A Va-Va-Voom Dress For A Va-Va-Voom Girl

“Golden Globes” passed, but the Internet is still high for Meryl Streep’s speech and the gowns that flowed all over the place on all sorts of lists. Having seen the same outfits for so many times through news feeds here and there, I can’t help but think, in the back of my mind, of two gowns in particular.

The first one is right on my favourites list from the 74th annual. It’s true that I love both the actress and the dress, so when watching the Globes and seeing them both in the same place, I thought of a match made in heaven.

It’s Felicity Jones in a Gucci dress.

Shortly after, Zoe Saldana showed up in a Gucci dress also and although I was dying for the dress and I happen to like Zoe too, I said sadly to myself “mnope“, without giving too much thought to it at the time. It was tough. It is a Gucci dress we’re talking here about.

We have two beautiful dresses, two beautiful actresses, impeccable make-ups, smiles also.


This is a case of two gorgeous women who wear gorgeous dresses, but who still don’t (quite) make it onto the “best dressed list”. Not that this would be the goal in life, but there was a red carpet in the pictures above, so there most certainly was a “list”.


The dresses didn’t match the personalities. It were the dresses that wore the celebrities, not the celebrities that wore the dresses. The dresses were the celebrities. Gucci dresses are celebrities by definition. Through colours, cut, fabrics, ruffles, playfulness, bliss. This is it! Bliss! A.k.a. “a state of perfect happiness, oblivious of everything else”.

Therefore, a va-va-voom dress, like Gucci dresses are, e.g., once dressed, must be assumed. Understood. Furthermore, felt. Once dressed, the dress becomes the best friend of the one wearing it. Whom she laughs, dances, dedicates songs with on the dance floor/red carpet, whom she confesses to, who she drinks champagne, sings, have fun (in) with.

And this is how clothes become so much more than just clothes.

The most important thing, though, is for both the woman and the dress to “love” both fashion and a little bit of craziness at the same time. Better yet! To enjoy the chemistry in between.

Chemistry… Here comes the answer to the question from the back of my mind above. There’s no chemistry. Everything beautifully by the book, but no chemistry.

There has to be one between the wearer and the whatever garment.

Especially when the garment is a va-va-voom one.

Just like in life.

H2O, anyone?

Below are some happy formulas of Gucci dresses. They below must have liked it at school.

Beyoncé in Gucci in “Formation” video

Florence Welch in Gucci

Rihanna in Gucci

Chloë Sevigny in Gucci

Sienna Miller in Gucci

Leandra Medine in Gucci

Dakota Johnson in Gucci

Anna Dello Russo in Gucci

Bohemian Lemonade.


The premiere of Game of Thrones got all of our attention this past weekend. It didn’t?! Jk. Of course it did not. Not as long as Beyoncé is, you know, Beyoncé and masters a Saturday like no other by launching not only a video, but all the videos from her sixth solo album, not only an album, but a visual album, not only the hour long collage of videos (!!!) mussed and fussed about on HBO, but also a trailer of the collage (!!!). So, it went from a video to a bunch of videos to a visual poetry about them to a trailer of the visuals of the album.

Do you feel like spinning? Me too. Let’s get into formation!

Did you? Do it, ’cause the world is gone mad. In a good way, I think. Hope. Back in the days, there used to be artists and artists used to launch their albums and then a video or two or four from it. On MTV. Or Youtube. So long.


Now, there’s Beyonce who might be an alien even though they say that



I don’t know about that, but this just might be my next phone wallpaper.

“Lemonade” is a Tidal exclusive right now, so ta-da, hello, Tidal! Yet again. It might be about the cheating of her husband, but it isn’t. It’s Bey giving the public what the public wants and that is intrigue.

Can you see Bey communicating with Jay (a.k.a. threatening him of leaving due to the cheating) through songs? Come on, you. Bey doing this for the cheated on women (or men), calling them to action and totally empathising? Mos def. For the struggle black women have with themselves and with the world around them? Hell yea. For the awareness of what society, aggressiveness of any kind, the never-ending discrimination, meanness on any level can do in the world? Love is the answer, in the end. In life. In “Lemonade”.

And about that, what has Bey got to do with Jay is only what Bey gotta know with Jay. If it weren’t for Bey and Jay I wouldn’t be wearing the “Surfboard” sweat as we speak.

“Lemonade” is so artistic, it’s like every time I think of it, something else comes to mind. It’s an ongoing process, it makes you think, it makes you see and appreciate the tremendous power art has on people. Through powerful, lush, yet grunge visuals linked strongly to raw lyrics.

“God is God and I am not” flashes through “Lemonade” at some point. Now I don’t know about that. She must be somewhat of a supernatural since she can set the world on fire in head-to-toe Gucci, smash things around in Roberto Cavalli and get away with it. She took the rage to a fabulous degree. In a Beyoncé world, where she has different hours from ours. Lemonade anyone?


It’s time for us to get out of formation now, try not to breath under water, don’t even think of flooding buildings or streets, put the matches away, forget about jumping off buildings (only she can duh) and “bey” good. I know I will and will. And so totally get “Bey good” printed on my T-shirt.

Way to go, Cristina!

Way to go, you!



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