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Everybody Is At Least A Little Into Fashion #ss18


The things that first come to my mind when thinking of this fall’s fashion weeks for spring/summer 2018 might be the things you might want – hopefully – to have in your mind when talking over dinner tonight about the world, fate, work, passion, movies, books, style or fashion – hopefully – without the burden of ever being a fashion victim.

The more we know, the more we realise how much more there is to know is what they say, right?

Sometimes enjoying fashion feels wrong, yet at other times playing with it feels necessary just for the sake of playing and our brains. There is no prescription for how we’re supposed to act, think or do, so each of us can simply rely on what each of us feels based on intuition and knowledge.

So tonight, you and your friends. Dinner. Maybe some of them know, maybe some of them don’t, but you here reading this are about to find out. Because you are special, we all are and – hopefully – the friends you hang out with get you and are on the same page with you, unlike the lady who interviewed Jim Carrey during New York fashion week. The shock might have scared her and that’s why all the ***faces*** while Jim Carrey was just being himself and expressing in his own way what he felt like ***no faces***. Ultimately, we all kind of get what he sais, each of us just chooses whatever it is each of us wants to see or believe in.

So. Hello!

Pierpaolo Piccioli proved at Valentino once again that if you stay true to who you are and, therefore, do exactly what you feel like, in spite of trends, trending models or multi-million-followers Instagram accounts, you can reinvent the ordinary to make it extraordinary. Sort of the little things which are never little. Or simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

That you can actually make love that can be shared with the world.

Renaissance princesses with a twist. Translucent and sparkling dresses. Sportswear with pumps. Sequins. Fireworks! Millennial pink which slowly but surely turns into the timeless black. Or red, or white. Or the ’80s – always in for those embracing the disco ease, the dancing, the spirit – I wanted to get back something of the glamour of the eighties that Mr. Valentino did so well, Pierpaolo said.

Grace Jone’s soundtrack is as strong as Piccioli’s creations.

Furthermore, his walk at the end of the show was just as elegant as the collection. He simply, smilingly and nonchalantly walked into the airy Parisian courtyard through the first rows, hugged Mr. Valentino and climbed up the leader as if preparing for the lift off. The Spring Summer 2018 collection had been partly inspired by the perspective of the Apollo moon landing, in which the earth was photographed from space and revealed in all its natural wonder, as Piccioli said according to vogue.com.

Emmanuelle Alt throws the most disco parties of them all. She is who we have always believed she has been. A fun, loving life, party girl. 

Mica Argañaraz looks cool in anything she wears, depending on the show. She’s got a talent to be in any character she wants to without making a fuss out of it and lucky for it to be mastered by the coolest designers around. Check it out:

The frenzy over Thom Browne. Everybody’s stories and instastories.

Where some designers submerge themselves in the real world, Browne has always posited fashion as fantasy, dreaming bigger, pushing the eye to places it didn’t know existed. At a time when the world feels like a pretty bleak place indeed, his brand of escapism is more appealing than ever. It only makes sense then, that Browne should close his show with a life-size unicorn puppet instead of a bride – the mythical creature is surely his spirit animal. The fashion world could use more of his kind. Chioma Nnadi at vogue.com.

The trend that seems to have transitioned from the streets of #fashionweeks to our telephones and desktops is the trousers suits. The bigger and bolder the better.

Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga continues to mock the fashion victims who would wear absolutely anything at any cost (literally) as long as it’s right from the catwalks and would not think it through. Maybe they just feel and that is all right as long as they are happy. Anyway, Gvasalia’s incisive, yet chic sort of sense of humour was all over the collection.

The coolest things at the show, though: 1. the models and 2. the fact that They [items] are joined, so you can wear them one way or the other as you will (Demna Gvasalia).

Céline is céline as always.

Calvin Klein for having Kaia Gerber on the lips of the whole planet.

Prada‘s new shape of sunglasses for Spring Summer 2018.

The colours at Stella McCartney and Stella McCartney.

The jumpsuits at Emanuel Ungaro.

The Vera Wang SS18 pictures that very mysteriously walked through the feed of my Instagram.

Old school cool at Isabel Marant.

