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If George Michael Has Faith, We Should Have It, Too.


Have you ever asked yourself what music could you listen to day and night, not like on and on again, but – let’s say – like if I would wake you up on a Monday night at 3 a.m. and put some music for you and you wouldn’t – let’s say – throw the pillow at me?

You would, most probably, anyway, but still. What would it be?

I’ve been asking myself this for some time now just to see if the answer would be the same. And it is. George Michael all the way.

What is the first image of him that comes to mind? Your mind. Fast, fast, fast. First!


The cross earring, the biker jacket and that hair. Or would you have said just “the cross earring”? No, of course not. The image flashed a couple of seconds ago and it was it all. It was Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou a.k.a. George Michael, born in London to a Greek father and an English mother.

Not to mention those aviators and that look! Hey, but that’s just me and Father figure is one of my all time favourite songs. Flamenco dancing emoji.


He was so into singing that he didn’t care about what he wore – or at least he pretended not to – and kept on wearing the same style (!) which, eventually, turned into iconic. It was his music first! It was him first! Yet, that kind of style can only be pulled off by someone who enjoys fashion. And George does for sure. He is the only one to have had 5 supermodels in one video alone and take the day of the shooting off. That’s right. ⬇️

Freedom! Directed by David Fincher.

He had to show up in Too funky (directed by Thierry Mugler), though, just to show to the world what Beyonce’s bodysuit will look like twenty years later.

Faith not only became one of his greatest hits, but also Giorgios witnessed the birth of the 501, God bless that day!

The next song is now playing in my background and it is the proof that style must be sustained by something else. A whole lot of else. One more try.

But then there he is in an all leather. Fast love.

And in an all white. A different corner.

No, you are Amazing, George!

And you sang with Whitney and that is that!

Few men…

Do You Like To Do It Yourself? #selfie


I really don’t see that much of a difference (in fact none) between taking the picture yourself prior to posting it and having someone taking the picture of yourself and then posting it. Wherever. If you are going public with it, then it really doesn’t matter. Debatable on hashtag selfie, though.

Unless you’re Kimye, then hashtag selfie like there’s no tomorrow. But you’re not, you are you and you can take whatever photos you want to of you, just:

ozinparis-jim-carey Using an edit app is cool sometimes. Vogue does it all the time. And as long as something, anything, can be improved, why the f not? I tried it once, it erased my signature mole on the cheekbone, felt like cheating and it was over for me and the apps.


My dark circles still hope for a reconciliation, though.

Hashtag hoping hoping.

My partner in kissing would rather parachute jump with me – no, not that, would rather go to a couples massage (and he is not quite into massage ***I know***) with me than have me asking a stranger in Paris to take a picture of us. It got to the point where I don’t even know what I like most. Having our picture taken with the entire (if possible) Jardin du Luxembourg, in the background, by a stranger ***ooor*** having to see his face when I tell him “I’m gonna ask this apparently fun and kind man to take our picture”. Right after him taking the shot after stretching up his hand and finding the perfect angle to fit our heads in the frame of the selfie. What? To be sure we have both the selfie and the whole deal.



High five for taking the situation in your own hands, literally, and then taking your own picture. Why wait? You would have to act all cool, strike weird poses in front of someone who can not wait for you to decide upon the poses and, ultimately, pretend there is no one, in fact, taking your picture.

Now paparazzi… We all love it when someone randomly takes our pictures and doesn’t tell us because it’s precisely then when we don’t even have to care of being photographed, we don’t have to try to act cool, we don’t have to wine about the fact that we don’t like the light or whatever and so on.

The Truman Show. You know the movie? That was not cool what they did to Jim Carrey. Yet, we all kinda slip into the studio from the movie together with Gigi, Kendall and the gang. Come on, you must have an Instagram, so you do like the “studio”, you can not say you don’t.

I just love being photographed. It makes me smile. Since forever. Selfie or no selfie.