look pretty tech and all at first, but its warm vibe is everything the weekend was about. This song has always, in fact, been about what life is all about. About style also and style is timeless.

Just like this song and video are. Hallelujah!

2. These pants I left in the house in the mountains, the house it wouldn’t all be the same without. The pants will always feel comfy there and a simple crop top will always do the trick. Just as the waist belt will. Just as the hat. Since we’re talking here about always, will we ever get out of the Birkenstocks?

It’s this feeling that makes you wanna knock your head against the walls and dance. Precisely the activities done throughout this weekend. Kylie did them on stairs. Myself did them through trees and stars at night, flowers and clouds in the afternoon, under the full moon and mild-mountain-like sun, with delicious food and red wine. And family, oh yeah (oh yeah the Batman voice!).

Breathe, the summer is not over yet!

3. This dress not only makes me feel like I’m naked, but most of the times almost gets me naked. It’s strapless and I just literally throw it on and off of me. Thank God for the bandana! This red one is close friends with the pink one from above.

Above, sky high.

When Everything Is Everything and It Is Yet So Simple


The morning before was so, so hard to figure out what the f it is that I want. The night before the morning before, though, everything seemed so clear and simple: bathing suits and t-shirts. I am talking clothes here, in life I know that all I want is everything. 

Everything is everything, as Lauryn Hill says.

How not to want everything? We only have one life and I just love life so much, don’t you? Says myself even after crying the hell out of my lungs sometimes. I guess you cannot really enjoy the greatest joy unless at least a little bit of sourness. Sadness. Or a lot. Sometimes going through it to the deepest makes you see true happiness at its highest.

These last phrases were not planned, but they happened. I suck at planning, but realise that I like following one – once in a while – when there is one. When going on a trip. Although it is the coolest when nothing is planned and ***everything*** happens and boom! Happiness. And I am not talking here getaways only.

Trips though, coming back to trips. At the time of writing this, actually, I was coming home from the trip. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye when leaving the holiday destination and at other times it’s even harder when leaving for it. Just like this time. Suddenly I knew nothing about t-shirts or the place I hid my swimsuits over winter.

Except for a two-piece black one and boom, only then I knew. I wanted not necessarily just black with me, but some really simple stuff. It felt liberating. Simple is the best, after all. All simple, natural, not planned. I am talking everything here. Have I seen too many movies?

It felt like breathing. Says myself who likes va-va-voom just as much.

Like no make-up.

Aaanyway, I’m telling you: a couple of t-shirts (but really good ones), of jeans (but true jeans), a pair of sandals (but cool sandals who like to have fun), of sneakers (but the ones you adore), a dress or two you have for years (to gather more memories into), a jumper (you can’t seem to be able to live without anymore) and at least one bathing suit (because naked is not as possible as one might wish for) is all you need for a #vitaminesea weekend.

Because this is all I wore on trip in spite of the many other clothes I somehow managed to stuff into so many bags that I so am not a fan of, jees. Yet again, a carry-on would have done it. But then the drama before the trip? And then the staring at the sun, the sky, the kitesurfers, the overthinking in my head and the daydreaming wouldn’t have been the same. Or would it have? This human species is something else…

They say life is so easy, we just make it oh-so complicated. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, maybe we do, maybe we don’t. Either way, it is so fucking interesting and I cannot wait for the rest of it. Still, maybe a little bit of planning never hurt nobody.

Just like partying. And crying – haha, kidding. Or not. You see? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t… JK. Or not

Flying Solo And Drinking Red Wine On A Monday Noon? Priceleeess

Photo on 09-03-2015 at 16.55 #2

Unless sharing with the one, you know me.

I’m taking pictures and that may seem lame. No, it’s not! Pictures are so fun! Even when alone, sitting next to a very hip stranger and his very loud music in his headphones. Oh, I can do better! He only has water. I am having wine and I am listening to this:

Great, now I think he can see what I’m writing here. Oh, this is pure joy! Oh, hello there… Hey, hello… Yes, you!

Even if he can’t see, I can still feel like saying hi to him in writing here. It is a whole blank sheet of paper in front of me after all and I feel like writing about anything anyway, so there. Just in case he is really reading it. Yup, I think he is. I just glimpsed. Ha, saw you! So it has to be something, not just anything.

Yeah, so this is me here. Now. High above the world. Or so it feels like. And it’s not the wine. Not this quick, at least. I can see the horizon. Wow, I can actually see the horizon! Not a cloud, no nothing! A little curvy and all. Is it the wine now? Nope, don’t think so. It’s just very clear. The sky, the line, the light.

Btw, do you know that a glass of red wine equals to an hour of exercising? Especially on a plane. One, most definitely, couldn’t do the daily sun salutation on a plane now, could one? Oh, these French people and their wine. It is something, not just anything.

It all really is in the little things and little things are never little, my friend.

The stranger from above? We just toasted the small bottles (which really are small, no metaphor here). He just got wine, too.

So I guess this is what ~ this ~ was supposed to be about. A moment to enjoy remembering about.

Cheers to the freekin’ weekend! 

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Written by Cristina Pavelescu