Louis Vuitton for having Alicia Vikander as their icon and as of the #pfw Emma Stone also. A Vogue editor summed up the SS collection though as “Hamilton goes jogging”. The truth is that the robes and the bags were striking.

The neon socks at Miu Miu.

👇🏻 at Marni.

And yes, Donatella Versace‘s blow up of Instagram. Phshhh!

Have a good Fall WInter 2017, everybody!

And a fun night all right! Wink.

Isabel Marant Is Toujours All About The Girl


Is there anything sexier than a woman feeling good in her own skin? Not to show off or something, but to rather throw herself a little party on her own for herself, in her own soul, as she walks, speaks, laughs?

This is precisely what Isabel Marant stands for and does it with such an ease! Just like the ease she wishes for the ladies to have when in her patterns. Well, salut, Isabel! A girl might not know who Isabel Marant is, but a girl will, most certainly, feel something genuine, honest, yet twistedly sexy the moment she will put a piece of Marant’s design on.

It might be about the French je ne sais quoi or about her enthusiastic smile.

Her full presence in the moment of present.

When a lady wears her design, it will not ever be about the design only. It will be about the girl. The woman. Because Isabel seems to toujours think from our perspectives – of the ladies’ – through herself.

“Now what would make me feel cool and sexy?” 

“Hmm, let’s see. A little bit of waist, a ruffle here, a ruffle there, a little bit of edge… Yes, let’s put some glitter on! Ooh-la-la! Party, oui! J’aime le party!”

“This ’80s spirit, oui!”

“It’s in fashion, it’s current, yet me, yet timeless!” 

“I could pass this on to my daughter!”

“C’est trés cool!”

“C’est magnifique!”

And very down to earth at the same time. As opposed to Isabel’s monologue above totally made up.

It’s not just models walking on the catwalk, us awing at the sight of them, sighing, seizing the art and then putting it on some pedestal or something and sigh some more. It’s us seeing them clothes, wanting them, knowing there is maybe the slightest possibility of us having them and already imagining ourselves dancing in them.

Anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Because why would anyone want clothes that one wouldn’t be able to dance in? Marant is not a lover of tights – wonder why? – but will, certainement, make the ladies look not only hot, but elegant, yet comfortable and sexy by some endless legs, cinched waists, ease in movement and slouchy proportions (surprisingly, oui).

Spring is here so it takes something truly outstanding to make oneself dream of anything that is going to happen starting Fall sort of speaking, since it is the Fall/Winter 2017 trends we’re talking here about. In Paris, #pfw. It makes us to look forward to Fall – you thought this quoi would never be possible! – and to crave for Paris.

But Fall is far, far away. We could meet up in Paris until then, wear high wasted trousers and carry some glittery socks in our pockets for the fun nights in our glittery sandals.

Is anyone having a celebration on their own now, too? For the glittery trend which is trés welcome to be #trending right now. Some of us might have been having a blast wearing the glitter all along, but now, oh, now we have the excuse – if we ever needed one! – for now it’s certified. Chin-chin!

And if, by now, socks under sandals might have been a necessity in order to stay warm, now socks under sandals are definitely a trend. Tout à fait, Isabel made it official. She knows it. She feels it.

She’s a lady – playing – just like us.



In a world where your true self, most beautiful self, is going to not only wear the prettiest clothes, but also dance till sunrise.

In Paris?

#pfw These Boots Weren’t Made Just For Walking Oh No. No, No, No, No, No, No, No!

It is Anthony Vacarello‘s second collection with Saint Laurent during Paris Fashion Week and it is the second time around that all the girls freak out over a specific item straight from the runway, creating a fuss very well previously planned by the marketing department.

This is a thing brands started to do lately, have you noticed? Working on a single piece that will blow up the internet and not necessarily from the sales’ point of view, but rather of the name, oh! The name is on the lips of every fashionista.

The pieces? More on the lips than on the body.

The heart from s/s ’17 was somewhere around 10k, the boots from f/w ’17 have to be somewhere in the near vicinity. Of euros that is. But after the previous “somewheres”, here come the “anywheres”. Because you could go almost anywhere wearing them.

