1, 2, 1, 0, 2, 1.

Those are the floors you can reach with the elevator. I actually tested it and it works. You can push 1, then 2, then 1 again, then go to 0 blah-blah and ta-da! This comes out.

Myself out of a cake, only the cake is an elevator. You could come yourself out of a cake, if you can bake a cake that big and, eventually, eat it. Ta-da!

You can do anything you want!, is what they say. Truth is you can! So what if it rains, so what if you’re tired, so what if there’s nothing in the world that you would rather do than sleep?

Forget all of that and do some squats. Just saying.

Got up really early in the morning (6.30, ma friend), the night was full of thunder (literally, which is also cool), had to rush out and somehow only the doors of his closet opened up. No, seriously.

It was the twist I needed on this rainy day and, man, I love rain. No, really!

And elevators. Neah. Not really.

Kissing in the elevator, you say? That’s another story.

Or twist. No, that is the twist!

Point is it helps to get out of your clothes sometimes. Or closet, ha!

Or elevator. Byes.