A Look That Kick Starts Your Day

July 04, 2018

And keeps on kicking throughout it – is a look that you might file into your memory and bring to light (and life) whenever you wake up and feel like nothing could change your moody mood wannabe day. When in fact there is something. The look, hello.

💥 And that magic in that action, as previously admitted.  💥

First, send the moody mood away hello (you’re not Hank Moody, hello), second, see if you feel like dancing in the look and, third, if you really, really look into the look, you’ll see it just might be it when trying to figure out your style.

The look makes you want to dance, isn’t this all?

The title came up – piece by piece literally – the second I put the red jeans on. The right pair of red jeans can do miracles sometimes! They’re the magic in the action because you feel like action. The disco sandals were next; needless to say what disco anything does to anyone. The dots printed shirt is here for the party and when you’re basically carrying the party on yourself, is there any other way than party all day long? On the inside, of course. I do not own a club or anything, though at some point fancied about it.

Anyway, The New Yorker bag is either the safety net I might be choosing to wear when trying to feel all grown up and stuff in a world of grown ups orit’s just another neutral to me, alongside blue jeans, bathing suits, black, leopard print or pink.

All of the words constructing sentences above seem to go hand in hand with the other meaning of the word look.


The look of love; not kidding, hello.

The song below is not about the look, look, but it’s so good to dance and sing along on.

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Longlive Youtube and Shazam!

February 19, 2018
I am not at all the app type of human being. If you do not know what app stands for, it is very possible that you are living on a deserted island and reading this right now. Interesting. Applications scare me most of the times since most of them are made to, somehow, rule things around our existence. Youtube and Shazam, though, are all about good vibes.

Apps that make you want to dance rather than panic. Panic that you are still up when should, in fact, be sleeping. That you haven’t made enough steps for the day. Now. How can an app know that? The phone owning the app is not glued to you – literally – all day long – hopefully – to know what you do or eat.

**We are not having the food discussion.**

**Yet we might eat something juicy.**

There’s a yoga app I discovered the other day while reading an article on how to schedule yourself better (yes) and there was this app. I was enthusiastic at first, I even downloaded it – and that is rare, I don’t even do games, imagine! – but as soon as I opened the app, pressed play somewhere and heard the recorded voice being calm and everything (just as we saw in movies a decade ago about what the world would turn into), I somewhat freaked out rather than chilled. But not because of the voice or even the scheduled moves the app showed me to do, but at the idea of myself including into this (sort of) robotic life the world has been encouraging us to step into for some time now.

Have you seen The Truman Show?

Not to mention that it does – yet again – connect us even more to our phone, jees. I love you, phone, you know it. But I, most of all, love you for connecting me to the people I love through you. Or to the music I love or fall in love with. The music that connects friends or even strangers (in the night). The music that creates moments of clarity that makes the world feel a little more connected.

Ladies and gentlemen…

🥁🥁🥁 Youtube 🥁🥁🥁


🥁🥁🥁 Shazam 🥁🥁🥁



They don’t algorithm this, algorithm that. They are here just to help us have a good time.

Now I know, for instance, the explanation – not that there must be one, but you know, it’s fun to think about it – to a friend saying to me you are the only person I know that has the patience to listen to the radio in the car. I love driving and being in my car just as much as I love listening to music. It’s my world and my thoughts in there. When I’m entering the car, I’m entering into a meditation kind of zone where I love to get lost in myself, in the city, on the roads, in front of the ocean with my brother (yes).

And here comes the explanation, finally: I love to relax in the car and driving is therapy to me, so I usually don’t want to stress with music either. Obviously, I have some favourite CDs, but usually I like letting myself surprised by the next song on the radio. I play my little music games, I think of lyrics, I pay attention to beats, to tones and, therefore, loose myself to dance.

It’s like a hot shower on a cold day or a swim in the ocean on a hot day.

A good idea or a thought sometimes crosses my mind and makes my world a clearer place.

When it’s a good song and I party and access memories and get lost in feelings. The feeling of bumping into a super song is one of the simplest, yet nicest feelings ever. I am sure you know what I mean. Next time just light up a firework. I will, too, and we’ll make the world a bit brighter together.

When it’s a bad one, I usually switch the station or sometimes – rarely – struggle to try to understand what did they try to say with that song. Who, what, why…? The surprise is part of the fun, of course. Just like in a club is. The surprise. The oh, can’t wait to see what’s next! in terms of songs, hello, and…

Here comes Shazam. 🥁

Something that sounds good starts and then I reach for my phone (in the car/club) and swipe and hit Shazam and get lucky. Happy. Richer. For when I’m at home or at a party and can not help myself and put a song on. A song that takes us higher, as a friend would say.

***I kinda miss the days I used to go to the dj and ask what song it was, though.***

Here comes Youtube. 🥁

So I’m at the party and us, the high ~ on music ~ ones, put music, entering yet another game of surprising each other and having fun. The party usually has a screen somewhere and, usually, the super good songs do have super good videos also. And that takes us even higher.

💥 You can find the story in the 🎉🎉 highlights here. 💥


Now I Shazam almost every song I like just so I have them all there, in the phone. Hello, phone!

And just recently have discovered Youtube on tv. Dope, I’m telling you. No stress of battery whatsoever. Or anything.

My own party whenever I want to, anywhere I want to, wearing what I want to.

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