People around you will be so amazed by them, that you will be able to – in fact! – wear the boots with your pajamas and no one will tell anything anyway. Because here comes the anything and the anyway. You must literally don’t give a fuck while wearing these boots. The model wearing them doesn’t fo sho’. Give a fuck.

She seems not to care too much about wearing them, either. Which is pretty sad – considering- but maybe she’s not that fond of the styling and that’s why the face. I would – probably, the slightest probability of the “probably” itself – be the same if I were to wear this motha’ fuckin’ boots and then the most boring skinny, shiny (and leathery?) jeans along with a silver, shimmering sweater to match my… My, my! Disco boots?! Oh no! No, no, no, no, no, no.

But maybe she just doesn’t give a fuck. She has the boots (even if just for 10 minutes, not 10k) and the rest is… Whatever! Because here comes a “whatever”, too.

And an anyhow. Anyhow, these boots are made for dancing. You can not wear them boots and not dance.

My mind is dancing as we speak now. See? This is the effect this kind of clothes and shoes have on oneself. It makes one’s eyes roll and take the shape of the heart. Precisely the shape of the former Saint Laurent “it” piece.

Eat the heart and dance.

Wear the the heart, be the heart!


Just dance!

#nyfw Alexander Wang Is So Trending


Humans, horses, and orangoutangs are among the few species that may grow their head hair very long. So very few of us on the planet here can actually grow long hair. Around 7 billion reading this and then, well, the horses and the orangutangs. And we take it for granted.

It all started with Alexander Wang’s Spring 2017 Ready-to-wear that just happened during New York Fashion Week when not only the hashtag “surfboard” seemed to come back to life (his Spring 2017 collection is surf inspired) from the time when everyone was singing Beyonce’s “surfboard, surfboard lyric in “Drunk in love” – a “Lemonade” is pretty good indeed when in a hungover -, but also the power of persuasion Alexander Wang got, got all of our attention.

It wasn’t even the clothes that mattered no more, although we are in the middle of the #nyfw and the collection was totally “Wang”. He deconstructed the basics we all love – board shorts, bra tops, black lace, coats and otherwise – and turned them into looks that look fun for grown-ups to party in and for children to play in. Or, at least, want to. No?

Backstage he called this show, “50 Shades of Grey meets Lords of Dogtown.”. So, still, much to do with sex, but also with beach vibes. Hashtag. He is from California, therefore a silk gown coming out of the bikini and a revival of the crop top seem like natural to happen. Writing this from (on) the beach – hashtag – makes me say “I feel you, Alex.”

No. This was more about hair. And we do get hair. And we do love hair. And, God knows how, Alexander convinced all of his runway models to cut it. What? Yes. Because hey, he knows that beach hair – hashtag – is not about perfect curls, nor straight lines. It is more about “blurred” lines. Lol. Blurred in salt and wind. And, apparently, length. Chin-length, as together with Guido Palau they cut and bleached some hair.

– “I walked in thinking I was going to get a trim and they chopped off probably 20 cm, gave me bangs. It was a natural blonde and now it’s platinum!“, said newcomer Vonnahme, still in awe of having her above her shoulders for the first time. “Just watching the hair fall to the floor was enough to make me cry – I’m really happy with it!” – via vogue.com.

It almost was enough to make me cry.

Hair length and quality can act as a cue to youth and health, signifying a woman’s reproductive potential. Moreover, it is said that long hair has some sort of sensors that help you detect and feel things you wouldn’t genuinely feel.

Sometimes, though, it may feel good to just let go and don’t feel that much anymore. Just live. And surf. #shorthairdontcare

Let’s all be men, basically. 


Or Lourdes Leon, who in spite of the temperature pushing 32 degrees outside, was every bit cool, arriving in a fluffy angora (!!) turtleneck sweater from Wang’s Fall 2016 collection, emblazoned with the word “strict.”

Or. Or! Alexander Wang, who, so cheerfully, cheered the audience with his (now) long hair.

East Asian cultures have traditionally seen long, unkempt hair in a woman as a sign of sexual intent or a recent sexual encounter, as usually their hair is tied up in styles such as the ponytail, plait, or any bun.


