Never Ever Turned Into Forever

January 06, 2016


They tell you about the style evolution of Victoria Beckham, of Rihanna or of the boy bands. Now and then. But they couldn’t have told you about the style evolution of All Saints and by that I mean “All Saints”. Not the British fashion retailer, but the British-Canadian girl pop quartet founded in 1995.

1995, ma’ friend.

They would have not only been able to not mock on their “style evolution”, but they couldn’t have said a mocking word about their music either. So, basically, they would just shut up. Because All Saints were (and are) so cool that “they” could just shut up and still be so fucking cool.



Moreover, who in this world could do the cover of Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ “Under the bridge” and still be hot?! Hot as the Chillis. And be equally as many times played on the radio as the Peppers? And be considered as cool at the RHCP are? No one. Or very, very few.


All Saints used to look (and be) cool then just as much as they would now if they were to wear the same clothes from back in the days. And to sing that exact same music as they used to when we were all writing the lyrics of Never ever on the lockers’ walls in high school.

You weren’t?!

If they only knew then that Never ever would, eventually, turn into forever.

They’ve always been here.

Still the '90s, ma' friend
Still the ’90s, ma’ friend

I still turn on the volume each time I hear A few questions that I need to know… on VH1 (or car radio), go in front of the tv (holding the remote in one hand careful to turn off the volume when Pitbul shows up) and dance and sing like there’s no tomorrow. But chill, just like back in the high school days. Just like them. Easy. Joyfully.

You don’t? Big eyed emoji.

If you do, though, and you are still reading this, then you know. And you care. And since you care, you must know that today, ta-da, on the 8th of April, Red Flag is coming out, their fourth studio album.


My favourite used to be Melanie Blatt. Nicole Appleton was Robbie Williams’ girlfriend. No regrets was written for her and I love Robbie’s No regrets. The drama. We all love (and live one way or another) the drama. Natalie Appleton seems like a really nice bff to hang out with. Shaznay Lewis wore braces when braces were not even cool.


All their videos are so cool. Even my brother says they’re cool. And my brother is so cool.

Never ever below. I remember about dreaming of becoming the grown ups I was watching having fun by the pool in the video on VH1… You know?

Though it could’ve been War of nerves, All hooked up, Chick fit, Under the bridge, Pure shores, Bootie call, Black coffee. Still some grown ups to look up to.

And I think I even see them hotter now then I used to ten years ago.

Then & now:


As of March 2013, Never ever is the second best selling single by a girl group of all time in the UK, only behind Wannabe by the Spice Girls. Obviously. And nothing wrong with that since this is signed by a former Spice Girls’ fan. My favourite was Victoria.


Later edit 1: half a year later and still true and… Light.


Later edit 2: Don’t you just love their lovin on their Instagram accounts? True love is such a rare thing these days. I guess it’s always been. But then you find it and you hold on to it. Forever. Turned in from “never ever”.

Can’t wait for the Later edit 3

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This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal. This Is Your Life.

September 23, 2015
No, you are awesome, Bill Murray! You are so awesome that… You just are!

Dress rehearsal? What is that?
Well, it’s something that involves clothes we talk about around here, yet something that couldn’t be talked about when talking about you, because awesome, because you!

Few people could totally carry that weight on their shoulders. What weight? Yes, that’s right. None. Zero. As in no weight regarding clothes whatsoever. That is if one can ever see clothes as a weight. Not me. I see them only with hearts-shaped-eyes. You? Whatever suits you. You be you.

Or be Bill. Hello, Bill!

I know I’m not saving the world… But something in what I’ve learned how to do or the stories that I’ve tried to tell… They’re some sort of representation of how life is or how life could be. And that gives some sort of optimism. And an optimistic attitude is a successful attitude.

I love you, Bill Murray. Thanks to the love above. Thanks to Lost in translation (by Sofia Coppola below). No trailer here (or anywhere), you know the drill and you know Scarlett Johansson.

ozinparis-lost-in-translationI am looking for pictures of you, Bill, as we speak, and all I can say now is that there’s something about your face, attitude better yet, that makes me not ever wonder about what you’re wearing. But I bet you don’t either. You, Bill. Ever.

And this is not kinky. This is style. Timeless. You are timeless, Bill.

This is a piece I have been opening and closing for a week now and have been writing and deleting for just about the same amount of time. And, today, when I found out it’s your birthday, Bill, I told myself This is it!. Again, yes. Today! Beautiful day.

