Fall Fling

I am doing this one more time, mom!

Dressing up like “This is it!“, this is the last chance to wear summer in autumn and, then, I am switching to fall, sticking to it even. Only summer is so hard to let go. No? The thing is you never know when is the last sunny day when you can actually (more…)

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That smth on Tuesday

You know what it feels like when the sun still hides, yet you have to wake up and make breakfast, and get dressed, and go out of your home where everything felt so cozy you just wouldn’t let go? On mornings like this I love to wear things I feel indulged in and make me feel free. Yet smth, smth.


Can you tell from the picture above (@jxxsy) what I mean ?

And by smth, smth I mean those pearls on the back. Oh well, and the cut. And the tone of fabric. Yu-uh-hm!

The bun is done, the sneakers are the comfiest (barefoot rules, though) and the string on the back is just that “smth”. Nothing more.

All you need now is that one that touches your back. Nakeeeed back.