As she’s always been.

And we couldn’t be any happier to nod and clap in front of our computers as we listen to the above. As soon as I saw the post on Ms. Lauryn Hill’s Facebook feed this morning, I couldn’t help but notice, at first, the va-va-voom. The top, the turtleneck underneath, the skirt and the aura.

I clicked.

Her voice, then, took me back to the time when I – a kid – loved to mingle amongst my – teen then – brother and his friends in our living room having a party like there was no tomorrow just as soon as my parents’d left for vacation.


I was not only supposed to not spill a word about it to our parents (which I did), but also go to sleep (which I didn’t). Hallelujah, for I would’ve not written this now if not for my “I don’t want to go to bed alone” line I always used to pick on my brother.

And it worked! Big grin emoji.

It were the mid-’90s and they were The Fugees and seemed to have so much fun on MTV where I used to stalk them. Obviously, I was a huge fan of Lauryn’s. And her style. Always lush. True. Fun. Boyishly flamboyant. Always different, yet always herself.

Today, the video of PBS proved the “Once a (true) star, always a star” phrase if there ever were one, from “Ready or not” to “Doo-Wop (That thing)” to “Ex-Factor” and now to the Austin City Limits performance.

Yet another childhood living room experience. It’s these kind of things that shape us. “Great, the parties!”, one shall say. I don’t know who. “Hello, you!“.

The eyes, the ears, the heart.

Wide open, folks!

PS: by min 37:16, I guarantee you enter the weekend just the way you should. See ya.