All I am seeing these days is a lot of skin. A lot of nakeeed people. Phsshhh. The I am touching you and could fry an egg on you kinda phsshhh. That is how hot you are. And I am just putting into words what phsshhh means. Not that you’re not hot or smth. I am sure you are! Uuh, you are? Let’s be friends.

Point is this:


We are here:


and besides the fact that I keep on forgetting where my phone is, I can not really look into it because yes! I am a sun lover and not just looking at it, but being in it. The sun is hot and “he likes my skin”, Texas would say. So, I was saying. Yeah, so you can not really see. See the phone screen. Or you can, but you just don’t wanna.

And at night, well? The hashtag about last night cocktail did the trick and I fell asleep (coughing) before researching for this. And now this.

Today’s “Look of the day”? Eh, just forget about it and indulge in the sun. Fashionably, you bet. I am exaggerating, but you know what I mean. Or in the rain, back at home. In your favourite sweats. Or nakeeeed.

Let your love, mind, soul be your look today.