Wear A Dress Or Stay Naked. Same


Wearing a dress, you gentlemen reading this, is something that most women rather than men get. But, man, you like a dress on a lady, I bet! The truth is us, ladies, love a dress on us ladies, just as much.

If you’re a man and you like dresses on yourself, also – man! – I feel you.

I have always been kinda boyish and let my hair do the girlish, yet sometimes a dress brings out the best in me. Just like love does. A dress could at times be the lover you have always dreamt of and fit you better than your favourite sweater. It is a words game and no piece of clothing is ever going to replace the lover, but a little bit of fun never hurt nobody and one has to wear something anyway.

Why not a dress today?

I love lovers and I love sweaters. But a dress sometimes… A dress that will stick with you through the whole day might be a reminder of the lover you want to have around with you. Obviously, it has to make you feel good just like any clothes or lovers ever have, it has to make you forget about everything else and make you want to dance.

At least on the inside.

That is why finding a dress that goes with one’s personality is so hard we almost always choose pants. I feel you, men! And, man, we do love pants, too! Holding us throughout the day, taking us places, facilitating stretching.

Dancer pose, hello.

And when the dress and the pants share chemistry and one wears them at the same time, I’m telling you, there’s something so fun in that chemistry that one feels like why dafaq did someone invent the word “impossible” anyway.

Impossible, you’re cool, you’re here to always remind us of the possibility of possible. Furthermore, not take for granted the possible in the impossible. I’m with you, but I stick with possible.

Moreover, the corduroy dark blue dress met the corduroy dark blue flares, but then they met the dark blue suede Nikes and they all together cuddled under the velvet dark blue sweatshirt that introduced them to the dark blue furry vest which pulled the millennial pink furry bag and we were all out. And about. Sounds like a cool you-not-only-want-to-touch gang, but a you-want-to-be-in kinda gang. It is and you would wanna, trust me.

I have told you before, dressing can be so fun! It will not make you a better person (though it might help, now that I think about it), but it just might be there with you when you feel like the best version of yourself. Metabolize that and then, oh well, get naked.

Huh!, said the pants underneath.


Fall Fling

I am doing this one more time, mom!

Dressing up like “This is it!“, this is the last chance to wear summer in autumn and, then, I am switching to fall, sticking to it even. Only summer is so hard to let go. No? The thing is you never know when is the last sunny day when you can actually (more…)

That Smth On Tuesday


You know what it feels like when the sun is still hiding, yet you have to wake up and make breakfast, and get dressed, and get out of your home where everything felt so cozy you just don’t want to get out of? On mornings like this, I love to wear things I feel indulged in and make me feel free, yet smth, smth.


Can you tell from the picture above (@jxxsy) what I mean ?

And by smth, smth I mean those pearls on the back. Oh well, and the cut. And the tone of fabric. Yu-uh-hm!

The bun is done, the sneakers are the comfiest (barefoot rules, though) and the string on the back is just that smth. Nothing more.

All you need now is that one that touches your back. Nakeeeed back.