Someone must’ve had a good year, since the fashion show ended with an Adidas collaboration. Someone’s the only one smiling.

It must be the long hair.



Kylie Vonnahme from above:












Men’s Pants, Wings, Angel Rings. Spring 2017 Menswear


This has come somewhere pretty far, as in the men’s fashion is so, so far, so far that it’s running so fast towards the women’s fashion and in attempting to grab it by the voluminous dresses or, at least, touch the heal of the women’s fashion it falls. It’s not a tragic fall, however. It’s just like a kid hampering, getting up and back on the race lane again.

And that is good. Great. It means fashion for men is growing and we might have to deal with its puberty any time now.

What? You know what. You’d visualised it already.

Especially if you have an Instagram account and even if you are not (let’s say) so much interested in the men’s fashion, I am sure it has gotten to a point where you can no longer ignore it. I mean, look:


And this is not about the fact that I am not interested. I am! In men more than in men’s fashion. I could explain this just by saying that, to me, coloured men’s pants and super coloured ties or bow-ties matching the socks when wearing a suit (or jumpsuit!) is a total turn off. Not that everything a man wears should be a turn on, then what would this world be turning into?

Love. I would say. Ha. Ha-ha.


To extend the answer (as if, presumably, you’d asked me a question), I would say that when a man is trying too hard (stylistically, otherwise nothing wrong with a man trying too hard. This is arguable, tho’, I kno’), it is just the same as when a woman is trying too hard. In any way.

But what is wrong in trying too hard? Hm. I think it takes part of yourself, the part that wanted so much to wear a bandage dress that it just makes you act so very much differently from your
naturally-wearing-a-pyjama-at-home persona.

So what now? We should all wear pyjamas? No, but acting like when you wear one is the key to someone’s personality and, frankly, personality is what turns me on. And this does not mean, in any way, that I do not like men’s fashion. I love men just as much as I love women, so I love
everything about them, which means fashion, too.


And I love some good fitted (depending on the silhouette) trousers or jeans on a man. Or a crisp tailored suit. White crisp shirt. Clean hair. Teeth. Hands. A powerful blouse. A flattering print on it or on a sweatshirt. Or jacket. A “hugable” jacket. A super worn (as in many, many times, not dirty duh) t-shirt. A t-shirt you (his better half), “accidentally”, slept in once. Or danced a whole night in. Natural, touch-appealing fabrics. Comfy, yet always-sort-of-in-the-fashion shoes. His kind of sneakers. Or slippers. Or Oxford shoes. “So him!” kinda shoes.

But, but! This is just me. You be you in whatever turns you, him or her on, but, just for a second, question yourself about yourself (or about your better half) in pyjama mood. And a pyjama (man!), can make you feel oh-so-fabulous. And it can only be his t-shirt.

Or none.

Or everything is happening in men’s fashion now. Whatever the category above you come from, you rule, in the first place, and should check this out, in the second place: Spring 2017 menswear happening right now. You gotta keep your eyes open, remember?

Thom Browne Spring 2017

IMG_5493-1 IMG_6046-1 IMG_3827-1 IMG_1447-1 IMG_0817-1 IMG_0400-1

Paul Smith Spring 2017

IMG_3304-1 IMG_8117-1 IMG_3023-1 IMG_5847-1 IMG_3084-1 IMG_6236-1

Lanvin Spring 2017

IMG_6424-1 IMG_3468-1 IMG_1672-1 IMG_0307-1 IMG_5120-1 IMG_8795-1 IMG_7605-1

Acne Spring 2017

IMG_8172-1 IMG_8391-1

Balmain Spring 2017

IMG_7029-1 IMG_4011-1 IMG_9211-1 IMG_5402-1 IMG_3146-1 IMG_3707-1 IMG_3652-1 IMG_1994-1

Hermès Spring 2017

IMG_8749-1 IMG_0182-1 IMG_8632-1 IMG_9526-1 IMG_9197-1 IMG_8819-1

Dior Spring 2017

IMG_2408-1 IMG_5992-1 IMG_2508-1

Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2017

IMG_3695-1 IMG_8407-1 IMG_4964-1

Maison Margiela Spring 2017

IMG_0183-1 IMG_8462-1 IMG_4995-1

Dries Van Noten Spring 2017

IMG_7243-1 IMG_4732-1 IMG_0208-1 IMG_5340-1

Photos via voguerunway.com.

