When nothing is random anyway. But we just have to take it random, sometimes. Like this time around. On purpose or not. I was packing my suitcase for Liverpool when I completely forgot about the heels. Nothing is for nothing anyway.

As I transformed my outfit into exactly what I wanted from the start. Somehow. And I love, love heels. And I love, love the ocean. No connection. My point exactly.


The special event I came here for took place last night, at a castle. Yes, a castle! Leasowe Castle on the Moreton beach, in Liverpool. And this is going to be a story. Musical story. I’m kidding, but I happen to be in this famous-for-its-music city, after all.

oz castle moreton

oz sequinned sweatpants 20

Yes. So. When in panic and you don’t know what to wear when you only have a few clothes to chose from, just put on your favourite pieces. No, for real! Since they’re gonna make you feel like roller coaster riding. Well, almost. Of course, the trick is not to wear sweatpants, a t-shirt and sneakers. Unless the sequins are attached to the sweatpants, the t-shirt is a butterfly (or any other insect or animal) cut and the dots are sticked on the sneakers. Or whatever is fun on the sneakers. Your kind of fun. You know, you?

oz sequinned sweatpants

oz sequinned sweatpants 1

oz sequinned sweatpants 2

oz sequinned sweatpants 4

oz sequinned sweatpants 5

oz sequinned sweatpants 6

oz sequinned sweatpants 6

oz sequinned sweatpants 9

oz sequinned sweatpants 10

oz sequinned sweatpants 11

This all took 45 seconds, a glass of wine, a big hug (plus a conga dance and a massage) for the photographer (thx, king Julian!) and a whole lotta fun! 

oz sequinned sweatpants 12

It was a party for a 9 months old. My second niece’s 😀

Written by Cristina Pavelescu