It started with the picture of you pointing out to me from my phone the other day. I was in traffic (in front of a red light for a lot of minutes, we were looking at each other, you and me), thinking Ok, 3 more posts on IG and I’m done and I wasn’t. And I bumped into you. I’ve always liked you. Ever since The Groundhog Day or The Royal Tenenbaums.

Still, I lost my heart in Tokyo, a name of a song and the city I metaphorically lost my heart in after watching Lost in translation.

And it’s only when I had just found my heart that boom! This came along…

I was saying how clothes don’t matter, but did you see that vest? Style and personality have to go hand in hand like lovers do. Speaking of that – style, personality or lovers – he has that je ne sais quoi that makes you wanna kiss him and that style that makes you wanna chill. Awesomeness.

I am going to kiss Bill.

You? You’re awesome!

by Mark Seliger
@ Mark Seliger
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"Seems Like Old Times" Were Goldie

August 29, 2015


I woke up to Seems like old times and it totally made my day. The movie, the mood, Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn. It is about fashion as it can be. But most off all, it is about style. Goldie is golden!


The dress in the picture is not actually the one that made me do this, but it is the only picture I found of her style in the movie and it is, however, super worthy of this category. The dogs are, too. Awr!

“Seems like old times” is an 1980 movie and the air of the pre whatever-has-transformed-the-wolrd-into-right-now euphoria is just what you would want on a Saturday morning. A time when actually life was a way of life.

And women wore splendid pyjamas.


Follow your heart in love and wear long dresses. Big fall trend, btw, and the way Goldie did them… That’s the way.

DAT hair.

And below is the dress that made me do this and actually take a screenshot.


Watch the movie.

Live your love.

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Red Wine, Please!

August 27, 2015


What is your favourite colour? Mine is red. Red, red wine. You know the song? Do you like red wine? Do you like red? Do you like wine? You see? Red makes you act like this. Or is it the wine? Who knew?. You know the song?

Red is beautiful. Red mixed with white and pink is delicious. Red mixed with white and pink and black lines into geometrical motives is fashion. Passion. Red is passion.

The most emotionally intense colour, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is also the colour of love, according to infoplease.com.

But when all of the above is put into design, well, that is just poetry. It’s not, obviously. But it is just so fun to wear (not that I’d worn it, but one can dream) and float in or something. Clothes that float (one can only imagine oneself). The t-shirt inspired dress has been here for a while and it is here to stay.

When you have a statement piece on yourself, try not to “diminish” it. It’s the safe way. Clean way. By pairing it with simple white sneakers, tanned sandals, nude slip-ons. Or dare and make it shine even more. You know how. You feel how.

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, 2015


Man, this chick is hot!


And I am not even into the boots-in-summer thing, but this chick above does the thing so good that I am rethinking the whole thing. And we can not even see the boots, but I bet she has boots on. Don’t you?

So it’s super hot outside and everybody’s getting sweaty, but the boots were there, standing in the doorway of her home in the middle of summer and she just grabbed and put them on. Oh well, the things people have in their doorways. In summer.

Head-to-toe perfection. Hair, sunglasses, lipstick.

Pause here.

Red lipstick on tanned skin is so, so good! Although most would think that it’s not. Pf! Try it in summer. Not much make-up on. Almost at all. Or at all. And red, matte lipstick. Man! Note: the attitude, chicks, the attitude to it is the key. If you don’t feel it, don’t do it. Pick grey. Just kidding.

Moving on.

The t-shirt. A bit spooky (unless you are an Iron Maiden fan), but the colours in it and the 1000 times you could bet she has worn it makes it so damn cool. And this, too, is yet another story: when things you wore a million times could tell stories.

The shorts are there to complement the whole va-va-voom (without any purpose, of course) in the perfect (here) shade of jeans. Mm.

The nails are yummy. And those things on the forearms. I don’t know what those are, but they are here to say “Hey!” while winking.




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Bat Goddess

August 25, 2015


Giovana Battaglia is not new to OZ. She’s been here once and she is here to stay. She’s just so cool and she is wearing this dress. This dress!


It is the view, no doubt (Santorini). No (English). Not. No (Italian). Si. It is this dress and the whole va-va-accessorising going on. Now what is this? It is almost indescribable, yet so very simple. The flip-flops (pf!), the sunglasses, the earrings, the bracelet, the bag. And the hair. It make look like random, but it is random my ass.

