Fridaze From The Heart #4

Today I’m saying let’s not wait for the evening to come to feel it’s Friday. It’s Friyaaaay (!!) and no matter what we do in day to day life or what our job is or how much we enjoy the rest of the week’s days, Friday is a day we all share joy at the same time. Even if not always jumping and dancing all day long or making aerial tricks at home, but always having at least the teeny tinniest party somewhere in our souls.

Come on!

This is how synergy is created on Fridays and synergy is the best! Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term “synergy” comes from the Attic Greek word “synergia” from “synergos”, meaning “working together”.

Synergy would happen if we would all watch at the same time the videos from the latest “The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon” with Michelle Obama as Jimmy’s guest.

I bet we all now smile at the sight of these two people who – yes! – know television, but soul, humour, candour, honesty are things that get through screens or pictures.

We smile when we see souls. Or a smile. A heartfelt laugh. Heart! Sneezing is contagious but we all know how a smile is. A genuine one. It connects hearts.

This is what the First Lady has been doing. Spreading smiles all over the world, making the world fall in love with her. Just as Obama did. How not to?

And her being in love with him. Ooh-la-la!

A high position, maybe the highest in the world, does not only mean power the way we’re most used to. It, moreover, means the power of example. Which we all know, we just choose not to grant too much importance to, for one reason or another. It might be the lack of trust. In oneself, in the first place. The most important of the trusts, in fact.

Once we fill our hearts with the good – we wish for us and our closest ones and then, little by little, the whole world – it is very possible that the world becomes eventually a better place. A world of seven billion hearts. Imagine the synergy!

Let’s, therefore, look at first into our own souls and be grateful.

Do everything we have to do as best as we can and never forget to have fun.

Because it’s Friday and because we only have one life!

My suggestion for you on this day (and weekend)? As much Jimmy as possible!

Fridaze For Real #1

This is the first out of what is about to become the Friday routine. Feel free to join anytime. And also the perfect time for you to read this on Friday. Fridaze for real. Free Fridays for real. And so on.

Doesn’t Friday make you want to do things? Things you normally do howsoever during the rest of the week, but Friday has this thing you can not touch, but oh, can, most certainly, only feel and energy never lies. It is like, maybe, during the week you’d been feeling kinda tired or lazy, hopeless or whatever, and then Friday comes along and boom! It’s like a whole new world opens up in front of you, but then Sunday comes and slams it in your face.


We have only 2 days – actually 2 nights and a day and a half – to feel everything this post is about with this precise mood. You have now. Take a moment to realise it’s Friday. Fridaaaay! Yes, no? All the other days are just as great blah-blah, yes. Except for Sundays. Sundays I don’t really get.

I’d started to write this long ago and I always got to it on Fridays (the day to post it). I was getting into the hype of this whole thing I’m writing this very instant here and now about, opened the laptop, started to type, but in the end, the mood was so good that I just fell into it completely and didn’t look back. Into the laptop.

Turned up the volume and sang or danced on my own throughout the house, meditated, ate, went to some friends’ to couch potato over some potatoes, got under a blanket and watched a movie. Not an easy movie, but a complex, twisted, awing movie. It is what we call a mind fuck. Because Fridays feel like taking it all in and enjoying the “it” and the “all”.

Because on Fridays we always have time.

These below are for when you get home, close the door to everything and be yourself with whatever or whomever sets your mood on for the weekend and for any other day.

Your guide through this Friday #tgif #tgif #tgif:

Have you watched Baz Luhrman’s “Romeo & Juliet yet? It’s always good. Even for the 8th time.

I am so-oh-oh curious what you do on Friday evenings, jees! Write me be-eh-low.

Ooh-la-la! Lauryn Hill Is So Good Right Now!


As she’s always been.

And we couldn’t be any happier to nod and clap in front of our computers as we listen to the above. As soon as I saw the post on Ms. Lauryn Hill’s Facebook feed this morning, I couldn’t help but notice, at first, the va-va-voom. The top, the turtleneck underneath, the skirt and the aura.

I clicked.

Her voice, then, took me back to the time when I – a kid – loved to mingle amongst my – teen then – brother and his friends in our living room having a party like there was no tomorrow just as soon as my parents’d left for vacation.


I was not only supposed to not spill a word about it to our parents (which I did), but also go to sleep (which I didn’t). Hallelujah, for I would’ve not written this now if not for my “I don’t want to go to bed alone” line I always used to pick on my brother.

And it worked! Big grin emoji.

It were the mid-’90s and they were The Fugees and seemed to have so much fun on MTV where I used to stalk them. Obviously, I was a huge fan of Lauryn’s. And her style. Always lush. True. Fun. Boyishly flamboyant. Always different, yet always herself.

Today, the video of PBS proved the “Once a (true) star, always a star” phrase if there ever were one, from “Ready or not” to “Doo-Wop (That thing)” to “Ex-Factor” and now to the Austin City Limits performance.

Yet another childhood living room experience. It’s these kind of things that shape us. “Great, the parties!”, one shall say. I don’t know who. “Hello, you!“.

The eyes, the ears, the heart.

Wide open, folks!

PS: by min 37:16, I guarantee you enter the weekend just the way you should. See ya.

If You Can Do This, You Are Wearing The Right Clothes


The look and the attitude. And the t-shirt. And the jeans. And the hair. And that 90 degrees angle. Ooh!

It is Friday in August. And you know how you just miss jeans in late summer? It’s not late yet, but almost. Anyway. I do! And God knows I’ve been looking for the perfect pair since I can’t remember… A lot!

These seem like the classic 501, Levi’s. Only ripped. Oh, the day I’m gonna find that pair! Praying emoji.


Try not to barefoot, though. A pair of super naked sandals would do the trick. What? The ones that don’t really dress up your feet. They are just being sexy while hugging your feet and make you feel naked. And, well, help you walk. And not be barefoot.

They are there just to let know how good and whatever you feel like today. You are having fun on your own. Like Stella does here above.



You know the drill when these babies come in. Roar. And I am talking about the stilettos, not the tigers above.