#nyfw Whenever, Wherever

An attire to be worn everywhere and everywhen is something everyone would be so nice to own in their wardrobe. You never know when you have to rush out the door to #nyfw and look your best. Without mussing and fussing about it, though “best” sounds so for fashion week.

Overdressing for fashion week, also, feels so. At least from looking at the pictures on social media, where everyone seems to want to be someone. But why is “everyone” so wrong when “everyone” means yourself?

Is this the reason behind for us all when always getting down to jeans? Or is it just me (still!) looking for the perfect pair of jeans? For ages. From my mom’s belly. I am not kidding and, until further notice, I am so wearing my mom’s jeans. Why am I still looking? For the times when my mom wants what’s hers.


If only Tamu here and I were friends. I would wear hers when my mom wants mine. Well, hers.

Three chicks here and only two pairs of jeans. Lucky me, I like wearing other people’s jeans.

@tamumcpherson was photographed during #nyfw and Tamu was so being herself. In her (or her mom’s, maybe?) perfect-shade-of-blue jeans.

The aura.

Everything fits so harmoniously on her, it must have took ages – or was she born like this? – to find all these timeless (and oh-so splendid) pieces, but hey! At least there’re timeless.

At least? It’s everything!

A kimono is timeless, it became timeless nowadays. Two years ago I don’t think many of us would have said this, though the kimono, my friends, dates from the seventeenth century. Men – in France – used to wear them as indoor gowns, when, due to their exotic features and relative rarity (they were coming from Japan, after all, in the 1700 something) they became status symbols of wealth. Now on we know.

The mules, well, let’s see if they become timeless. Until then, they look so.

A good white t-shirt is almost as good as a good striped t-shirt.

The bag? You make yours timeless and put a whole lotta stories in it. Just like Tamu here does with the pictures in her camera.


Chanel & Gisele



We are barely over the Met Gala fuss and muss, that we wake up on the 4th of May and boom! The Instagram goes crazy with the launch of Chanel Cruise 2016 collection and Gisele is nonchalantly saying “‘morning!” from every fashion magazine’s account, casually wearing a red Chanel dress, a timeless Chanel bag and Chanel flat sandals and, obviamente (obviously in Portuguese, the native language of the Brazilian model), sexy smiling from, from, from… Drums… Cuba.

Oh, and that béret.

Yes, Cuba, whilst it seems like everywhere on the planet it just keeps on raining. And we love rain. And vacation. Just as much.


Close your eyes. I am closing mine. I can type with eyes closed. Ok, I’m closing them. So. As I was saying. I just woke up. You did, too. And you still lay in bed, watching the ocean over your super comfy bed and, no tv on, no phone in the proximity, you hear the waves. And then you
stretch. You slept so well and you are going to have a super day.

Oh, the vacation drill.

Slowly you stand up, not yawning (that’s not so sexy in the morning), but strolling to the bar and no, not having the Mojito (nor the Cuba Libre, nor the Daiquiri, nor the Pina Colada), but a
lemonade. The breeze enters the room. Behind the bar is the love of your life.

I know, the romance, the drama.

You smile, you hug, you kiss. You know. Ok, I’m on the beach. You still at the hotel. Roar. But come, they have watermelons here and the sun wants your skin.

I’ll be in the waves.

Time flies when having fun, hurry up! Chanel is throwing this massive show in the streets. They are dropping their Cruise 2016 collection.


Yes! Here, in Havana. Gisele is invited, Oh, here she comes.







I, afterwards, liked the picture. Duh.

The Haute In The Paris Couture Spring 2016


Your typical Saturday let’s-go-for-a-coffee attire. In your dreams. Unless you’re Lena Perminova or Giovana Battaglia. Then you can go for a coffee on a chill Saturday morning wearing haute couture.

You know when you’re dreaming and you are all dressed up, but then again you are just going to your local coffee shop and then you wonder how come were you wearing that? You must have gone to a ball (a party would always also do) the night before and these were the after hours already. Yes, yes, that’s it.

This is an amusing (do you sense the difference between amusing and funny?) introduction to a very serious content. The haute couture fashion content. Uu. It’s pronounced [ot kuˈtyʁ] in French and it actually means high not hot and it only takes place in Paris. Où d’autre? The “haute” and the “couture” (“dressmaking” translated from French, “fashion” translated into any language).