Perfection. Fun.

Find yourself, play with yourself ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️.


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Do Smth To Turn Your Monday Into Funday

August 17, 2015
It’s Monday and it doesn’t have to be one of those Oh God bla. It’s just another day in paradise and this is just a title of a song, hardly the reality. Or who knows? Maybe this is the paradise. You see? Thoughts like these come along on Mondays.

When I dress on Monday morning, it’s either greys-and-blacks-and-I-am-living-by-myself-on-another-planet or I-am-so-having-fun-today. Believe it or not, clothes do do the trick, regardless of you being into fashion or not. It’s like lipstick. Once you put it on, you know you are on. And this is how a new post is born.

Now! Imagine you wearing the below today. You simply can not wear this top with these pants and be grumpy. You will, at least, be smiling on the inside.


Is this too much for you? I feel you. But not as in “Too much things at once”, but as in “I would just mix them differently”. If so, see below. If not, do it how you feel it (if you feel it) as long as it feels like you. You know, you?

So, you are looking below. Ow ow!

Keep the lipstick, the top, the pants and the bag and wear these for daytime:


And theeeese for the party, if any (lucky you!).




Oh, and theeeese! Because you never know how dirteeey the parteeeey is going to get on Mondeeey.



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Never Too Many Stripes

August 16, 2015


I could write an odyssey on stripes one day.

I mean, look!



You may be sailing on a beautiful yacht or strolling through Paris or going for a coffee on a Sunday noon morning and feel like “Holiday” is tattooed on your forehead. Ok, wrist. One can never have too many stripes.

Nor too many Holiday tattoos.

Let’s say you’re sailing and you are passing by these three ladies (who are sailing, too, duh) and you attentively look at each and every one of the dresses  and observe the attitude of each and every one of the ladies matching each and every one of the dresses, look, look! I could wear them all together at the same time. I like them so much that it doesn’t even seem too much.

On yourself, as against to your closet, you can only have one striped item. A t-shirt, dress, pair of pants, hat, bag, pair of sneakers. But it always depends on how much is too much for you. You can cover yourself up in head to toe stripes and if so, send me a message. I would love to be your friend!

via vogue.ru
via vogue.ru
via vogue.ru

Extravagant much, though? Mix your one striped piece with a fierce pair of sandals and throw your hair up in the air.


Or with the most unexpected bag.


You and your boyfriend/girlfriend both wearing stripes for lunch on Sunday? Well, that is too much, regardless of how much is too much for you. Neah, if it still isn’t, you really have to hit the Contact us button!

Stay tuned. And in love.


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Julia Is Running to A Party!

August 15, 2015


Julia always seems to have a party on her own. On herself. Yes, on. By herself or with anyone else, it really doesn’t matter. She’s all about the “whateva’, man, whateva'” or this is, at least, the mood she is trying to induce. Or whateva’. The clothes on her, on the other hand, are dancing all the time.

Fun, fun, fun.

Just the right amount of vodka in her cranberry juice, the perfect music, the coolest crowd, the awesome mood, the hands in the air, your crush there. This is the perfect party Julia is always setting for her clothes. Lucky clothes. No. Lucky Julia.

The way she mixes the colours, the prints, the cuts, the textures, the fabrics, the accessories (or the absence of them), the heels, the no-heels on her body is the way that very few would succeed in doing. Yes, the colour of her skin and the hair are the pepper and the salt in the equation.

Damn, I gotta get a tan. Fast! #firstworldwarproblems

When really wanting to wear a crazy skirt (and by crazy I mean a colour like that or a print like… Crazy!), pair it with the simplest t-shirt in the right hue and the simplest heels or sneakers. Or go wild and pair with whatever the level of craziness you feel like reaching today. Just don’t forget your smile (or better yet, laugh) and your attitude. Ever.

Hey, Julia, say cheese! Or pizza! Or give me your clothes and I will smile like there is no tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. And so on.

Hey, it’s Saturday!

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Clothes that could tell stories. Could they?

August 07, 2015

Have you ever tried to cut your own clothes and then wear them with the pride that makes you feel like you’ve just climbed Kilimanjaro? Well, that’s too extreme of an example. You get the point. Let’s say you are really satisfied with what you have done. After being s*it scared. There.


