Connect the dots.

If for the Electric Blue Dots Dress the description was: I was listening to New York Jazz (whatever that means on Youtube) together with one of the coolest friends ever when taking the pictures for this dress and thinking of a very cool, chill kinda party in a cozy, warm bar with the most intimate atmosphere… I was thinking of classic glam kinda party when I draw the dress and I told to my fun seamstress this is the kind of dress I would give my mom as a present, but then want to wear and end up sharing. ♥️

The fine electric blue viscose dress makes one tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, while being all so diaphanous and floating, so beware. ⚡️

For the Sleveless Electric Blue Dots Dress I would def go for “the truth” part and “classic glam kinda party” part all the way, yet add some funk into the playground.



Fits for S, M and L.

Composition: 100% Viscose

Colours: Electric Blue + White

Sleeveless Electric Blue Dots Dress

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