Slippers Mania

June 06, 2016


Usually, I first write the story and, only after, name it. This time around though, the title has been with me for quite long, long from when I realised the mania had started and there was no way back. Isn’t it genius when a trend like this becomes huge? Maniac. Bananas!

Bananas are very en vogue right now.

And when I say like this I mean comfy and sexy. New, yet so very used daily. At home, in hotels. Easy, yet pretty demanding of your creativity. Awesomeness!



It is fun to wear white sneakers at all times, but oh how fun it is ~ at other times ~ to try and build an outfit you are not so familiar with. It’s like going on holiday to a place you haven’t been to before. It’s like feeling things you haven’t even thought of feeling kind of thing.

Try it. Own it. Have fun in it. Just try not to run in it. The trend. In the slippers.

Yes, this is about the slippers and about the Gucci.

Ever since Alessandro Michele took the creative lead of the Italian fashion house in January 2015, everything went… Pineapples.

***I wonder why they said “bananas” though when they did.***

And the Gucci team gave the “pineapples” to the right promotors to flaunt it to the world and the world watched, liked and has been eating it ever since.


The slippers were just the beginning for Gucci and the Ewrika for the rest of us.

We loved them hugging our freshly outta shower, moisturised feet after a long day. We loved them in hotels so much that we stole them from each and every one of it. I know I did. Just in time for their biggest slippers fashion era ever. Year, at least. 2016 is the year to do it. Fuck it!

Wear slippers outside more than you have ever on the inside.

Oh, and bananas went bananas precisely because of the notorious enthusiasm of monkeys for bananas. And bananas and bananas are forever. I wonder whether the slippers will be.

I wish.

Bananas, anyone?


Ha! Pineapples. Jk.

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