New York Fashion Week FW2016

The shows. Both on the catwalks and on the streets.

I wonder what’s the heaviest nowadays. As in on a scale. What the models flaunted on the catwalks or what Lena Perminova (or alike) wore on the streets. You know what shoes to buy for the upcoming summeeeer! Mira Duma wore them. So you open the very cleverly made title of the magazine’s post that, obviously, won’t show you the shoes right there and then. Click and then you’ll know. So you click. And boom, you know. Now you know!

No judging, this is what Internet is all about. Clicking. Seeing. Dreaming. Wanting. Working for it.

I don’t know why I intentionally cut that.

About that “wanting”. Let me show you something. You will want. And work for. I feel you, ma’ friend. It’s about the shows and their drama. Or ours. In the good way, of course.

As humans are still going to get cold, when it will be cold out in about 8 months or so, they can check what the designers from New York Fashion Week suggest for them to wear in the (my) selection below. You can do it, too, if you are a human. Hello, human!

And for the fashion week cover up there must be the shows, the outfits of the designers (which is becoming a hit) and the street style, so ta-da. Let me explain.

The cool-girl mishmash stylings of Clare Waight Keller at See by Chloé mishmashed or just mished or just mashed with my mind, too. What? And I loved it.

ozinparis-10-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-02-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-16-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-12-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-04-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear

Rosie Assoulin I would just wear anytime. All the time. Wouldn’t you? Yes, the entire Instagram community and us.

ozinparis-23-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-02-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-16-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-36-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-34-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-25-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear

The easiness of Creatures of Comfort may both give you the right kind of comfort and can make the right kind of creature out of you. Yu-hu.

ozinparis-creatures of confort ozinparis-creatures of confort 2

Proenza Schouler just launched this bag trend (or were just being protective of burglars lol) and did a heck out of a feminine layering.

ozinparis-proenza schouler 1 ozinparis-proenza schouler 2

Carolina Herrera‘s. Now these may look like very rich night gowns, but these are not. Still very rich, only day gowns. That is if a day gown is a ball gown to you.

ozinparis-carolina herrera 3 ozinparis-carolina herrera 1ozinparis-carolina herrera 2

Suno. Because beautiful, clean, twisted and so-oh feminine.

ozinparis_MON0158 ozinparis_MON0681 ozinparis_MON0090

Rodarte shooowed us sooome cuffs! And chokers.

ozinparis-rodarte 1 ozinparis-_ARC0388 ozinparis-rodarte 3

The Row had me at this picture.


But these were pretty cool, too. Very.

ozinparis-the row 1 ozinparis-the row2 ozinparis-the row 3

Victoria Beckham is very interesting to stalk. Especially at the end of her show where she wore a sweater and no bra.


Ralph Lauren who somehow outshines even the models of his shows.


Pictures via Vogue Runway.

Oh and Zimmermann‘s backstage Instagram picture had to be in your account if the dress is still not. I have the picture on mine. You may have the dress. What a deal!


NYFW Street style, everyone! Via Vogue.com.

04-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 03-street-style-phil-oh-day-8-fw16 02-street-style-phil-oh-day-2 nyfw-street-day-5-part-2-7 25-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 12-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 08-street-style-phil-oh-day-8-fw1603-street-style-phil-oh-fw16


Top NY fall/winter 2016 trends are: velvet, ruffles, high necks, luxurious details, rich cuffs, extra large everything, extra long sleeves, dusty pink, shades of tan, shiny fabrics, checks, turtlenecks under anything, dresses over pants, checks, pantsuits. It all tends to be extra. Extra this, extra that. You choose your extra. Be extra. Extra what you want. What do you want?

All from the above or just Diane von Furstenberg‘s words at the end of her NY show: “This season’s collection is full of love power. It’s about great clothes, fun clothes, layering, but it’s, more then ever, clothes that are the girls’ best friends.”


by Cristina Pavelescu