You + Snooze = Love?


Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day. Not that there were, are, or will any. Ever. Bad days. But. You know. When. You wake up. And. Need a nap. You see (case in which you managed to open your eyes and are holding a cup of coffee in your hand and you kind of get the point I wanted you to get), though , myself only writing about it already makes me feel like going to bed just for 10 minutes. Ok, 5. You know the drill.

I don’t do snoozing. Just like I don’t do sugar in my tea. Ever.

So I wake up as soon as the alarm turns on. I drink my black tea with honey. And if the bed still looks (too) appealing and it usually does, I just have to switch my excitement to something else and I quickly (sort of saying) get dressed and this is how I end up looking the way I do.

It’s the excitement that either gets me back to bed or to dress up. Today I dressed up and never looked back. To the rain or anything. I love the rain. Though miss the sun like crazy.

I do both.

Both the dress and the jeans at the same time. I knew I had to wear the corduroy heart printed dress because dresses and hearts are so much fun. So is the corduroy since it is in my flares, too. It’s the way they play. On me, with me.

The randomly-found dress in a shop somewhere is up on me all by herself drinking Piña coladas and overlooking the H&M flares who would just dance all day and are chilling in the 70’s way over the been-through-a-lot white pair of Converses that, from time to time, give the look to the fresh-in-town Love Moschino bag.

But then the dress sees the hearts in the bag’s scarf, fireworks come out and everyone is Piñacolading.

Your turn. You tell me.























Let The Grin Rule


Not even Sarah Jessica Parker can hide the Friday smile on a Friday. Friiiidaaaaay! She is trying to concentrate and stand still, but she literally can’t hide it. She is almost dancing. Easy breezy. Her posture says “Grab my bag, I’m gonna have a little party on my own here on the street whoop, whoop! Gently!

She is wearing a jumpsuit and a jumpsuit is always having a party on its own anyway. This one almost whisperingly sings “feeling-super-comfy“. Obviously paired with Converse which, just between us, is a bit outdated for the moment, but they’re classic. You can wear them almost anywhere and they’ll fit. It’s like with the white, nit sneakers that are so “en vogue” right now and you can see them everywhere and I WANT A PAIR.

She’s not wearing any accessories aside from the bracelets and the sunglasses and this makes the look even more a not-a-care-in-the-world” look and you can almost hear her:

The moment I come home on a Friday night and easily get rid of everything on me and lay down with the smile I had earlier in the picture. Oh, you know the smile. Oh, f*ck it, I’m grinning just like the grinning-with-all-its-teeth-out emoji does! It’s Fridaaaay!

Now! If you are not going home and you want to go out at night, this jumpsuit is that kind of jumpsuit. You can wear it with the most funky shoes, fill your arms up with bracelets and get a smaller (similar) bag or don’t (you have pockets) and let the Friday begin!

ozinparis-shoes ozinparis-shoes

Careful when choosing the bracelets. It depend on the shoeeees.