I wish I could show you the before and the after of this dress. But it’s only gonna be the after. It’s too vintage to have had a “before”. I got it on a trip to Andorra I went with my parents and brother to in the year 2000. The year 2000! Robbie Williams’ “Millennium”, Will Smith’s “Will 2K”, Sisqo’s “Thong song”, JLo’s “Waiting for tonight”. I’d felt like something huge was about to happen. I’d been waiting, waiting for it. JLo and myself. The year 2000! Nothing much happened. Nothing, as a matter of fact. I got out of the house and the sun was where I left it, no neighbour was kidnapped by aliens, McDonald’s was still very much appealing to me.

Oh, but this dress! This is what reminds me of the ’00s most. Oh, the 00’s! And that road trip. Oh, that road trip through Southern Europe flashbacks my mind every now and then. And the dress is right here on me! It feels like diamonds. Right! Straight face emoji.

ozinparis-cutthedress2 ozinparis-cutthedress3 ozinparis-cutthedress4

Now imagine me ruining it. With wine. Later in the ’00s, chillax. The thought of letting it go crossed my mind and actually I did let it go, but just deep into my closet. Yay! Because, yes, hey! I am wearing it today and couldn’t feel any cooler. Both metaphorically and literally.

It used to be longer and have a wide hemline, but thank God for that wine and for the scissors for I have, years later, the dress I’m gonna keep forever and ever.

Biiig pimpin’! Another goldie. Back in the time when Jay-Z was pimpin’.

ozinparis-cutthedress6 ozinparis-cutthedress5 ozinparis-cutthedress


So, take out all your goodies, mix them with your newbies and tell Ali G to “put your music back on!”. And he’ll tell you: “Is you… Is you Madonna?

ozinparis-cutthedress10 ozinparis-cutthedress9

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Buh-bye, summer!

October 04, 2014

It seems like summer’s gone. I got the chance to say “See ya!”.

Oh, those summer nights!
Oh, those summer nights!

I looked back at it, sighed, smiled and let it go (for a while). Because there is this morning when you wake up at your usual hour (mine is 7) and the sun is not there yet. There is this moment in the evening and you’re outside and you can feel the wind. That wind. And then there’s the first time you see the leaves falling… Not to mention the drama when you look at your closet and it’s like you have completely forgotten your fall wardrobe or, worse, you think you have nothing there.

Well, I found something this day. This summer day, though.

Wave, summer's leaving! (I did it!)
Wave, summer’s leaving! (I did it!)

This late summer (it’s the 1st of October) evening warm light… This chillness in the air… The memories.

And your summer hits in the back of your mind screaming out loud.



Sit back, grab a cup of tea and think of all the best summer moments.

You know the grin…

Can't help, but grin on it
Can’t help, but grin on it

But then again that melancholia…


Written by Cristina Pavelescu

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Elena Perminova. The Cool In The Russian Roulette.

July 27, 2014

Instagram became the extension of my hands these days. It is about following cool, fresh, funny, talented people and interesting media channels, rather than only posting stuff myself. Can’t deny though, it is getting to me. One from my “following” list is this nowadays cinderella, the bad girl gone good, the fierce cheekbones and legs going by the name of Elena Perminova.

You can see her everywhere.


I wanted to know who she is from the first picture I saw her in. Yes, she has this flamboyant style, almost impossible to reproduce. And no, it’s not only about the expensive clothes she wears. One can not put a finger on the fashion style that would describe her best. It’s in her flair. The colours, the textures, the prints are always swirling perfectly with the hair, the accessories and, most importantly, with the attitude. Yet again! Maybe it comes from the easiness she mixes them all with, maybe from the fun she has in the meantime. Or better yet, from both. It doesn’t matter since she is throwing out a party for the eyes each time she gets under clothes. Enjoy!
oz-lena-36 oz-lenainsta-3 oz-lena-23 oz-lena-21 oz-lena-20 oz-lena-11 oz-lena-15 oz-lena-16 oz-lena-4 oz-lena-3 oz-lena-1
The story behind her is almost as exciting as her style. Born in Siberia, went to prison at the age of 16 for being an exctasy dealer in clubs with the twice-her-age-then boyfriend, freed by her “angel” (as she calls him now) Alexander Lebedev (a former KGB agent, a billionaire media magnate who is in open opposition to Vladimir Putin and, moreover, runs the UK’s London Evening and The Independent), whom she married and has 3 children with. Next thing you know she is one of the “It girls” right now, part of the hottest paparazzi frenzy, the Russian “It girls”, that is. Uh! I know.
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