Haute couture is all about handmade, extreme attention to detail, expensive fabrics and often custom made for a client. It takes infinite hours of work and potentially (hopefully) lasts a lifetime, the antithesis of fast fashion’s notorious processes and disposability. If chosen well, they will look just as beautiful and “in-fashion” ten years from now.

You just have to choose from this week’s fashion shows, this week’s haute couture fashion shows in Paris. This is what I chose. À plus! 


Armani Privé by Giorgio Armani. The way it has always been done, it is supposed to be done. The couture is splendid and is there just to compliment the wearer. Never vice versa.

OZinPARIS Armani Prive5 OZinPARIS Armani Prive4 OZinPARIS Armani Prive3 OZinPARIS Armani Prive2 OZinPARIS Armani Prive1 OZinParis Armani Prive 6

Giambattista Valli by Giambattista Valli. The collection was inspired by the jardins du Paris. And I could tell you just anything now, but when you’ll see this dress you won’t listen. This dress:

OZinPARIS Giambattista Valli 3 OZinPARIS Giambattista Valli 2 OZinPARIS Giambattista Valli 2OZinPARIS Giambattista Valli 4

Jean Paul Gaultier by Jean Paul Gaultier. From all the couture shows, this particular show embodies not only the dresses, but the girls. Man, their attitude! Fun! And pleasure! Gaultier’s couture (and show) was inspired by Paris. Yet again. By the nightclub LePalace, back in the days, where Grace Jones wrapped herself in a scarf handed by Yves Saint Laurent after once being stripped naked by fans just before performing on stage. Uh-la-la, intense…

OZinPARIS Jean Paul Gaultier 1 OZinPARIS Jean Paul Gaultier 2 OZinPARIS Jean Paul Gaultier 3

Maison Margiela by John Galliano. The perfect form of art when too much is perfect and all you ca do is just surrender, lay back and enjoy the show. Or get in it.

OZinPARIS Maison Martin Margiela 2 OZinPARIS Maison Martin Margiela 4 OZinPARIS Maison Martin Margiela 3 OZinPARIS Maison Martin Margiela 1

Ulyanna Sergeenko by Ulyanna Sergeenko. It is reportedly said that each of these dresses took about five months to be made. To me,it could have been five hours. I would have loved them the same. The 80’s silhouettes are making a huge comeback. Bonjour!

OZinPARIS Ulyana Sergeenko1 OZinPARIS Ulyana Sergeenko 2 OzinPARIS Ulyana Sergeenko 3

Valentino by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli. You would smell a Valentino dress from afar and uh, it smells… Noble.

OZinPARIS Valentino 1 OZinPARIS Valentino 2 OZinPARIS Valentino 3 OZinPARIS Valentino 4

Viktor & Rolf by Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. I bet Lady Gaga has them on speed dial.

OZinPARIS Viktor&Rolf OZinPARIS Viktor&Rolf 3

Elie Saab by Elie Saab. “India is her backdrop and her inspiration for a new blend of formalism and ease, opulence and elementary lines.”, Saab. “Her” being an Englishwoman travelling to India. I would travel like this.

OZinPARIS Elie Saab 2 OZinPARIS Elie Saab 3 OZinPARIS Elie Saab 1

Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld. Chanel is well… Chanel.

OZinPARIS Chanel 2 OZinPARIS Chanel 3 OZinPARIS Chanel 4 OZinPARIS Chanel 6 OZinPARIS Chanel

Aouadi by Yacine Aouadi. Yacine Aouadi said his dream would be to design for Chanel. Now that’s a big dream. He dreams big, but then again everyone is talking about dreaming big, so you never know. What I know is that the complexity of his looks is actually really light. Light as in not heavy. You know? Moreover, the attention this man is giving to the back of the outfit also is refreshing. So fresh, yet so couture. “Rrr”… In French.

OZinPARIS AouadiOZinPARIS Aouadi 1 OZinPARIS Aouadi 2 OZinPARIS Aouadi 3 OZinPARIS Aouadi 4

Photos via Vogue Runway.

I am putting my haute couture (to be read “jeans”) on and going to grab a coffee.